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Keane are an English rock band from Battle, East Sussex, formed in 1995. The group currently comprises Tim Rice-Oxley, Richard Hughes, Jesse Quin and Tom Chaplin.


I will not try to express how grateful I am for Keane exist. What I can not put into words they understand and express in music. They are my warriors and can be sure that they are much loved and fans just have to thank them. Keane, always provided Hopes & Fears, always been with us even Under The Iron Sea, always guided us by the Night Train until we get our Strangeland to live in our Perfect Symmetry. Thanks for everything. My four loves, Jesse Quinn, Richard Hughes, Tom Chaplin and the great master Mr. Tim Rice-Oxley

Keane have been my favourite band for around eight years now and to be honest, I can't believe that they haven't been noticed more. They can play and sing to an exceptional standard. I don't think that anyone could be as big a Keane fan as I am. Tom Chaplin, Tim Rice-Oxley, Richard Hughes, and Jesse Quinn really do form a perfect band.

Certainly, not everyone is meant to find Keane' s music parenthesis in the actual alternative/ pop music scene (and I don't mean "bump into", I mean to really discover it). They are one of a kind and talented beyond stereotypes with a clear, signature sound, and emotionally challenging lyrics. Rice-Oxley's song writing is unique yet simple, Chaplin's voice mesmerizing, and Hughes and Quin's drumming/bass playing soulful and euforic. In short, Keane has accomplished the never easy task of being always new yet true to their sound and it may not be for everyone, but once they capture a fan, he or she will surely be one for good.

If Coldplay is almost on the top of the list, I don't know why Keane isn't there. I think that Keane could be even better than Coldplay (both are piano bands). They really are an alternative band, the problem is people doesn't know them. Keane have a lot of potential as a piano band, and they show it in Hopes and Fears: it is one of the best brit album of all times.

Brilliant, touching. Keane's songs go straight to our souls. They are powerful and soothing at the same time. Keane is the kind of band that is good live or in studios, it doesn't matter where they play, Tom's voice embedded in Tim's songs can reach everyone in the audience in such an unique experience! Once you listen to those songs, you never forget 'em.

Keane is a special band because they have the best combination of vocal, lyrics and piano. Tom Chaplin is one of the best vocals I know, his voice is amazing. I have been in 2 shows of Keane and I want to go for next, next. Also, they are funny and play very well live & acoustic. They are the perfect band ever! Love you guys keep doing the excellent job! I'm a big fan of Keane.

I remember the first time I've ever heard Keane, from that day till now I can't stop listening their music. Is It any wonder, leaving so soon, Everybody's Changing, Somewhere only we know, spiralling, Sovereing light cafe are ones of my favorites keane's songs. Their songs express most of the moments in my live whether good or bad. I think they are the only ones who understand me!. Well, in fact I adore keane, I think they make my days become easy to endure.

I have listened to many bands but since I listened to Keane I simply felt in love and told myself that I have found my favourite band EVER! Their music is beautiful, melodic combined with deep lyrics yet they can make rock songs as well. Keane deserve to be the best!

The most underrated band ever. Tim's songs are so relatable and Tom has one of the best live voices today. The entire band is so humble and they really deserve more attention.

Keane is a real, non-plastic band. Real music, real talent, and my favourite band in this world

My opinion is that they are brilliant and they can make you cry, jump, smile, think.. All in one song. People should have the whole discography and learn what is all about, follow my twitter for more info and photos about keane @itskeanetime

They are amazing live! Their new record Strangeland is just the best I've ever heard, so inspiring! I think the main theme of the album is resilience, how to face the dark times with some grace and hope. I highly recommended Keane for everyone

It's an awesome band. I first heard Keane's music when I was 10 years old (2005) and Keane just became my favorite band, now I'm 19 years old and this band means a lot to me. No words can describe Tom's voice, I seriously think they deserve to become even bigger.

Keane is the best band ever, they deserve to be in the first places because they changed the common rock into a better one with the piano and no guitars.

Keane is not only an alternative band, is a raw talent, they do no more rock with classical more existing instrument: piano. Fill the solitude of many people, and turns a smile to young souls.

Keane is just the best band of the latest times in my opinion... There is a perfect symmetry in their lyrics and songs... Fantastic and amazing... I love Keane!

Keane are my favourite band of all time, they might not be as famous as other bands but that doesn't mean there not as good - Tom_R2

Keane are awesome... They can put all the souls in a song... And make you forget everything, make you happy and maybe cry too. I love keane... Why? Because they're unforgettable

They started very well and pleasantly hopes & fears and under the iron sea were extremely sublime albums until they started adding stupid guitar riffs into their unique keane sound. Keane were best known for their uncommon use of distorted synths and pianos instead of guitars. And their live dvd�'s were even greater. Unfortunately their creativity is lost now. Three ffollowing albums past by & nothing:perfect symetry, late night tale & strangeland.

Keane Keane is a band that makes great music.
Keane makes music magic, versatile, and perfecting it evolves with each new album.
Keane is simply brilliant.

Keane is the best band ever!... And they are the biggest inspiration to me :')

Absolutely love Keane, their creativity isn't lost at all and they remain the best band ever!

Keane is the perfect combination of inspiration and music. The band's music thrills and serve as a soundtrack for every moment of life.

They make me feel alive, their songs are soulful and touching.

Keane is the best band ever, with just everybody's changing and Somewhere Only We Know, they can kick the other bands asses!