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61 Seven and Seven

Yea... My favorite a must when drinking with the homiez.. Friendz.. Laugh out loud

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62 Hurricane
63 Amaretto Sour

Mix amaretto with some lemon mixer and it taste just like sour patch kids. Mix it with a beer and taste like dr pepper.

Tried for the first time last night very taste. Can't taste any alcohol which I like. Just a sweet tangy goodness!

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64 Rum and Egg Nog
65 Four Loko

Cheap, taste good, and get you pretty drunk.

66 Bourbon

I love bourbon, it feels very warm when going down.

Bourbon and rum is so amazing it makes me warm and cool at the same time yum yum yum

You can really feel it in your stomach and when it's going down. So warm!

Benchmark - The right taste

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67 Woo Woo

One of the best tasting drinks ever!

68 Bloody Mary

This is my favorite drink. Sugary candy and drinks were never my thing except once in a while. Salt is my best friend. Drinking these is literally like eating a meal except its alcohol. But be extra cautious. Some people think they know how to make them and you CANNOT let them ruin your Bloody Mary experience.

If you sick of all those sweet sugary drinks, then get some Mr & Mrs T's Bloody Mary mix, and a bottle of tomato juice and some vodka, and mix it to your taste. Humm good. But be careful, because they make 2 types of Mr & Mrs T's if you get the bold and spicy, you might catch fire.. Laugh out loud!

This is a low calorie drink for anyone looking to drink but don't want all those calories other drinks like PiƱa Colda and White Russian drinks are full of. Plus it's great for an aftermath drink to get rid of a hangover. "Hair of the dog, baby! "

69 Mint Julep

I love it during the Kentucky Derby. It's the only way to enjoy a horse race!

70 Pisco Sour


My favorite drink. If you like vodka or tequila sunrises try a correctly made pisco sour. They aren't very hard to make use few ingredients and are awesome.

Excellent, try it you are going to like it.

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71 Buttery Nipple
72 Mudslide

just fabulous... I liked them as a cooler at LCBO but homemade is even better!

Watched tipsy bartender made it and I tried it and its delicious

Best drink I've had other than egg nog!

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73 Ceasar

A great Canadian drink. Invented in Calgary, Alberta using a distintinctly "made in Canada" clamato mix. Spicy is best

74 Smirnoff & Pink Pineapple Smoothie

I live in iran the people of this country have not and can not any drink so they go to opium and go to dead but I can buy smirnoff I love it if I come out of iran I will drink only smirnoff because I think the vodka is belong to Russian only.

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75 Tom Collins

Classic but the best if you could get a true bar...

Great drink, 54th on the list?! What a shame

76 Bacardi

Great for mixed drinks due to all the flavors available. Sneaks up on you though

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77 Dry Martini

These lists clearly represent the opinions of the new generation. When they mature, marry, have children, see the world, perhaps serve their country, provide for themselves and others, they will treat themselves to the world that existed before 1990. Listen to Lou Gerhig's farewell speech; check out Jimmy Stewart's real heroics, not in the movies, but during World War II; read The Grapes of Wrath; talk with your grandparents about their childhoods; realize that high SAT scores or attending "elite" universities neither endows you with wisdom nor makes you better than "the next guy"; be kind to others; be as kind to yourself; question authority when necessary, but understand doing so doesn't make you an authority; avoid trends, investigate traditions; devote some time to volunteering, one hour, ten hours, no matter the time, what counts is your effort and devotion ; be respectful ; write thank you notes by hand, not e-mail; watch a great movie that has real dialogue, ...more

Agree completely with these comments. Perhaps, pedantic, but many, many excellent points. Still, I prefer beer.

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78 Bitter Liqueur Gorki List

exelent and most beautiful drink

I love this stuff! I wish I could find it in the USA.

Serve in a tall shot glass with lemon wedge! DELIGHTFUL!

79 Frosties

Shot of Kola Kubes/Stiffys, depending on where you buy it and mix it with a bottle of Smirnoff Ice. If you remember the small packs of sweets called frosties? The drink tastes jst like that... delicious

80 Vodka and Chocolate Milk

The chocolate Milk keeps it from burning horribly and still has both tastes. Awesome

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