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121 Painkiller

Best flavored drink I have had in a long time. You can add a lot of rum and not taste it. It gets you drunk to boot! If you have never tried it before, I recommend that you do soon!

Drink hahaa

122 Sangria

Sangria is like fruit punch with a kick, still gets me drunk so its all good.

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123 Trobeth

everclear, sprite, and lemonade. perfect anytime of day. mmm.

124 Sri Lankan Arrack

Sri Lankan 'old arrack' works really good. Better on the rock. Cheers!

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125 Slivovitz V 1 Comment
126 Ciroc Coconut and Pineapple Juice and Cranberry Juice

It's the best drink and it goes down smooth but get you wasted. Love it.

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127 SoCo & Lime
128 Gin Kapitan
129 E & J
130 Brandy Alexander

I do mine with courvouisier and milk or cream. Was John Lennons favorite drink. Can't believe it hasn't been mentioned in over 100 entries.

131 Sherry

I love this drink so much

My favourite drink.

132 Red Headed Whore

Not sure what's in it besides jack but really good

Love this but I was told it was called red headed slut

133 Langi
134 Gran Matador
135 Honey Jack Daniels & Coke
136 Jungle Juice
137 Sambuca Romana

I would have to say the best if you like that black jelly bean taste. Even better if served from the freezer with some coffee beans.

As strong as vodka or whiskey but tastes smooth and sweet, the only downside is how easy it is to down!

138 Dom PĂ©rignon

Pure delicious nectar from heaven, hands down the best alcoholic drink ever, cristal might be as good but for $300 a bottle I'm not willing to try it for what would be only a marginal gain in flavor because dom p is simply divine

The only thing I drink

139 Tuak

You must try this one in Karo highland, Indonesia

140 Dr. K (Vodka and Dr. Pepper)
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