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41 Two Hearts - Jackie Evancho

This double-CD tour-de-force features Jackie's golden voice rendering songs in a variety of genres, including classical, sacred, pop and rock - and several songs written by Jackie herself! - BobG

42 Come Away With Me - Norah Jones

Some of the most soothing jazz ever, sung by such a unique voice.

43 Elephant - The White Stripes

A comment can't do this album justice. Read my post to know why I think this album's so awesome. - Zach808

44 1 - The Beatles
45 Evanescence - Evanescence
46 Living Things - Linkin Park
47 One Heart - Celine Dion
48 Discovery - Daft Punk
49 Since I Left You - The Avalanches
50 Minutes to Midnight - Linkin Park

Best linkin park album, so low in this chart

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51 Black & Blue - Backstreet Boys
52 Modern Times - Bob Dylan
53 Sound of Silver - LCD Soundsystem
54 It Won't Be Soon Before Long - Maroon 5
55 Phobia - Breaking Benjamin

What the hell this album should be number 1. Listen to diary of jane, breath, had enough and until the end. This is a great album by breaking benjamin.

56 Century Child - Nightwish

This album is truly a masterpiece in every possible way. All of its 10 songs are of true beauty, perfect composition and performance. Tuomas Holopainen's lyrics are modern poetry, of such depth and grace, they have the quality of classic literature. Tarja Turunen, their then-lead singer, gives her most gentle and yet powerful vocal delivery ever. The album deals with the topic of loss of innocence. For Holopainen, this means also the loss of faith ("End of all Hope"), not valuing your childhood ("Bless the Child", which takes the unexpected twist to the formula as it is sung from the childhood's performed from the childhood's view) or giving up your dreams ("Slaying the Dreamer"). Propably the most stunning lyricism is in "Feel for You" which is about a man seducing a woman into losing her virginity to him. Even this song never gets any vulgar or casual, it always stays high quality poetry, more on a metaphorical level. The album ends with the ...more - Martin_Canine

57 One X - Three Days Grace
58 American Life - Madonna
59 Funeral - Arcade Fire

WHY IS THIS SO LOW?! - Sepron64

60 To Be Kind - Swans
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Future Classic Albums of the 21st Century: Elephant - The White Stripes
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