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1 Billion Dollar Babies Billion Dollar Babies

Another great album. The first where the outside collaborations and help were becoming obvious. Guest artists were credited, and guitar work of Dick Wagner/Steve Hunter was fairly prominent (they would appear in Alice's solo band in years to come). I think Glen Buxton was having some problems around this time. Big sound, big production, great songs that ranged from straight ahead rockers to ballads, to the eerie "shock rock" classics. Another favourite. Cheers, Robert from Oz.

2 School's Out School's Out

A great album, covers many styles. The first real "tip of the hat" to theatrical music to be incorporated in later albums (West Side Story references, etc.). "School's Out" is the obvious classic, but the whole album hangs together well when listened to as a whole piece. Do yourself a favour and give it a few listens. I could say this about all the early stuff, from "Love It To Death" to "Muscle of Love". (Yes, even Muscle of Love! ). Cheers, Robert from Oz.

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3 Killer Killer

(repost-pc glitched) A great early Alice Cooper Band album. Great riffs, many hooks. Clever and amusing lyrics in really good songs. A long time favourite. Robert from Oz.

4 Love It to Death Love It to Death

First appearance of Bob Ezrin to produce, a real change from the first two experimental albums (Pretties For You, Easy Action-released under Zappa encouragement). First insight into a more structured song style, and the Alice Cooper image (on album, at least) to come. A great album. Contains hit "I'm Eighteen" and my favourites "Ballad of Dwight Fry" and "Black Juju". Well worth a listen, enjoy it all. Robert from Oz.

5 Welcome to My Nightmare Welcome to My Nightmare

This is a great album from start to finish. And it even features the legendary Vincent Price!

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6 Brutal Planet Brutal Planet

This is Alice's heaviest album. -

7 Flush the Fashion Flush the Fashion
8 Special Forces Special Forces
9 Lace and Whiskey Lace and Whiskey
10 From The Inside From The Inside

From the Inside contains some of Alice's best lyrics.

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11 Trash Trash
12 The Last Temptation The Last Temptation

Probably my second or third favorite Alice album of all-time. -

13 Muscle of Love Muscle of Love

I just found this album, and it is blowing me away! I've got a whole new perspective of who Alice Cooper, the artist, actually is. The guitar and the lyrics, it's just incredible. All I've got to say... If you're a fan, you need to listen to this album... WOAH!

A criminally underrated album by The Alice Cooper Band (or what was left of it). The last offering by the early band, very varied in it's offerings, but well worth a listen. It seems like Alice was getting the band to stretch it's horizons, and further experiment. Most tracks work, some fall a little flat. Guest artists are listed again, to add to the mix of styles. A real grab bag of goodies. Not my most favourite Alice album, but surrender to it, it's a grower, and will reward repeated listenings. Cheers Robert from Oz.

14 Dada Dada

Came to this one late in the piece (2014). I had stopped listening to Alice Cooper's later recordings (after mid/late 70s) years ago. I had heard some of the 80s and 90s offerings, but they weren't pushing any buttons with me. Never was into the hair metal or big dumb stuff. I saw this recommended in a really good review on a site, and thought I'd get the CD to see if it cut it (all my other Alice stuff is on vinyl LP from back in the day...). After a few listens, what a pleasant surprise! Some of the old talent and fire was peeking through! It wasn't just a tired, cynical old rocker going through the motions. Need a few more listens, but it's growing on me. Cheers, Robert from Oz.

15 Hey Stoopid Hey Stoopid

Simply awesome! This is the most underrated album on the planet. Good Songs: ALL! But these my favorites: hey Stoopid, Loves a Loaded Gun, Snakebite, I Die For you.

16 The Eyes of Alice Cooper The Eyes of Alice Cooper
17 The Life & Crimes of Alice Cooper The Life & Crimes of Alice Cooper
18 Pretties for You Pretties for You
19 Easy Action Easy Action
20 Zipper Catches Skin Zipper Catches Skin
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