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101 Old English

A solid no nonsense beverage. Will always fight the good fight. I'll take 3 litres please

102 Puncheon and Supligen

Puncheon is a white rum 70% by volume that's 140 proof, aviation fuel to you and me, mix it with Supligen, a vanilla milk energy drink and you've got the most dangerous alcoholic cocktail you've ever found. I challenge anyone to come and try it then tell me I'm wrong

It has a few more ingredients but it definitely is a tasty drink when made right, I've had plenty of those, the final mixture would be called a brown cow, later.

103 Cask n Cream

Mmm! Its such a smooth drink that warms ya up especially on those chilly nights! Enjoy!

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104 Raspberry diAmore
105 Cooler
106 Tuaca Bombs

Mix Tuaca and red bull (to your own taste) in a glass then pour in shot glasses and enjoy. Believe me if you don't like the taste or alcohol THIS IS THE DRINK FOR YOU!!!

107 Baby Guinness
108 Michelada

Best mixed drink ever! Recipe: glass rimmed with salt, Beer, Clamato, lemon juice, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce,3 Tabasco sauce drops

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109 Cape Codder

Nice bite, simple, cheap, less hangover, how can you go wrong!

110 Purple Haze

1 Shot! Mix Half a shot of BLUE AFTERSHOCK with half a shot of RED AFTERSHOCK. It turns purple, hence the name and will get you wasted. Tastes like Cinnamon.

111 Glitch In The System Shot
112 SoCo and Diet Dr. Pepper
113 Chartreuse
114 Galician Licor Café
115 Cougar Rum & Coke

the sweetest Rum ever.....yummy...

116 Lime Green Snapple and Sauza tequila
117 Three Wise Men
118 Queen of Battle

1 1/2 cans of red bull, a glass of organge juice, glass shards(not really)3-6 shots Absolut 100, and 5 shot glasses of Sea dog Blueberry Ale. 1 shot of Crown, and a shot of Spiced Rum. It fits in a military issue canteen.

Every member in our military ought to have a flask full of this!

119 Rakija

Yes Rakia is the best drink in ex-Yugoslavia its drinked everywhere in Macedonian Srbia BiX Craotai Montenegro Slovenia

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120 Painkiller

Best flavored drink I have had in a long time. You can add a lot of rum and not taste it. It gets you drunk to boot! If you have never tried it before, I recommend that you do soon!

Drink hahaa

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