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41 Sing for Liberty

How is this song not top 10? The intricacy from the intro to the end is superb.Should be way higher if not in the top ten

This song is incredible! It makes me want to stand up in a sudden spasm of dancing! VOTE!

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42 Regret Not
43 Passion

Wow this is definitely one of the best songs by All That Remains. Honestly I like every song by All That Remains but there is no way this song should be rated so low on the list...

What? Passion this low? The rhythm, melody, and many more things just stand out...

44 From the Outside
45 Believe In Nothing

When you feel that nothing is left to live for, this song is very good to drive you to a very deep depression lasting for several days, but yet again, Chiron walks hand in hand with this little guy.

46 Behind Silence and Solitude
47 Intro

Best wake-up alarm ever

48 Do Not Obey
49 Overcome
50 For Salvation
51 Down Through the Ages
52 Calculating Loneliness
53 It Dwells In Me
54 Bite My Tongue
55 Of the Deep

Great tune not well known though.

56 I Die In Degrees

Great solo in this song, one of the best songs of all that remains

57 Indictment
58 Relinquish
59 Victory Lap
60 For You
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