Top Ten Best Albums of 2008

The Top Ten Best Albums of 2008

1 Madonna - Hard Candy

The Best! The Queen

Legendary artist with a great 21 C album

2 Cradle of Filth - Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder
3 Regine Velasquez - Low Key

first OPM artist to receive a platinum award this 2009! congrats ms regine! - reigne27

GOLD certification in LESS THAN A WEEK!
- reigne27

-very soft voice by SongBird.. - rcoz

4 Metallica - Death Magnetic

Metallica came back and showed how awesome they still are.

Metallica never sold their fans this album proves it

Where is Dark Horse?

5 Disturbed - Indestructible

WTF! This is one of the greatest albums of all time. and if you say its just indestructible and inside the fire your way wrong ever heard of The Night, or Haunted, Deceiver, criminal, Perfect insanity, the curse, facade, divide? - Sabres18

6 Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy

comeback album - worth the wait - ronluna

Where is picture? - JaroslavLokomotvai

7 Queen Paul Rodgers - The Cosmos Rocks

Horrible album cover but extremely under rated music... a hidden gem. - hillerbees

8 Keane - Perfect Symmetry
9 Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone

They should be the 2nd :) not Metallica just hear it.. - nooreldeen

10 Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreaks

The Newcomers

? Have a Nice Life - Deathconsciousness

The Contenders

11 Judas Priest - Nostradamus

definitely the best album of 2008 should be no 1 these days people have no taste of music

12 Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
13 Uroboros - Dir en grey
14 Britney Spears - Circus

People say that this album is overrated and they are completely wrong this is one of the best albums of 2008 and probably the best of the 21 century.

Listen to circus once you'll totally adore it forever

15 Adele - 19
16 MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
17 Taylor Swift - Fearless

This is one of the best country album ever it is on should be in top 5...Swifties...u have to do it!

18 Lady Gaga - The Fame

Very good and original (not afraid of the word) tracks. They are dancing! This album is still the best album of all Gaga! I LOVE YOU MOTHER MONSTER!

19 Beyonce - I Am...Sasha Fierce
20 AC/DC - Black Ice

This is an amazing album from the Aussie rockers, what a comeback after 8 years!. Why is this not on the list yet?

This should be #1

21 Road to Revolution: Live in Milton Keynes - Linkin Park
22 Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
23 Third - Portishead
24 Deathconsciousness - Have a Nice Life

This is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but some really neat basslines. - BlarchBlaces

How is simple plan below this? this album is so bad.i can't make out any of the lyrics and there probably just whiny emo lol. everything about this is so bad the lyrics the guitars the singing everything really. if you want real music, go listen to linkin park. they are so good and so e motional unlike this.

25 Overworld - Machinae Supremacy
26 Pink - Funhouse

I really love this album, in it you'll see excellent song like So what, Sober, I don't believe you, Please don't leave me, Glitter in the air, etc. Very recomended if you like P! Nk. - mrg3r4rd

27 The Killers - Day & Age
28 Shion - Mucc
29 Trapt - Only Through the Pain
30 Demi Lovato - Don't Forget
31 Rise Against - Appeal to Reason
32 TV on the Radio - Dear Science

Come on. It's easily the best of 08. - TheAlwaysClassyMaynard

33 Bring Me the Horizon - Suicide Season
34 Vanessa Amorosi - Somewhere In The Real World
35 Music - Girugamesh
36 Microcastle - Deerhunter
37 Coldplay - Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends

Such amazing and unique songs like Viva La Vida, Strawberry Swing, Lost!, Violet Hill, etc.

38 Save Me from Myself - Brian Head Welch
39 Los Angeles - Flying Lotus
40 Breakout - Miley Cyrus
41 Division - 10 Years
42 3 Doors Down - 3 Doors Down
43 Kings of Leon - Only By the Night
44 Katy Perry - One Of The Boys
45 If - Mindless Self Indulgence
46 Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree
47 The '59 Sound - The Gaslight Anthem
48 Simple Plan - Simple Plan
49 The Vines - Melodia
50 Our Long Road Home - Taproot
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