My Chemical Romance

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My Chemical Romance was an American rock band from Jersey City, New Jersey, active from 2001 to 2013. For much of their career, the band consisted of lead vocalist Gerard Way, guitarists Ray Toro and Frank Iero, bassist Mikey Way, and drummer Bob Bryar.


This is gonna be a long comment. I think people throw around "greatest band of all time" too much. If every single band on earth is the greatest then who are the bad bands? Anyways during the 2000's this band caught a lot of heat. Emo had become a sensation and was categorized by suicidal and depressed. So no matter if bands had emo lyrics or not, as long as emo fans liked it, it was automatically emo. And bands such as Panic! At The Disco and most importantly My Chemical Romance suffered backlash and scrutiny in our culture and the media. So many people are probably scratching their heads thinking: "Why is My Chemical Romance on this list? Some stupid crybaby emo band? ". Well they're not some crybaby emo band. Maybe the fans but not the band. I can proudly say this this band is one of the most important and greatest bands of our generation. And it's sad because most people refuse to see it. Or they listen to I'm Not Okay and Helena and jump to conclusions. Let me ...more - PopPunkKid101

These guys have always stayed true to themselves and they've never allowed anyone to dictate how they should act or what kind of image they should create. Their music is harsh and meaningful, something different from what most bands have to offer. They put their heart and soul into their career, and have shown the world that having feelings is okay, everybody gets hurt, life isn't fair or easy, and difficult times find the best of us. They showed us that it's possible to rise above it all and do something good with it, harness the pain, the anger, the frustration and create a better world. Their stories are touching and eye-opening, and offer the world hope for the future. I'm very surprised they're not number one, because in all honesty, they are as good and as real as they come, and the MCRmy will never allow their memory to fade.

My Chemical Romance is so many things. Every band member devoted their life to this band. As Gerard Way (the lead singer) said, 'This band saved my life and it's there to save other people's lives.' It is supposed to be inspirational, relevant and symbolic. I could go on talking about My Chemical Romance for hours, there is so much to it. You see these modern bands like 5sos that right songs about how hot their girlfriend is, there's no DEPTH! You want depth? You want to feel like there's someone else in this world that understands you and your struggles? Listen to My Chemical Romance. They might not be making music now but they are a shot to remember and each of them are heroes.

I first listened to My Chemical Romance 4 years back. The moment I listened to Helena, I was enchanted by this band. Soon I followed this band and found out songs from Black parade. I could not believe that I haven't heard these guys before.. and I followed whatever they offered.

I have waited for Danger Days for the last 2 years in such a manner which involved opening their Wikipedia page everyday.. Followed each and every band member's work.. (E. g. Safe & Sound by Gerard). But the power that these guys show together.. And after the song SING.. they have made me a true follower of this band!

How can these be so far down on the list, top five at least. Many of their songs will never ever be forgotten and will always live in peoples memories. particularly those of the black parade album such as welcome to the black parade, cancer, famous last words, I don't love you and teenagers. I can't even contemplate the fact that muse and Coldplay are above this legendary band, in my opinion the top five should be my chemical romance, Breaking Benjamin, Arctic Monkeys, blink 182 and Nirvana. these are not my favourite bands they are just the bands I believe to be the best.

My Chemical Romance has evolved so much since the beginning, and it shows that they're always going to change. They work so hard on each of their albums, and it shows. My Chemical Romance talks about the emotions of being a kid and they sing about more broad subjects, such as freedom and standing up and telling the whole world off. My Chemical Romance will always be my number one alternative band.

My favorite band period. Their songs are amazing and have so much meaning. From the sad and creepy songs like helena, the sharpest lives, mama and the ghost of you to legendary rock anthems like welcome to the black parade, famous last words, I'm not okay and headfirst for halos to songs that harken back to early 80's electronic music fused with rock like na na na, bulletproof heart, and save yourself ill hold them back there is something from any rock lover in My Chemical Romance's music

Without a doubt one of the greatest bands of all time. My Chemical Romance has a reputation among fans for helping them through depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide (myself included) and has such raw, deep, touching lyrics. Every member of My Chemical Romance is talented in music and has great passion for it. It's not just a band, it's an idea. So long and goodnight, My Chemical Romance. We will always love you. Your memory will carry on.

My Chemical Romance literally saved my life. I love them and they are definitely without any question my most favorite band in the entire world. I do actually miss their older music, however. Like the type of music they had in their second album 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. My dream is to meet them, because their story gave me hope and without them, I have no idea where I would be.

My Chemical Romance is the best band I've ever heard of in my whole entire life. This band has inspired me to do many things and is indeed a band that has great variety. Looking for inspiration? Well "Welcome to black parade" will do the trick. Are you heartbroken or have problems with someone? Then "I don't love you" is a good song for you. I could keep this list going but the songs are just too many. If you are new to alternative rock My Chemical Romance will do.

For me they're simply THE BEST! The way they always wanted to be more than a band and really make a change in people's lives (which they totally did)... And well, off course their music and the messages they transmit in every song, and most of all, the "human" that are the members, who have passed through difficulties and became the valuable human beings that are right now... "'Cause it's not a band, it's an idea! "

This band is truly amazing. Their music is raw and emotional, the lyrics are deep, and their message as a band is beautiful. MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE is the only band that has ever truly influenced my life. They inspire teens to be themselves and to not take crap from other people. My Chemical Romance saved my life!

Number SIX? HOW COULD THEY BE NUMBER SIX? They are the greatest band of all time! They have real emotion in their lyrics, they save lives, they have GERARD WAY! How could they be SIX?! They are the most amazing band in the world!

My Chemical Romance and The Smashing Pumpkins are my two favourite alternative rock bands. #1 & #2 in my world. They never made the same album twice. The pumpkins should be higher on the list, as I feel that My Chemical Romance were heavily influenced by the pumpkins (chicken and the egg scenario). But My Chemical Romance still rocks, lets hope for a reunion at some stage.

My chemical romance had to be number one, they are such an inspiration and they sing about actual emotions and they aren't emo for all you haters out there. They always change their style and never get boring I can't wait for the new album! My chemical Romance for life.

My Chemical Romance are incredible. They bring a unique perspective on.. well, life. They're not afraid to touch sensitive subjects, but always do it in a beautiful way. Listening to their albums feels like listening to a story being told more than anything; which that's what they do. They tell stories and stay true to themselves. My Chemical Romance deserve to be #1.

Oh my gosh this was a hard choice. This was a great list. I love Three Days Grace, I adore Amy Lee etc... But people need to give My chemical romance a chance as more than a 'emo' band. They are amazing and everyone in that band really know each other and love each other they stand for something more than anyone who reads these things.

They are just amazing! Their songs are catchy, and they don't just sing about stupid like sex or WHATEVER, they sing about real life problems. Their songs just connect with me in an emotional level. Besides that, they appreciate their fans. They even told someone after a concert to stop his self-harming habits when they saw his scars. They have changed my life!

An amazing band with meaningful songs with rich lyrics. This band should easily be listed in the top five not just top ten. My Chemical Romance is looked over as a band that encourages teens to harm themselves but that's not the truth behind their lyrics, everyone just over looks their real meanings.

My Chemical Romance, though split up, deserve to be #1. They were the first rock band I ever heard, and I highly recommend the albums "Danger Days and The Black Parade". I love them more than any band ever, except POSSIBLY All Time Low, but either way they are amazing and if you haven't listened to them then... Well, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIVES?!?!

I think My Chemical Romance is definitely one of the best bands ever. Not only their lyrics, but also the show they put on every time they go (sadly, went) on stage is incredibly captivating. The way each song tells a different story, how you can feel gerard's pain when he sings, or frank's energy when he plays, Ray's passion on and off stage and Mike's forever heart-warming shiness will be stained in My Chemical Romance's fanbase's hearts forever. No doubt they deserve to be in the top 10!

My Chemical Romance is just so amazing. They brought me happiness in my saddest times. They taught me how to love and how to not be so depressed all the time. They are absolutely my favorite band of all time. I most likely would be here on this earth still alive without them. My Chemical Romance saved my life.

My Chemical Romance are underrated. Everyone should know who they are because they were the best band ever. Their music is so incredible and they have such meaningful lyrics that save lives including their fanbase which is continuing to grow even though they are over now. Best band ever.

My chemical romance is actually, so good.
I'm not even into alternative rock, but I defiantly love this band, it should be in the top 10!
Their songs have such deep meanings and they're said to have saved people.
My chemical romance is not emo/goth, and all the other stereotypes that have been made about the band, I'm not emo or goth, I fact I'm very girly, my favourite colours are pink. So the band cater towards all people, goth or not!
I love My Chemical Romance!

I love this band! I have over 30 of their songs on my ipod. I love the albums, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and The Black Parade. Their songs are great! At first their music was very hard rock, but now it is still rock but alternative. Best Band ever