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1 30 Seconds to Mars - A Beautiful Lie

No reason to even argue, this is definitely the best album of the year because of some reasons if I was to say I'd make a 10000 words text

2 Madonna - Confessions On A Dance Floor

Who needs DJ when u can just play this album. Once u play it in your own house or room, u can't stop dancing. Sadly, this is her last good album.

Coadf (Madonna) and My December (Kelly Clarkson) were the perfect albums of 2005.

This album is so AWESOME. Everything Madonna does is different, as she's always innovating shouldn't be different with this.
Full non-stop album like a DJ Set on a Dance Floor. plus a beautiful album

3 Avenged Sevenfold - City of Evil

Easily the best album out there.

Beast and the Harlot, Bat Country, Seize the Day, Sidewinder, and Strength of the World. 5 of A7X's best songs in my opinion and Syn's best album, MASTERPIECE! - Jonny

Beast and the Harlot burn it down sidewinder betrayed and MIA make it such a classic album.

Bat Country, Beast and the Harlot, Seize the Day, definitely the best album of the year of any genre! Madonna and Lindsey Lohan?! For real?!

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4 Shakira - Oral Fixation Vol. 2

I think this is Shakira's most serious and creative album to date. I love every single song here

5 Regine Velasquez - Covers Vol. 2 Regine Velasquez - Covers Vol. 2 Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, dubbed as the Asia's Songbird is a Filipina recording artist, host, producer, philanthropist, commercial endorser, actress, and an Asian pop culture icon. She is widely known for possessing an extensive vocal range.

Following the phenomenal success of Covers Vol. 1, the SONGBIRD has yet again proved that she can make another platinum album.


6 Lindsay Lohan - A Little More Personal

You may hate me but I love this album. Lindsay caught my eye with her debut album Speak (2004) but she really surprised me with this one

7 Sufjan Stevens - Illinois

How is this even up for debate? This album was ranked the best album of 2005 by critics everywhere. Anyone who has listened to it will tell you. - PeterG28

A million times better than anything on the list before it. a true masterpiece.

8 Gorillaz - Demon Days

All songs in demon days are amazing!

AMAZING ALBUM. So much meaning in the songs, well-written yet extremely subliminal. Just love it.

9 Coldplay - X&Y

I don't know why X&Y is so far down on this list. It has many great songs and is underrated - nolananderson

Come on! This album is so underrated! - KidA

Best album ever should be in top ten.

This is numero uno without a doubt. Not a single dud on the track list.

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10 Korn - See You on the Other Side

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11 Geri Halliwell - Passions
12 Opeth - Ghost Reveries

Definitely much better than most of these.

13 Curtain Call - Eminem

Except for FACK

A album with most of his greatest songs + new songs - DK

14 Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists

Ummmmmm, I'm actually kinda confused, everybody has heard Ten Thousand Fists, Stricken, and Land Of Confusion and its not even on here? City of Evil's not a bad album but most people cant even name a single A7x song when Disturbed has 8 no. 1 singles - Sabres18

15 The National - Alligator
16 Paramore - All We Know Is Falling

Their debut. Not their best album, but is the best album (next to A beautiful Lie - 30 seconds to Mars) of 2005. Paramore is an awesome band, they rock!

17 Dream Theater - Octavarium
18 Coll:set - D'espairsray Coll:set - D'espairsray
19 DJ Bobo - Pirates of Dance
20 Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better
21 Mindless Self Indulgence - You'll Rebel To Anything
22 Flyleaf - Flyleaf
23 This Godless Endeavor - Nevermore
24 Vheissu - Thrice
25 Fort Minor - The Rising Tied

Remember the Name is the best song on this album - DK

Believe me and Remember the name are amazing.

26 Bullet for My Valentine - The Poison
27 Thalia - El Sexto Sentido

Thalia is the best song

28 Trapt - Someone in Control
29 Animal Collective - Feels
30 Ascendancy - Trivium
31 Catch Without Arms - Dredg
32 Adema - Planets
33 t.A.T.u. - Dangerous & Moving

This album is awesome.

34 The Triptych - Demon Hunter
35 Make Believe - Weezer
36 Trust Company - True Parallels
37 Sigur RÓS - Takk...
38 Judas Priest - Angel of Retribution

Should be 1 - Firepower

39 Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies to Paralyze
40 Kanye West - Late Registration

Why is this album not higher, if not at least in the top 5? You have songs like Gold Digger, Diamonds from Sierra Leone, Heard 'Em Say, Touch the Sky, and these songs were only the singles from the album! For me, this is the album that solidified Kanye West as a rapper, and it made both this and "The College Dropout" classics. - IAmTylerEvans

41 Disciple - Disciple
42 Mudvayne - Lost & Found
43 Jennifer Lopez - Rebirth
44 Depeche Mode - Playing the Angel
45 Coil - The Ape of Naples
46 Shania Twain - Beginnings
47 Anggun - Luminescence
48 Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
49 All the Right Reasons - Nickelback

An album which manages to be highly underrated and overrated at the same time,

50 Nile - Annihilation of the Wicked

Had to add this masterpiece.

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1. Madonna - Confessions On A Dance Floor
2. Shakira - Oral Fixation Vol. 2
3. Thalia - El Sexto Sentido
1. Coll:set - D'espairsray
2. Vheissu - Thrice
3. Mindless Self Indulgence - You'll Rebel To Anything
1. Korn - See You on the Other Side
2. Judas Priest - Angel of Retribution
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