Top Ten Best Albums of 1991


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1 Queen - Innuendo

Innuendo is a masterpiece written by Freddie Mercury when he was dying of Aids.

Thank god queens album is above Nevermind The Show Must Go On is better than every Nirvana song ever made - christangrant

Freddie Mercury's last stand. All of you people should be ashamed, Nevermind is absolutely overrated in terms of musical quality, and come on, Dangerous isn't even MJ's second greatest work. Freddie Mercury put all he had left into this album. This was his last mark on the world.

Sure, there’s incredible songs like Innuendo and The Show Must Go On but there’s also stuff like I Can't Live With You and Bijou which was just as fantastic.

2 Michael Jackson - Dangerous

Should be number one it has so many great songs
Why You Wanna Trip On Me
Remember The Time
can't Let Her Get Away
Heal the World
Black or White
Who is it
Give into me
Will you be there
keep the faith
gone too soon

written, composed, and produced by michael jackson - 2dm

Why is this only #4? - lizard302

Michael Jackson's 2nd best album - Ajkloth

3 Nirvana - Nevermind

By far the best. Not an opinion if it's the best, it sold more sounds better than any album ever. Therefore best album of 1991. - TheAlterPlace

4 Metallica - Metallica
5 Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion 1

This is not original artwork of this album, but its artwork for compilation Use Your Illusion and name of this album is Use Your Illusion I, not 1. - JaroslavLokomotvai

6 Pearl Jam - Ten

How is this 8? It's the best album of all time, certainly the best of its year. - Songsta41

7 My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

This album is the most innovative, original and great of the whole decade, please listen Only Shallow, Come in Alone or I Only Said and it will became your favorite album. Sorry for bad english. - mattlol

8 Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik

BSSM is so funky and amazing and it is my favourite album of all time

Queen sucks by the way

No boring song, lots of variation (both for real and in general), memorable lyrics and instrumentation and it is actually from Mother's Milk we get this masterpiece. So famous also, yet so underrated! The Power Of Equality, If You Have To Ask, Breaking The Girl, Funky Monks and so on.

This and nevermind was released on the same day. best albums of 1991

9 Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion II
10 Genesis - We Can't Dance

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? Sepultura - Arise

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11 Slint - Spiderland
12 Belinda Carlisle - Live Your Life Be Free

My favorite Belinda album

13 Paula Abdul - Spellbound

So many great songs: Rush Rush, Vibeology, Blowing Kisses In the Wind, The Promise of a New Day. Paula should have been a much bigger star in the 90's

14 A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory
15 R.E.M. - Out of Time
16 Aerosmith - Pandora's Box
17 Bryan Adams - Waking Up The Neighbours
18 Death - Human
19 Talk Talk - Laughing Stock
20 Cher - Love Hurts
21 Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears
22 Yes - Union
23 Pixies - Trompe Le Monde
24 Primus - Sailing the Seas of Cheese
25 White Light from the Mouth of Infinity - Swans
26 Queen - Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
27 Blue Lines - Massive Attack
28 U2 - Achtung Baby
29 Atheist - Unquestionable Presence
30 Tina Turner - Simply The Best
31 Screamadelica - Primal Scream
32 Spin Doctors - Pocket Full of Kryptonite
33 Motörhead - 1916
34 Dinosaur Jr - Green Mind
35 AC/DC - AC/DC Live
36 Rush - Roll the Bones
37 Lenny Kravitz - Mama Said
38 The Smashing Pumpkins - Gish
39 The Jesus Lizard - Goat
40 Death Certificate - Ice Cube
41 Freakwater - Dancing Under Water
42 Bonnie Tyler - Bitterblue
43 Inxs - Live Baby Live
44 Autopsy - Mental Funeral
45 Bathory - Twilight of the Gods
46 Mariah Carey - Emotions
47 X Japan - Jealousy
48 Marillion - Holidays In Eden
49 Nazareth - No Jive
50 Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid
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1. Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion II
2. Metallica - Metallica
3. Queen - Innuendo
1. Bryan Adams - Waking Up The Neighbours
2. Belinda Carlisle - Live Your Life Be Free
3. Genesis - We Can't Dance
1. Slint - Spiderland
2. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
3. A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory

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