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41 Malibu And Coke

I love Malibu me and the girls drink that as our first drink on a night out

Malibu is as smooth as surfing in Hawaii

This should be number one

42 Savanna Cider
43 Martini

Bombay sapphire vermouth and lot of queen size green olives... Yummy

I feel like martini is the best drink in america

Martini is another of my favorite drinks.

Martini is awesome!
I have a great tip for you guys. after drinking a martini drink one redbull, you will get hype and feel amazing, try it at a party! drink a dry martini (without ice) and don't drink it too slow.

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44 WKD
45 Moonshine

Can't beat this one, mine comes from the hills of Kentucky, might be known for bluegrass but the green grass and shine is what this great state was built on

goes sooo well with cordial!

Just lobe it don't need to much to get the job done.

I make my own.. cheap and good!

46 Scotch

Taste like crap the first time, but goes down so well that you couldn't help but make this your favorite after a couple tries.

JW Black Label is the best scotch! I had tried all others, but walking is talking for men in black!

You feel it when it goes down! Awesome!
Johnnie Walker or Chivas Regal!

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47 Bourbon

I love bourbon, it feels very warm when going down.

Bourbon and rum is so amazing it makes me warm and cool at the same time yum yum yum

You can really feel it in your stomach and when it's going down. So warm!

Benchmark - The right taste

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48 Kinky

It's kind of new but I tried it and really love it. I have always been a vodka and orange juice and JD and coke kinda girl but this is a must try. Let me know what you think after you try it.

49 Margaritaville Spiked Lemonade
50 Bailey's

Nice taste great kick at the back of you throat, recommend you get a couple down before you get used to it

I love baileys combination of love and cream

Lovely sweet tasting drink.


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51 Irish Car Bomb

Half a pint of Guinness throw in two shots of Jameson and drop in a shot (including the glass) of Baileys just before you chug and its a guaranteed good night. I prefer to do them in groups of three.

These made for the best college experience ever! I'll be doing these pretty much every time I go out

52 Hennessy

Henney and RedBull!!! Holla!

Lord this gives me my strength whenever I feel the need to reenergize my soul

Ya'll don't know how to drink hard! This is the BEST

Drinking Henny right now as I type this.

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53 The Wet P****

Definitely gets the females going! OO It will have them wetter than eve

Wetter than the ocean

What is all included in the drink

54 Blue Balls On the Rocks
55 Lava Flow

"soo smooth, sooo goood!!!"

Like a sweet dessert!

Want to try it

56 Sake
57 Vodka and Redbull

This is the best, you get drunk faster, and you get less alcohol taste. Your buzz hits you a whole lot faster than it normally would. The more vodka the better it will be! :D

I have no idea why but I hate vodka and hate redbull but the two together are amazing - AmnRed

Ye Love this the redbull keeps you awake all night so you can drink as much vod as you want

The bomb

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58 Gin and Lemonade
59 Moet

Try it with a splash of red bull it's the best!

I want to try it

60 Crown Royal

Crown Royal is the absolute best alcoholic beverage. For every King is the Crown. BOOM goes down so smooth

Expensive but worth it, there's just something about how smooth it is an the respect it commands

Goes down smooth, with no hot after taste. I chase it with water. You don't need anything sweet.

Crown N COKE or PEPSI for life! best drink possible! ( if your not a bitch...) that is...

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