Green Day

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Green Day are an American pop punk and alternative rock band formed in East Bay, California in 1987. The members include Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals and guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass), Tré Cool (drums) and Jason White (guitar) . Green Day are associated with punk rock, pop punk and alternative rock. Some more.


Seriously?!?! Oh come ON! Green Day absolutely rocks the alt & punk genres. Starting out as a punk rock band, then album by album expanding into various kinds of rock, & their works just gets better! Longview, basket case, when I come around, boulevard of broken dreams, jesus of suburbia, holiday, 21 guns, viva la gloria, oh love, nuclear family, stray heart, x kid... No one can have a better track record than this, not even Linkin Park, whose tracks get worse with every album. Heck, Linkin Park sounds even worse live, whereas Green Day sound even better!

Wait. Come on! Nirvana at #1 just because a guy died young? Not fair. Linkin Park is acceptable. They do make great music but Green Day is definitely great band. They've been around since 30 years, starting off with pure punk, then pop-punk, punk-rock and eventually, alt Rock. The way they Create Music is unbeatable and the AMOUNT OF ENERGY trio pulls out during a live concert, the levels are unimaginably high! All of their songs have DEEP AND MEANINGFUL LYRICS and perfection in COMPOSITION. They are the greatest, Get them to the TOP

I agree that the bands that appearing here are very good. I like their music very much. I don't get stuck on one band, I listen to all of them. However, Green Day are my favorite. I don't even know why, it's just that it is my most favorite band. I guess that's because they're the first who actually introduced me to this type of music. And since then, They will always be with me no matter what.

American idiot, 21st century breakdown, dookie... Green Day has so many amazing albums and songs. Seeing them live is just as energizing as their music is. There is something unique about Green Day that makes me not able to get bored of their songs. I can't stop listening to them. They are just so good, and the variety of their songs is spectacular, from last night on earth to horseshoes and handgrenades

Number 1 at least top 3. Green Day definitely beat out Nirvana in this genre, grunge isn't alternative and although Nirvana was great and still are even though they're not a band anymore. Green Day took alternative to a new level. Dookie was the best alternative album of '94 I believe. Great alternative music. Nirvana are great but Green Day better if you ask me

You haven't heard punk rock until you've heard Green Day. The way they face political, financial, and emotional matters is amazing, and they connect with their listeners like no other band. They are truly the best band I have ever heard and will always be in my heart!

Green Day caught me from the first time I listened to F.O.D. I've been addicted to them ever since. I now own seven of their albums and can't stop listening to them. My mom actually used to love Green Day but won't listen to them anymore because I have them on constantly. I guess you could call me a fan girl. I guess its true.

Green Day. Green Day. Green Day... How can I possibly describe how much this band means to me? I simply can't! They are my life; everything about them is just phenomenal. I hate that people only judge them on their newer stuff. Yeah, it's good and I love it all, but Green Day were definitely their best in the 90's: I'm talking Dookie, Insomniac and Nimrod here. It's just awesome stuff... Long Live Green Day!

Mainstream Rock not alternative at all. Their very first album was quite mainstream Rock even then. You people are not that alternative with music at all, really. Getting past the mainstream is what alternative means. Green Day was rather mainstream for most males in the 90's and early 2000's. Where are you coming from? Heard them so much on mainstream radio,

Green Day... What can I say? They're the best thing that has ever happened to my life! I used to think that Owl City was a great band but once I listened to Green Day, bands now have a higher standard if they want to be listened to by me! I mean, they have to have at least guitar, bass, singing and drums to qualify! VIVA LA Green Day!

Green Day are the best band ever! I could listen to all their songs a million times and never get tired of them. Their music is better than just good and they are more than just ordinary Each song has a story behind it, whether it'd be something about love or just about being bored. Green Day has been a big part of my life ever since I was little. I have never loved any other band as much as I love Green Day.

Haha Linkin Park better than Green Day?! They are the fathers of pop punk and no one can do it quite like them. Other "pop punk" bands are just pathetic vocals and guitar. Yea I'm looking at you Blink 182! The only band who master pop punk quite like Green Day are the offspring.

Green Day is an amazing band. They have great music that allows teens to express themselves very well. They have a rocking' beat to their and some soft song too. What's this band doing on number 3?! LET'S GET IT TO NUMBER 1!

Linkin Park needs to get out of first! I have really liked Green Day for a long time. Billie joe has proven how versatile he can be the past few years and that he truly can sing and write. There are not many bands out there like Green Day.

Basket case, good riddance, Jesus of suburbia, boulevard of broken dreams, welcome to paradise, holiday. And those are just SOME of my favorite Green Day songs, HALL OF FAME FOREVER!

You people don't know what is music, Green Day is the best band ever just listen Wake Me up when September ends, Jesus of Suburbia, American Idiot, Holiday, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and you will know what is real music

Early Albums are Straight Up Punk
Newer Albums are Pop Punk / Alt
Great Song Writing and Catchy Riffs
Rock Opera American idiot Created a Whole New Fan Base and is a Very Clever Album Love it or Hate it
Uno, Dos & Tre are Garage / Power Pop Albums That Are Pretty Decent Considering They Already Have Dookie, Insomniac, Nimrod and American Idiot Done and Dusted in Their Locker

Green Day has been amazing in their last two albums "American idiot" and "21st century breakdown". Boulevard of broken dreams, wake me up when september ends, 21 guns, Basket case are some of their amazing songs to name a few.

If you do not think Green Day deserves to be #1 on this list then go listen to the American Idiot album. Listen how Green Day tells the story of the Jesus of Suburbia, St. Jimmy, and Whatsername. About rage and rebeion. About love and hate. This album was the best album every written. Period.

Wow! Green Day may not be better than Nirvana and Radiohead, but they really give me hope in music these days. Green Day is AMAZING. And American Idiot... Probably the best album ever (not including the Beatles).

I might not know what alternate means, but I know what music means and for music my vote will always go to... You know who... "Green Day" of course! They have change music from the way it was to the way it is now!

Green Day created pop-punk, brought it to the mainstream, and have inspired everyone from Sum 41 to Lady Gaga. Should be number two, Linkin Park are decent but should be somewhere behind Pearl Jam

! Green day is on 3rd? NO! NO!
They are the best and obviously much better than Linkin park (doesn't mean linkin park is bad though)
Green day should be the first ever! GREEN DAY!

Green Day is clearly 1, I mean I love nirvana but they were a band for like 5 years and link in park is great but not as good as Armstrong and the rest.

Billie Joe Armstrong is the best songwriter ever. The songs he writes have a ton of meaning, and he is able to put them into a collective show of his power chords and simple yet stunning solos!