Top Ten Best Albums of 1977

The Top Ten Best Albums of 1977

1 Queen - News of the World

Different Style but Queen WILL ROCK YOU

Queen's sixth album continues their hot streak with this album which, among other tracks, includes the duo of thumping ''We Will Rock You'' and balladeering anthemic ''We Are The Champions''.

2 Pink Floyd - Animals

Ha ha, charade you are

3 ABBA - The Album

This Album was number 1 all over the world, with songs like Take A Chance On Me, The Name Of The Game, Eagle, and Thank You For The Music. - MGBSG1

One Man One Woman. Oh so sad - ilovefrida

Not a SINGLE bad song! Completely incredible.

4 Electric Light Orchestra - Out of the Blue

Just an absolutely brilliant album from start. Turn To Stone, right through to Wild West Hero. Jeff Lynne's song writing talent shines on this album it's a must have album in your collection. Others to have from this group are Time, Discovery and the acclaimed Face the Music.

Although I've seen some people dis this album before, I urge those people to listen to Side 3 again. "Concerto for A Rainy Day" just may be the most underrated progressive piece I've ever heard. It is so amazing that you'd just have to hear it for yourself. As for the rest of the album, it's just as amazing as well. Great album.

A GREAT album, in all aspects! Check it out if you have no nothing about it, you won't be disappointed. ELO is way underrated! - ansley

Amazing double album, best listened to on vinyl. This album, like many others by ELO, is simply fantastic.

5 Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

This album has been regarded as one of the greatest albums ever recorded. Classic songs like Go Your Own Way, Don't Stop, The Chain, and Dreams are still played on radio to this very day. If you haven't heard this album yet, go check it out. It's a gem, and I've been listening to it a lot lately. - c0mf0rta61ynum6

Are you kidding me? Why do Queen albums keep getting #1? The albums were good but they weren't THAT good. I guess they are just very popular on this site. Anyway, Rumours is amazing and deserves #1. NO question. - AlteredState

This album is a Rock masterpiece. - ParasN2000

6 Television - Marquee Moon
7 Rush - A Farewell to Kings

an amazing prog album, that kept the genre alive for some years - diegokatabian

8 The Clash - The Clash
9 Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell

Should be further up

Composed by Jim Steinman but performed by dynamic singer Meat Loaf (Michael Aday), this iconic album includes a barrage of hit singles such as "You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)", "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad", the title track, and one of Meat Loaf's strongest vocal performances, ''Paradise by the Dashboard Light", a duet with singer Ellen Foley.

10 David Bowie - Low

David Bowie's first album in the Berlin Trilogy collaboration with Brian Eno. Plays like a greatest hits album. Singles ''Sound and Vision'' and ''Be My Wife'' stand alongside heavyset gems ''Always Crashing in the Same Car", ''What in the World'', and ''Breaking Glass''. Bowie sheds his ''Thin White Duke'' persona that masked his previous year's effort ''Station to Station'' in favor of this new, more subtle David that sought to ''normalize'' his career with this dynamic album that veered rapidly into a combination of electronic, rock, punk, and pop music.

The Contenders

11 Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols
12 Billy Joel - The Stranger

You people are out of your minds, if Rolling Stone put it at No. 70 ALL TIME, how do you people not even make it top 5 in it's year?

Billy Joel's magnum opus sixth album is carried by the weight of five consecutive smash hit singles, led by the double Grammy-winning ''Just the Way You Are'', but also includes four other pop gems including the steady, cautious ''Vienna'', the fast-paced and frantic ''Get it Right the First Time'', the soulful, gospel-tinged ''Everybody Has a Dream'', and, Joel's tribute to the second side of Abbey Road, the iconic ''Scenes from an Italian Restaurant''.

13 David Bowie - "Heroes"

The second album in Bowie's Berlin trilogy collaboration with Brian Eno, this album continues to display his ability to jump seamlessly between different styles of song. This album is his take on electronic/new wave pop. The title track is easily the album (and possibly Bowie's) masterpiece, while other gems include ''Beauty and the Beast'' and ''V-2 Schneider''.

14 AC/DC - Let There Be Rock

How isn't this on the list? - ACDC-

15 Kiss - Love Gun
16 Cheap Trick - In Color

One of the best albums of 1977 or of any other period.

17 Heart - Little Queen

Heart continues their platinum success with this album that includes the fiery ''Barracuda''.

18 Foreigner - Foreigner

This Anglo-American band's 1977 debut immediately took hold of listener's minds with smash singles ''Feels Like the First Time'' and ''Cold as Ice'', while also hiding some album gems ''Starrider'' and ''Long, Long Way From Home''.

19 Yes - Going for the One
20 Star Wars Soundtrack - John Williams
21 Elvis Presley - Moody Blue

Great album! Probably one of Elivs best work and has some great songs. Definitely the number 1 choice for that year

22 Ramones - Rocket to Russia
23 Styx - The Grand Illusion

Even with at times bloated progressive rock, Styx showed major improvements in musicianship and songwriting with this breakthrough album that included one of their signature songs: ''Come Sail Away''.

So if you think your life is complete illusion
because you never win the game
just remember that it's a grand illusion
and after all we are all the same... - MaxPap

24 Boney M - Love for Sale
25 Wire - Pink Flag
26 Elvis Costello - My Aim Is True
27 Blondie - Plastic Letters
28 Scorpions - Taken by Force
29 Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express
30 Steely Dan - Aja

Best album of 1977

31 Genesis - Seconds Out
32 Bonnie Tyler - The World Starts Tonight
33 Cher - Cherished
34 Aerosmith - Draw the Line
35 Talking Heads - Talking Heads: 77

Leading the new wave movement is this unpredictable debut album by an unpredictable band, fronted by dynamic leader and main songwriter David Byrne. The album was boosted by the success of the frantic, jumpy single ''Psycho Killer'', but the rest of the album carries itself just as well.

36 Klaus Schulze - Mirage
37 The Congos - Heart of the Congos
38 Even in the Quietest Moments… - Supertramp
39 Amanda Lear - I Am a Photograph
40 Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel 1

Peter Gabriel publicly confirms his independence from Genesis with this solo debut that includes ''Modern Love'' and the iconic ''Solsbury Hill''.

41 I Robot - The Alan Parsons Project
42 Iggy Pop - The Idiot
43 Iggy Pop - Lust for Life
44 Van Der Graaf - The Quiet Zone / the Pleasure Dome
45 Bob Marley & the Wailers - Exodus
46 Celebrate Me Home - Kenny Loggins
47 Dolly Parton - Here You Come Again
48 Dolly Parton - New Harvest... First Gathering
49 Grace Jones - Portfolio
50 Kiss Alive II
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