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141 Banana Liquor, Sour Puss and 7up
142 Pastis

Pastis is so fresh drink. Just try it.
It's also named 'The Little Yellow'.

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143 Crown on the rocks

Crown is so good. Doesn't make me drunk but I love to drink it around the family.

144 Bundaberg Rum

You can get all different kinds like chocolate or hazelnut. The original tastes amazing with coke. And its from a town in Australia, QLD called Bundaberg

145 Rye and Ginger
146 Hydromel

It's a good drink made of water and honey and its not too strong, not a bad thing

147 Cafe Bresilien

That drink is just so good it's insane. And I don't even drink alcohol.

148 Double Cross
149 Tanduay Rhum
150 G.S.M. Blue
151 Bushwacker
152 Taaka Whipped Cream Vodka
153 Mind Eraser

It sneaks up on you... Then make you forget everything.

154 Prosecco
155 Franciacorta
156 Asti
157 Remy Martin

This is ma main liquor, still side to side with Hennessey + Couvousier wit ice cubes n coke or sprite!. JUNIOR ONE BOSS.

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158 Lemon Drop Martini

A friend of mine named Della is a head concierge here in the DC area and she introduced me to lemon drop martini and I have to tell you it was the best tasting drink I've put to my lips so so good

159 Vodka & Diet Coke

I love vodka so much

A great chick drink.

160 Everclear
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