Linkin Park

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Linkin Park is an American rock band formed in Agoura Hills, California, in 1996. The members currently include Mike Shinoda (vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar), Brad Delson (guitar), Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (bass), Joe Hahn (DJ) and Rob Bourdon (drums). Linkin Park are associated with a mixture of Nu-metal more.


Linkin Park is...honestly just an "okay" band. Don't get me wrong, I loved Hybrid Theory when it came out, and listened to them for awhile. Hell, I even listened to Mike Shinoda when he broke off from Linkin Park for awhile to make Fort Minor, and loved their album "Rising Tied". But as I got older, I kind of grew out of them. Their songs began to sound annoyingly similar, and Numb quite literally became a joke for me. And I wouldn't really even classify them as alt-rock, either. They're more Nu-metal, to me at least. A good comparison to another music group to them would be Maroon 5. They make good music, and have many, many hits that's for sure. However, their songs seem to blend together, or have the same subject it seems like - Linkin Park having a rebellious or betrayal feel to it, and Maroon 5 pretty much only being about a woman (which by the way gets incredibly repetitive). Nirvana has number one because they pushed the envelope. They developed their own ...more

They are the only band which keep on experimenting with new music. Rock is incomplete without them. You can't name a single rock genre that they haven't included in their songs. They are far better than any other band here. Nirvana is the most overrated band. Dumb people haven't listened to them, they just cote because Nirvana has become a cult. I bet none of their songs will be liked except - smells like teen spirit, Lithium, and heart shaped box. Listen to their all songs then you'll come to know how crap they are. Plus they are grunge rock band and Green Day are Punk rock band. None of these two craps should be on this list. Coldplay should be at 1 and Linkin Park at 2 because there are few songs of Linkin Park which are alternative rock and all these are best. Coldplay is pure alternative rock.

Linkin Park has been my all time FAVORITE band ever since I was 7 years old. They've helped me learn what real music was basically. I have been fortunate enough to go to one of their concerts over the summer and they never disappoint. They were touring with another one of my favorite bands, Incubus, and it was as if I was listening to their albums in my car's stereo system. They're amazing. They Definitely do deserve the Number One spot. Yes I love A LOT of other bands on here as well, but nothing will ever beat Linkin Park. I LOVE CHESTER BENNINGTON AND MIKE SHINODA! BEST OF THE BEST! LPU FOR LIFE!

I guess alternative is really the only label you can give Linkin Park these days since they've incorporated everything from hip hop, alternative rock, electronica, pop, nu-metal, techno, folk, punk, and even reggae. They're like 3 bands mixed into one, and have been able to mix all sorts of styles while maintaining the same band members since 2000.

BEST BAND EVER! Reason to live for me! Its the only band that could write any type of song they want they are so talented! Their style changes like every album and this makes them so unique... All of their songs touch your feelings! And most importantly they are not just a band they always help people and that's awesome! The day they split up or die will be my December! Long live LP!

Have this crown for all their hard work. They surely do it all, they are a heavy metal band an alternative band what makes it even better they add pop and techno into there music, they play the guitar, they dj, they scream, they rap, they sing, play piano have one 2 Grammy awards n have won awards for best performance on stage and not to forget they r loved ALL over the world. And that's what make this band so unique n loved by millions of others around the world n this band inspires a lot of people in many kinds of ways.
Just patiently waiting for there 5th album to come out this fall of 2012

Nirvana is in my opinion, overrated. I know Linkin Park may have had a fall over the years but I've honestly never heard anything special from Nirvana except for Smells Like Teen Spirit. It clear that the population of Nirvana fans was mainly based on nostalgia and phony fandoms rather than actual musical appreciation. A shame. They were alright. But "alright" does not compare to the perfection that was Linkin Park.

They deserve the spot. They were the band that got me listening to all these other alternative bands, which led me to discovering some really great music. So I thank them for that. However, the fact that they are number one now is a little strange, because they changed, A LOT. Minutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns was when you could tell things started going downhill.. That was really too bad. I'll still always remember them as one of my first favorite bands.

I'm getting pissed off about people complaining how there favorite band is not in 1st place. I voted for Linkin Park because I like the music that they produce and so does the other people who voted for Linkin Park that's how it got 1st place. But there is always someone who complains that there favorite band isn't 1st place. It's just a list deal with it I mean just look at this band who could not like them it's almost every song they write is good.

It's funny how nirvana's top comments are just people crying because of the first spot, and insulting Linkin Park, instead of talking about their favorite. band. Now look at comments of Linkin Park. You can see proud fans talking only about Linkin Park, they don't insult Nirvana, and are not angry because of the second spot. to be honest Linkin Park is more popular than this nirvana, their songs In the end and Numb beats all of nirvana's songs together! So stop crying poor nirvana fans...

Linkin park is the best band ever. It's the only band that writes songs with meaning. This guys will always be in my heart. They are simply gods. They are writing music for fun and the don't write music for money or success, because linkin park whatever they are doing, are the best.

Top music band in the whole world, I am fan of Linkin Park since I've watched music video of castle of glass.
New album "Living Things" is awesome, I hope this new album won so many awards.
One thing I like to mention is Likin park make their own instruments regularly, Also they changes with the generations, that is awesome.
What you say?

Linkin Park & Radiohead should be top 2. Some people don't know what alternative is. Alternative means combining many elements & geners & creating alternative sounds. For example Alternative Rock means incorporating hip-hop elements in rock like Linkin Park or incorporating Jazz / Opera elements like Radiohead. Or incorporating electronic elements like both Linkin Park & Radiohead. Using lots of instruments rather that just guitars & bass. Using pianos, flutes, turntables etc - Linkin Park, Muse are few bands which do this. Nirvana is a grunge band NOT at all alternative. Green Day is a punk rock band, NOT alternative.

I know that I'm going to get a LOT of flack for this, but I really don't get why so many people like them. Nu-metal is one of my least favorite genres and they fit right in there. Also, there not really an alternative band (although it's a broad term). I respect your opinion if you enjoy them, I'm just a little baffled that so many people enjoy (in my opinion) a subpar band.

Of course linkin park deserves this place. A thousand suns is not an album, it is a miracle. Every song is a masterpiece. Nothing in the world can replace linkin park. Every song has wonderful meaning and the have got the best drummer, the best guitarist, the best bassist (happy birthday), the best rapper, the best DJ and the best screamer and singer. Linkin all the way

Link park is amazing. If you listen to the words a lot of there songs have an amazing quality and depth to them that you don't get to see from a lot of alternative artists. Example: iridescent, castle of glass, among others. Not to mention that they have a great sound and variety of tones and instruments at flow into the song with great timing and intensity.

Linkin Park is the greatest band ever! I am so happy they are number 1! They have great music, great lyrics, Chester's beautiful singing and badass screaming, Mike's angelic singing voice and badass rapping, they have great hearts, they are really funny and really caring for their fans and are always there for them, what's not to love about them? They are really they greatest people that ever existed.

I lived in Thailand for a year and about the only American band they knew was Linkin Park. Even more than that... They loved it. Honestly 9 out of ten people you asked about American music would know and enjoy linkin Park. So as far as world wide goes I would have to say linkin park as well.

These guys have SO many great songs, expanding multiple genres. Where do I begin? Faint, One Step Closer and In the End is just the tip of the iceberg. I think they've been stereotyped as being nothing but hard rock and rap rock, but that's not true. Breaking the Habit, What I've Done, New Divide and numb show off their singing, industrial rock, alternative rock and electro talents. They may not be all that mainstream, but they are the breakthrough band of the 21st-century.

LP deserves this place
And all of you who are saying that LP doesn't deserve, to them, this is an Alternative Rock Band chart
And no other band can be compared to Linkin Park on alternative songs
Don't listen to the "A thousand Years", if you do, listen to Waiting for the End, Iridescent or The Messenger
Listen To Meteora, Hybrid Theory or Minutes to Midnight
You'll know what Linkin Park is
And Nirvana sings grunge as far as I know

Any other band compared to Linkin Park on this list would come short of being the best.. Absolutely no comparison.. And I see people saying nirvana are better than Linkin Park.. Well just one good album can't get you to the top.. When competition is with Linkin Park.. Although I love nirvana.. Linkin Park has more music to back its position..

And by the way, no one can beat Chester's vocals. He can go as high as mount everest and then drop to as low as Pacific Ocean. He can in low emotional voice perfectly. I think next to him is Jared Leto of 30 seconds to Mars. And Nirvana is a grunge rock band and Green Day is a punk rock band. None of these should be on this list. Plus both these bands are so overrated.

Punk and Grunge are genres of alternative and punk pop is a sub genre of punk. - Powerfultekin

Linkin Park getting second position in a countdown of the genre to which they don't even really belong to. That just tells about the immense popularity of the band. They are the biggest rock band in the whole world right now. "20 years from now. Linkin Park would be considered the last of the great rock band along with Green Day, korn etc. They are awesome

Every time you think of alternative I think Linkin Park. I think that they are most amazing band ever not just because they are alternating between all genre's, but they have a crazy amount of support. In my opinion it's only a matter of time before they become number one in the world

The first time I heard LP was when I was about 10. It was like love on first sight! Now Im 17 and I still love them. Their songs actually MEAN something! And Chester his voice is just B-E-A-utifull! The most nice song is In The End & Leave Out All The Rest. So listen to those songs!

And I also really like MCR, they are amazing!