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21 Wonderful Life

Slightly underrated but not certainly overrated... This song is so awesome, but so are the other ones. But still you should listen to this song

I believe this is one of the most emotional songs by AB, you must definitely listen to and I'm sure you'll be addicted.

This song is the saddest song I ever heard so far. Awesome and make you cry if listen the lyrics with your heart..


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22 Still Remains

I think Alter Bridge are one of the best bands in terms of relatable songs and this song is yet another of their masterpieces with brilliant words through soaring vocals and master guitar shreddery

Best guitar work on the album. Killer opening riff sucks you in!

The chorus is so epic

23 Coming Home

The chorus is superb on this one! Definitely a top 10 for me. I wish it was higher, but I still think this is amazing! Blackbird was probably their best album filled with amazing songs like this. Blackbird - the song- was excellent as well

this song is so beautiful, beautiful riffs and vocals, so great! long live myles and alter bridge!

yeah! coming home is my favourite song from them! and it's the first I ever heard from them, yeah!

I would've voted for Blackbird but it's already up there so I'm going with my 2nd favorite defanately an underrated song

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24 Shed My Skin

Such a great song like so many from AB. but the chorus here takes the biscuit, such emotion and power from Myles and the rest of the best band out their today

Shed My Skin is a song that references the band members breaking off of Creed and creating a whole new approach. Love every bit of this song.

This song was the sad one if you listen to carefully

Epic. Should be much higher!

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25 Life Must Go On

Definitely one of my favorites by them. This song has gotten me through so much and will always be an all time favorite of mine

Beautiful Chores... Amazing song AB III Rocks...! - skt

Should be in top 10. Great song

Why 25! This song is incredible

26 Find the Real

Aside from the ballad style tracks from AB, this is easily one of the top 3 hard rock songs from these guys! No question

My favorite AB song is Metalingus, but I cannot believe this song hasn't gotten a vote. Come on! This song is so amazing. My 2nd favorite AB song!. Alter Bridge ROCKS!

How is this 27?! This was the first song I've ever heard by AB and its still in my opinion number one! This should have at least made the top 10 easily!

Brilliant song to just sing and rock out too.

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27 Before Tomorrow Comes

Best song I've ever heard. Needs more votes. This is a travesty. Passion, emotion and spectacular vocals

How is this song so low on all the lists I see? This is my favourite ever! Beautiful lyrics and just gives me chills every time.!

This song is a classic from AB, should be top 10 for sure!, they always usually play it alive.

This song should be in the top 10

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28 One Day Remains

Just too good. One of their best. And it rocks! I don't really care what people says about the other songs of Alter Bridge-maybe good or may not but this song is really worth listening. its a must for all the fans of Alter Bridge out there and if you dnt try dis then definitely you are missing something

This is DEFINITELY one of their best songs! Vote vote vote! Tremonti Godlike-skills are shown in this amazing song. Long live Alter Bridge!

Wow! Shocked to see it rate in 28, this song is such epic song. SUCH GOOD LYRICS.

28? This is such an upbeat badass tune. Uplifting!

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29 Calm the Fire

If this was a single it would surely be in the top ten. This is just a list of the most popular songs, not necessarily the best ones. Also White Knuckles is way too low.

Epic song one of the best

One of the most epic songs with an epic start and epic, EVERYTHING. I just can't over it being 26th, it must at least be in top 5

One of the most beautiful compositions ever created in the history of mankind, in my opinion

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30 White Knuckles

This song should be higher on the countdown! Isolation should be here! I love the voice of the singer at the chorus... He had a great voice... Alter bridge is such a great band.

If this isn't in your top ten you don't truly appreciate Alter Bridge; first time I heard the closing riff I think my face melted!

Imagine how high this would have been if this was a single... It's just a brilliant fast paced song which gets way too little recognition.

Powerful instruments, powerful lyrics. an anthem for those being used as pawns and in some cases giving their health, both mental and physical.

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31 Down to My Last

Not a hard rock song, but a sweet, emotional, ballad. This is hands down the best Alter Bridge song, and perhaps my favorite power ballad as well.

Just Listening and Vote, I know this amazing song. I think this is best song from alter bridge. But I don't know why you're not vote n comment this song

I love this song and so hooked on it. IT'S all the thing with the right choice to make and the right path to choose, make it such emotional..

This has the best vocals of any modern rock song period. Definitely my favorite from them.

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32 Cradle to the Grave

In my opinion, one of the best guitar solos of all time. Very powerful song. - benhos

33 Make It Right

Never understood why this song got so little fame under the Alter Bridge songs. It's so awesome.

This is such a great song love it so much.

Only you can make it right on top!

34 Water Rising

Tremonti's vocals and Kennedy's backup vocals on this song make it a hidden gem of a song that showcases some of their best combination of lyrics, singing and guitar playing.

This song is outstanding. The lyrics. The composition. The duo. Seems better every time I listen to it.

Really Awesome song indeed!

Take a good listen to my fave AB song off of Fortress! - Curti2594

Great song

35 Wayward One

Of course, Blackbird should be on 1, and most of the other top 10 songs really deserve their spot there.
But why isn't Wayward One on 11 in stead of this disrespectful place?
It's got great lyrics, great solo, great chorus and a great feeling/balance overall.
If most of the people like blackbird, they should at least like this song too.

Am I seeing this in 54? People voting here just need some medication or they really need to hear the full AB discography. I mean, just listen to this song man, this is some masterpiece. AS at its brilliant best. Melody, lyrics, solos every damn thing in this is stuff is just in the bull's eye. How come is the song so down here. Guys, just listen some stuff before you vote

It is a shame that such a beautiful and dark song lies here on no 32! Deserves to be in top 10... I mean everything is perfect about this song and theme is just... No words man! Still trying to find them! Listen to this piece and you will surely admire its uniqueness!

Definitely top 5
myles' vocal is incredible and the solo is masterpiece
alter bridge is for sure the best band on earth in the last decade!
my top 5:
wayward one
shed my skin
broken wings

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36 Burn It Down

Sureley have it all. great guitar playing one on the best singing by Miles, great feel throughout the whole song. solo at the end not the best from Mark but overall (along with Brand new start and Blackbird) the best musically composed songs by this great band.

Its Magical. Haunting vocals.

Sad and touch your heart and mind instantly

37 Farther Than the Sun

Farther than the sun has great vocals and amazing verse/chorus but the beginning riff is overly distorted its good though

This is a very underrated song by them. It also has a really cool and heavy intro.

38 Coeur d'Alene

So killer the intro is amazing with the two guitars and its just kinda laid back at the verses but the song is a great mix of styles solo is killer too should be way higher but AB has so many good songs so

Best intro into an Alter Bridge song besides Slip to the Void and Cry of Achilles. - Giustiniano

Superb guitar riff! Good solo,

39 Twilight
40 The Uninvited

The chorus to the song is amazing. Every instrument is just sounding awesome. The riff is pretty sweet one of marks best

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