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21 A War You Cannot Win

How is this song so down here at 33? I honestly thought it would be in the top ten at least

This song is fantastic. It has driving guitar, catchy vocals, great drums

Very underrated, it got a strong message. Definitely one of my favourites by ATR.

22 The Thunder Rolls
23 This Probably Won't End Well

Overall great song, I love it

Very cool very swag I like it

One of there best new songs

24 Asking Too Much

Really good song, it's definitely one of my favorite All That Remains songs of all time.

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25 Madness
26 A Song for the Hopeless

One classic song. It's sad people haven't heard of it, let alone heard it. I'm not saying this is their best song, but it surely deserves a better position. Brilliant intro, unforgettable chorus and a perfect outro. Please give it a shot.

Amazing song, ever noticed how it sounds like the beginning of Pantera-The Sleep though?

27 Days Without

The intro solo is insane
... Best song after all
If you like The air I breathe or chiron
You will like this one over all

28 This Darkened Heart

Best ATR album ever

29 Tru - KVLT - Metal
30 Not Fading

Great song, clean and full of meaning and I really recommend listening to it even though its so low on this list

Deepest and most meaningful song they've ever done in my opinion, I think it should be top 5

One of all that remains top songs for me. Should be in top 5. Great song. It's not fading.

31 Become the Catalyst

WHY IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP 10?! This is definitely one of their best songs dispite what this list says.

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32 Stand Up

#24? Stand Up! Stand Up and Vote for this to get it at least in the top 5!

Stand up! Stand up! We were right... Bla bla bla

Should be number 1

The fock on no 19

33 And Death In My Arms

Kick ass song, should be in top ten

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34 Dead Wrong

This song is my favorite and this really needs more votes. This is the best song in the album and vote for this please. TY

35 Undone
36 The Weak Willed

The most motivating and epic song from ATR. I can't believe it's not on the top five.

This song is awesome it gets me jacked. Should be top 3

37 The Deepest Gray
38 Some of the People, All of the Time
39 Focus Shall Not Fail

I just love this song so much. I didn't see it on here, so I figured I'd add it. I think the whole song sounds badass, both with drums, guitar, and vocals. Personally, the piano about 3/4ths of the way through is what really solidifies this song as awesome and original to me. Plus I beat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft for the first time, while listening to it.

This song I believe should be in the Top 10 as a minimum. Heavy, Brutal and catchy, I guess being the first song I heard from these guys I have an invalid opinion. - DC93

40 Just Moments In Time
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