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1 Dirt

Fantastic album, start to finish. Not a single bad song. Here comes the Rooster, yeah! - IronSabbathPriest

2 Jar of Flies

Definitely their best album. Not one bad song.

The first Extended Play to ever receive #1 on Billboard charts

A masterpiece

It's an EP, but it's definitelly my favorite AIC release, and it's the release that defines the band the most of all their releases, though Facelift and Dirt are fantastic albums as well!

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3 Facelift

Amazing album but the only song I dislike is man in a box. I just not into it sorry people but love hate love and sunshine are amazing

From top to bottom every song is listenable most are damn good. Honestly the ONLY one I don't care for is "I Know Something (Bout You)"

All of these songs are amazing. Start to finish.

Love hate love just phenomenal. - Mike777

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4 Alice in Chains

HORRIBLY underrated. I haven't listened to Dirt, but this album is much more diverse and uncommercial than Facelift. Darker as well. Not as good vocally though.

Probably their darkest album. Layne Stanley's best vocals come from this record. - IronSabbathPriest

The album with the worst album cover. Good songs, but the album cover is horrible.

Made me have so many fond member berries...

watch south park you will know what I mean

do you member?

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5 Black Gives Way to Blue

As a huge Alice in Chains fan, who would otherwise vote Dirt, Jar of Flies, or Tripod dog, I chose BGWTB because after listening to it (a good 6-7 times in the past 2 days! ) for the first time since its original release, I have realized what an incredible album this is. If it was released 1-2 years after the self-titled album, I bet most of you would be hard pressed not to put it somewhere in the top 3. But because of Layne Staley's death, fans just could not accept it, myself included. William Duvall does a superb job, and Jerry Cantrell is in top form, just phenomenal songwriting top to bottom.
I highly recommend giving this album another listen. Give 2-3 spins, and hopefully you will see what a beautiful piece of work it is. - Mike777

A good and underrated album. - IronSabbathPriest

Second best after Dirt in my opinion

6 The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

Listen to it a few times. It really grows on you. I wasn't thrilled at first but now I listen to it more than any of the others.

This album has fantastic production - Sabbath

Has a few great songs. I like it a bit better than BGWTB. - IronSabbathPriest

7 Unplugged

This is the best acoustic album of all time at least 5

8 Sap
9 Music Bank
10 Alice in Chains - Greatest Hits

Obviously The best album..because its the greatest hits!

I will buy this album, it has been on my mind and I need more alice in chains. Good thing it is greatest hits should be no. 1 for that reason...

Just think about it!?.!? >!?! >?! >! /

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11 Nothing Safe

It's the better greatest hits album.

12 Live
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