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1 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West

Possibly one of the greatest albums of all time, let alone 2010. And so much better than Taylor Swift and Jonas Brothers.. - InsertNameHere

Just one of the best albums of ALL TIME. A masterpiece. Kanye West just proved on this album he is a musical genius.

Recovery is good, but this is Kayne's best album to date. - SwagFlicks

Best album of the decade.

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2 O Holy Night - Jackie Evancho

Fantastic album by a very talented young lady.

The first evidence of a promising and commercially successful future for the astonishing young singer.

Ended up being the best-selling CD by a debut artist in 2010, and was the 10th best selling CD of the entire year overall, peaking at #2 on the Billboard charts, and went Platinum.

Hmm, all these thumbs up on eerily similar comments, then 1/6th of those thumbs up on an established user's comment.

Methinks what occurred was a bot-plug by someone close to this girl, whether she knows the person or not. - Satire

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3 Recovery - Eminem

Good album but still lacking that slim shady humour

Great album from my man Em! This one really helps on the workouts, and the punch lines and rhymes are great. The beats are ok but there are enough great beats to make up for the bland ones

2nd best Eminem album - Ajkloth

Then whats the best?

4 A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park

Great and criminally underrated LP album - still catchy, still intriguing, still awesome. Can't believe trashy Kanye West is over Linkin Park. There's something wrong with this world - Magnolia

Brilliant album - really underrated :L hope that it gets more appreciation in the future

Best Sounded Album of Linkin Park! The way they experimented with the song is simply great! There won't be any other album like this one! Linkin Park Forever!

Linkin park albums tend to be very underrated just like this one. Its genius

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5 The Suburbs - Arcade Fire

An unbelievably amazing album. None of the other albums on this list even compare to the suburbs! Definitely deserved best album grammy.

6 Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold

This Is just a unforgetable album after Deat THE REV

2010 may be a sh*t year for music but I love nightmare

And I'm also gonna defend a thousand suns I may not like it too much because of the electronic pop but it still has rock which makes it special and chesters vocals still kick ass

7 This is Happening - LCD Soundsystem

This is happening.

8 Plastic Beach - Gorillaz

LOVE THIS ALBUM. For the most have Gorillaz made no song that sounds like another song they have made. This album has variations of singing, background music, artist (that plays different types of music) and a good flow. Like a relaxing in a cold dark day in the car nor going on a calm then heavy fishing trip.

This one of the best albums of gorillaz, my favorite songs of this album is:Rhinestone eyes, On melancholy Hill, Stylo, Some kind of nature

Love each song in this album! White Flag, Empire Ants, On Melancholy Hill and Some Kind Of Nature are great songs.

My favorite gorillaz album!

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9 Brothers - The Black Keys
10 Cosmogramma - Flying Lotus

The Newcomers

? Black Sands - Bonobo
? Crooks & Lovers - Mount Kimbie

The Contenders

11 Asylum - Disturbed
12 Have One On Me - Joanna Newsom
13 Band of Joy - Robert Plant
14 Mechanize - Fear Factory
15 Teen Dream - Beach House
16 Doo - Wops & Hooligans - Bruno Mars
17 Sale el Sol - Shakira
18 Fever - Bullet For My Valentine
19 What Separates Me from You - A Day to Remember
20 Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus
21 The Obsidian Conspiracy - Nevermore
22 Plead the Fifth - Taproot
23 The Guitar Song - Jamey Johnson
24 Truth or Dare - Automatic Loveletter
25 Fabric 55 - Shackleton
26 The Final Frontier - Iron Maiden
27 High Violet - The National
28 The Adventures of Bobby Ray - B.o.B
29 With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear - Sleeping With Sirens
30 Exhibit B: The Human Condition - Exodus
31 Love Remains - How to Dress Well
32 Truth Rising - (Hed) Pe
33 Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

5 songs 1st place on the charts! California gurls, teenage dream, firework, E.T., and last friday night!

Amazing, it's good and you should all listen to it. The songs in it are all my favourites and Katy Perry really sang well.

34 No Apologies - Trapt
35 The Oracle - Godsmack
36 For We Are Many - All That Remains
37 Ironbound - Overkill

Why is this not in the top 10? - christangrant

38 Halcyon Digest - Deerhunter
39 The Union - Elton John & Leon Russell

Two rock giants, one largely forgotten, rekindle a friendship and make music that ranks with their best. Producer T Bone Burnett delivers his most spectacular production in memory, filled with shining steel guitar, chortling brass and gospel-time choirs - GuitarZero

Come on, Kanye West ahead of a combination of Elton and Leon? Great tracks on this album, including the upbeat "Hey Ahab. " Piano at it's finest. - CaptainFantastic

40 There Is Love In You - Four Tet
41 The Emptiness - Alesana
42 Going Places - Yellow Swans
43 Night Slugs Allstars Volume 1 - Various Artists
44 Diamond Eyes - Deftones

Beauty School, Rocket Skates, You've Seen the Butcher, some of their best works are on this record. - cjWriter1997

45 There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret - Bring Me the Horizon
46 The Fame Monster - Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga with this album has received many Grammy. Moreover, this album was gold in Poland became "bryliant. " I do not want to list all the facts, just I will prove that this album the best of the best!

47 All You Need Is Now - Duran Duran
48 Splazsh - Actress
49 Feeding the Wolves - 10 Years
50 Umbrella - Rihanna
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1. The Suburbs - Arcade Fire
2. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West
3. Brothers - The Black Keys
1. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West
2. Truth or Dare - Automatic Loveletter
3. With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear - Sleeping With Sirens
1. The Obsidian Conspiracy - Nevermore
2. Fever - Bullet For My Valentine
3. Exhibit B: The Human Condition - Exodus

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