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1 Two Weeks


woo I was the vote that got this song on top!
mom will be so proud

WHY WOULDN'T THIS BE #1? Is so epic you can listen to it for hours and you wouldn't get bored of it VOTE FOR THIS SONG ITS perfect rawr and stuff I love this song anyone that doesn't like it is just not a rock fan! And the music video is epic

Classic metalcore, good layered vocals, great message!

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2 This Calling

Rampant drumming, excellent guitar solo and a great combination of singing and growling... truly awsummm.

The chorus is what makes this song beautiful. The beginning is a little bit rough but the lyrics make the song. Different tones of screaming plus smooth guitar licks make this song number one. FYI: this was the first song I heard that got me into this band.

This was the first song I heard by All that remains. I remember thinking these guys are insane. I just listened to the other songs on this list and they don't come close! The lyrics are amazing the drums are incredible, the guitar solos are awesome as well. This is a favorite song of mine for sure!

Awesome vocals, terrific guitar and excellent drumming, this song is truly amazing! - UndisputedLunatic

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3 Six

Really really good song! The intro is crazy and the riffs are really catchy. I also like how the solo changes from clean to distortion.

The screaming, the guitar riff, the drum beats, and the solo can make everyone to be numb. Six should be first.

Best song by far. Was featured on Guitar Hero and one of their most sucessful songs out there. - gtmsnba13

The song that got me into this band. Masterpiece!

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4 Hold On

Definitely deserves to be put on here. One of their newest songs they made and expanding on their clean lyrics. This song is pure harmony. No doubt about it. Not as great as "Two Weeks" but it definitely a noteable song to mention. - gtmsnba13

My favorite is actually keepers of fellow man but I don't see it on here. Hold on is a close second.

Deserves to be put on here. I personally think it should be first. It has a great beat and the vocals are clean.

Amazing song plus the video is awesome. This song got me into the band, deserves to be top.

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5 The Waiting One

This is a great song! It has a really nice chord progression and is a really smooth and soft song! It really brings out what all that remains can do with there sound other then being heavy all the time. Definitely one to listen to

One of my favourite songs off For We Are Many

I think this song should be at least top 3 because this song is like far from home it means a lot to many people

I love this song... These guys are great!

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6 Not Alone

I listened to this song and instantly I was in love with this band. It was the first song I heard by them, but I knew that if they were to make something as good as this, then they would have to be amazing.

So hell ya. This song, this calling and Six are a solid three punch combination that will make you happy you chose them. If you like cleaner songs you can check out the newer stuff they put out, but these songs are what you want to listen to.

I'm not alone
With the touch of your hand
I am whole again

Best song ever. Awesome lead. The lyrics are simply exceptional.

Groovy, just plain groovy!

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7 What If I Was Nothing

Should be in the top 2 I mean all the songs from this band are awesome but this is the top of the top in my opinion one of the best songs of all time of any genre - donovanthorn

Great song with good melody. Should be in the top 10.

Should be top 2 this song has a great sound and the melody is awesome This is the song that made me start listening to them

Should be number one honest opinion

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8 Chiron

Great song, first song by All That Remains I heard, I recommend everyone listening to this song.

WE ARE MADE powerful!

It says it right there, just listen

I am so darn happy that this is the top 5 list. The guitar sound from oli Herbert was perfect. Same with everybody. Sorry I only no oli Herbert. Great song guys!

Honestly the best solo I've heard. Oli Herbert gives the great John petrucci a run for his money! Great work done on this song.

This is one of the most powerful Metal Songs ever created.

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9 The Air that I Breathe

if this song doesn't get you pumped then I don't know what will.

How is this song only number 8? I have over 1,000 songs in my music library, ranging from rock to heavy metal, and this song wasn't the first I heard of the band or anything, but it is EASILY MY FAVORITE SONG OF ALL TIME! Absolutely blood-pumping all-out non-stop action-packed song full of perfect riffs accompanied by incredible percussion and, as always, flawless vocals. LISTEN TO IT. LOVE IT. REPEAT.

The guitar solo left every single strand of hair in my body standing!


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10 The Last Time

It's my favourite... maybe because is the first song I've heard by this band. "Two weeks" and "hold on" are great too, but this one will always be my number 1. - blackbutterfly

Great song, I'm not really a fan of All That Remains, but I think their great and I love this new song. It's got a very melodic sound with the perfect balance of screaming and singing. - lukestheman4

This is my favorite song by them... it was the first song I heard by them and it still remains my favorite. I think EVERYBODY should listen to and love this song!

One of the best definitely.

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11 Whispers (I Hear You)

It may seem at last days passing mean nothing
But the sun that sets cause only pain
Violence in words like slashes wound deeply
Love is not when you feel only pain

BY FAR one of their best songs EVER! :O! Come on GUYS this shoulda at least be top 10

It's by far my most favorite song! The chorus is one of the best one's I've ever heard! Vote people, vote!

Sad but I love it

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12 Empty Inside

what hell is wrong with you guys this song kick ass! vote this song! obey me!

Should be higher, my favorite song from the fall of ideals

Awesome vocals and the solo just epic, highly underrated.

Massively underrated track, how good is this album!

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13 Keepers of Fellow Man

This is the first song I heard... Insane vacalist... Deadly song... Kicksass

14 Before the Damned
15 Faithless
16 Forever in Your Hands

Why is this song not higher on the list? This is one of their best songs! I love the slower parts that he sings. It's a beautiful song! Vote it up guys! Jeez.

Good song should be in top 5

17 For We are Many

From their new album, give it a listen, it gets you going - themanmanton

#33 /: no ways. This is the the song that got me into ATR. Amazing mix of screaming & it's so powerful. Everyone who's scrolling down this should go listen to this song again. Should be near the top

Defy! We heed the call
Defy! Strengthen us all
Defy! For we are many
Rising against you

Chorus is comprised of sheer epicness

18 We Stand

The best song ever of ATR, best breakdowns, solos and intense vocals. It's perfect

19 Won't Go Quietly
20 Tattered on My Sleeve

How is this not in the top 5. When He says I am falling away that is the best part of any all that remains song ever. This song is so amazing and so deep I can't believe that this isn't in the top five. I could listen to this song on repeat all day long and never ever get tired of it.

I'm particularly attached to this song because it has made my life at one time. sounds unbelievable, but it is so. Gotta great and everlasting love for my favorite band of all time!

Guitar in the middle is amazing and the repetition of the last 4 lines makes me question WHY IS THIS SO LOW ON the LIST

Best song of their's purely because of the beauty in its meaning.

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21 The Thunder Rolls
22 A War You Cannot Win

How is this song so down here at 33? I honestly thought it would be in the top ten at least

This song is fantastic. It has driving guitar, catchy vocals, great drums

Very underrated, it got a strong message. Definitely one of my favourites by ATR.

23 This Probably Won't End Well

Overall great song, I love it

Very cool very swag I like it

One of there best new songs

24 Madness
25 Asking Too Much

Really good song, it's definitely one of my favorite All That Remains songs of all time.

The first song I heard by them and still my favorite by them!

26 A Song for the Hopeless

One classic song. It's sad people haven't heard of it, let alone heard it. I'm not saying this is their best song, but it surely deserves a better position. Brilliant intro, unforgettable chorus and a perfect outro. Please give it a shot.

Amazing song, ever noticed how it sounds like the beginning of Pantera-The Sleep though?

27 Days Without

The intro solo is insane
... Best song after all
If you like The air I breathe or chiron
You will like this one over all

28 This Darkened Heart

Best ATR album ever

29 Tru - KVLT - Metal
30 Become the Catalyst

Should be #1 if not #2...

WHY IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP 10?! This is definitely one of their best songs dispite what this list says.

Favourite ATR song must be thrashed by any metal lover!


31 Not Fading

Great song, clean and full of meaning and I really recommend listening to it even though its so low on this list

Deepest and most meaningful song they've ever done in my opinion, I think it should be top 5

One of all that remains top songs for me. Should be in top 5. Great song. It's not fading.

32 Stand Up

#24? Stand Up! Stand Up and Vote for this to get it at least in the top 5!

Stand up! Stand up! We were right... Bla bla bla

Should be number 1

The fock on no 19

33 And Death In My Arms

Kick ass song, should be in top ten

Every song is bad ass

34 Dead Wrong

This song is my favorite and this really needs more votes. This is the best song in the album and vote for this please. TY

35 Undone
36 The Weak Willed

The most motivating and epic song from ATR. I can't believe it's not on the top five.

This song is awesome it gets me jacked. Should be top 3

37 The Deepest Gray
38 Some of the People, All of the Time

So awesomly heavy how can you not like this song!

39 Just Moments In Time
40 Focus Shall Not Fail

I just love this song so much. I didn't see it on here, so I figured I'd add it. I think the whole song sounds badass, both with drums, guitar, and vocals. Personally, the piano about 3/4ths of the way through is what really solidifies this song as awesome and original to me. Plus I beat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft for the first time, while listening to it.

This song I believe should be in the Top 10 as a minimum. Heavy, Brutal and catchy, I guess being the first song I heard from these guys I have an invalid opinion. - DC93

41 Sing for Liberty

How is this song not top 10? The intricacy from the intro to the end is superb.Should be way higher if not in the top ten

This song is incredible! It makes me want to stand up in a sudden spasm of dancing! VOTE!

Love the intro riff and chorus is inspiring.

42 Regret Not
43 Passion

Wow this is definitely one of the best songs by All That Remains. Honestly I like every song by All That Remains but there is no way this song should be rated so low on the list...

What? Passion this low? The rhythm, melody, and many more things just stand out...

44 From the Outside
45 Believe In Nothing

When you feel that nothing is left to live for, this song is very good to drive you to a very deep depression lasting for several days, but yet again, Chiron walks hand in hand with this little guy.

46 Behind Silence and Solitude
47 Intro

Best wake-up alarm ever

48 Do Not Obey
49 Bite My Tongue
50 Overcome
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