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161 Arak
162 Manhattan

A very smooth classic drink that has sweet vermouth, marishino cherry, and whiskey in it. My all time favorite drink.

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163 Lagavulin
164 Whiskey Sour V 1 Comment
165 Frosty Jacks

Best smack head drink of all time!
Gets you drunk easily too!
Bad thing though it tastes like cat piss

166 Mojito

Cool, refreshing and WOW what a kick. Sneaks up on you and women love them. Rum, mint leaves, limes, sugar and club soda. Simple but killer!

Really refreshing.. Feel amazing during summer evenings, casual parties.. Or may be a private party with your "DATE"

Whenever I have a first date I almost always order a Mojito. It's so refreshing and doesn't let you stray away by making your head light.

It is refreshing when listening to lee morse

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167 Terremoto
168 Emperador
169 Gin and Cranberry Juice
170 Sambuca Romana

I would have to say the best if you like that black jelly bean taste. Even better if served from the freezer with some coffee beans.

As strong as vodka or whiskey but tastes smooth and sweet, the only downside is how easy it is to down!

171 Orgy

Me and the girls drink this a good bit.. I love it!

172 Southern Comfort & Monster

Great tasting and gives you energy to keep partying all night

173 Caipirinha
174 Negroni

International favorite: equal parts of gin, vermouth, and campari (the perfect is slitting the vermouth sweet & dry. Add a lice of orange with a squeeze.

175 Mansinthe
176 Captain Morgan & Pepsi
177 Grog
178 Prairie Fire

Mezcal and Hot sauce. How to stay warm at 30 below zero.

179 Apple Pie

Most people haven't had it you have to make it by hand but it's worth it. Taste like apple cider and nothing else. Them she hits ya

180 Raki
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