Top Ten Best Albums of 2007

I didn't see another one. So vote here for what you thought was the best album to come out in 2007!

The Top Ten

1 In Rainbows - Radiohead

A masterpiece in every rights. Every track 10/10. From 15 Step to videotape. Wow.

If Ok Computer and Kid A had a son, it would be like In Rainbows.

Can compete with quality of ok computer - KidA

2 Brave - Jennifer Lopez
3 Back To Black - Amy Winehouse
4 Minutes to Midnight - Linkin Park

Thid album is more that meets the eye

5 Art of Love - Sandra
6 Neon Bible - Arcade Fire
7 Sound of Silver - LCD Soundsystem

#1 is a testament to human nature to be naive and misguided.J. Lo is as talented as a leg on a wooden table. That of course, is an exaggeration, but damn, this album at number 49? Are you kidding me? This low in comparison to a pathetic performer who struggles to be relevant?

8 United Abominations - Megadeth

Sleepwalker Washington is next united abominations burnt ice this album is amazing

9 Favourite Worst Nightmare - Arctic Monkeys
10 Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold

Oh come on!.. Don't be silly.. Avenged Sevenfold got GREATER RECEPTION than R&B stars in all the live shows they performed in 2007...
Its prime reason was their self tited album...

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11 Person Pitch - Panda Bear
12 Strawberry Jam - Animal Collective
13 Boxer - The National
14 Untrue - Burial

Arch? lol you know nothing about music. this music sucks and I'm glad lp is in the top 10 instead of this

15 Icky Thump - The White Stripes
16 My December - Kelly Clarkson
17 The Blackening - Machine Head
18 Colors - Between the Buried and Me

This album is one of my favorite of all time and how it didn't make it to the number one spot surprises me. Well it doesn't surprise me because everyone is stuck on mainstream crap and these guys just keep busting out amazing music on a regular basis unlike the whole top ten list who isn't doing crap in 2011 - stone5206

Favorite album of 2007 for me at least. - cjWriter1997

19 Blackout - Britney Spears

Why is this number 11? It should be top ten at least! And why is Linkin Park always the top 5 on this list? MTM is not even their best album let alone the best in the year!


20 An Ocean Between Us - As I Lay Dying
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1. Back To Black - Amy Winehouse
2. Brave - Jennifer Lopez
3. Volta - Bjork
1. Strawberry Jam - Animal Collective
2. Untrue - Burial
3. Sound of Silver - LCD Soundsystem
1. Dreaming Out Loud - OneRepublic
2. Untitled - Korn
3. Minutes to Midnight - Linkin Park

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