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21 Mikaela Shiffrin

She clearly is the best in Slalom. Poetry on skis. She may eventually be the best in the remaining alpine disciplines. Time will tell. But it is clear that even at such a young age, the number of her globes don't lie, that she is the one to beat.

I think time is upon us. Wins in Downhill, GS and Slalom this year. If she stays injury free, she "will" be the best woman skier ever.

22 Henrik Kristoffersen

"An absolute beast of nature"

23 Kalle Palander
24 Karl Schranz

Freaky fearless risk taker and at his best, unbeatable

Amazing skier, kept out of Chamonix Olympics on ridiculous charge. At least in same league as JC Killy

25 Ted Ligety

The best technique ever! He skis like poetry!

Fantastic technique, best present skier!

He deserves higher go usa


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26 Toni Sailer

7 gold medals in 2 competitions (1956 - 1958). Stopped at age 23.

Nobody has beaten him. The best ever. I can't understand you forgot him in the list.

Hell yeah on wood skis, leather boots, cable bindings...and he skied the toughest places.

This guy dominated all alpine skiing disciplines and won gold at all disciplines well before Killy. And by far, not barely, like Killy.

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27 Josef "Pepi" Stiegler

"The Meister" may not have had the glamorous career of Stein, Sailer, Kidd, or Killy, but he shaped a generation of skiers--and ski instructors--through his 30+ year career as Director of the Jackson Hole Ski School!

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28 Roni Remme

Really awesome

29 Spider Sabich
30 Alf Engen
31 Tyler Walker

More WC medals than the rest of the US Team in 2014-15 and 2015-16. Three X-games golds. Arctic Man winner. Absolutely fantastic!

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32 Deborah Compagnoni

Three Olympic Gold medals in 3 consecutive Olympics!

33 Tina Weirather
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