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41 Ravenous

The best song metalcore 2014

Alesana - Ravenous really really good

42 A Gilded Masquerade
43 A Lunatic's Lament
44 Dagger Speak Louder Than Speaker
45 Red & Dying Evening
46 Third Temptation of Paris
47 Early Mourning

Greatest emotional song ever about someone recalling moments about his ex

48 Obsession Is Such an Ugly Word
49 Hidden Track
50 Nevermore

From their newest album The Decade. It's worth a slot here, I see, really. It's a good track. I love it the first time I heard this, and the name, man. It rocks, maybe not as much as The Thespian, but it rocks.

51 Deja Vu All Over Again
52 The Wanderer
53 Vestige
54 And Now for the Final Illusion
55 And They Call This Tragedy V 1 Comment
56 It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

One of the best songs from new album!

V 1 Comment
57 The Puppeteer
58 Fatal Optimist
59 The Acolyte
60 Paradox
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1. Apology
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