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Nirvana was an American grunge band that was formed in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987. Nirvana disbanded after Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994. The drummer of the band, David Grohl, went on to start the Foo-Fighters, an alternative rock band. more.


It annoys me when people say that Nirvana, and Nevermind, are both overrated, because when they finally offer an explanation, they only have their own opinion of the music to share. That's not what "overrated" means. Calling something "overrated" is to deny the importance of the subject. Liking the music is more of a subjective take, whilst how under or overrated a band is takes facts into account. Nirvana, whether you like them or not, were, and still are, important in popular rock music. The ripples of what albums like Nevermind did, can still be felt today in a lot of popular music. They weren't necessarily doing anything that the Pixies weren't already doing, musically speaking, but they certainly popularized it and popularized a subculture of people. To call a band like that overrated is a bit like denying the fact that the sky is blue, or that the grass is green. People just enjoying making their arguments stick out as more than just pure opinion by using words like "overrated", ...more

Why is Nirvana even in this when they are a grunge rock band. Their only 2-3 songs are alternative rock. It's the Most overrated band of all time. Most of the dumb people haven't even listened to them still they say that they are good because they have become like a cult. Their only good songs are - smells like teen spirit, Lithium and heart shaped box. Their all other songs are pretty crap which sound same. There's no variation. Just listen to their all songs then vote. They are pretty crap. Coldplay should be at 1.They are real alternative band. And Linkin Park at 2 as they have only 50% of songs which are truly alternative rock. Rest are fusion of many rock genres. They are the only band which keep on experimenting with new music. Rock is incomplete without Linkin Park.

First thing is - they are grunge rock band not alternative rock. Most overrated band of all time. Most people haven't listened to their much work but still call them best. Their only good songs are- smells like teen spirit, heart shaped box and Lithium. Really, if you don't believe me then listen to all their work, it's pretty crap. There is no variation in their songs, all songs sound same. They got fame suddenly when Kurt committed suicide, no doubt he was talented but he wasn't a good musician as most of their songs sound same.

If you think Nirvana is overrated, you should really go on a wider variety than songs like "Lithium" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Nirvana deserves this position, more than anyone on this list. For those of you who can't be convinced, I'll point out some ridiculously overrated bands myself: Fallout Boy, My Chemical Romance, Coldplay, and Panic! At the Disco. Nirvana was a very good band, especially for a three-person group. And the fact that they only had a few albums makes their overall impact even more impressive. Nirvana isn't my favorite alternative band, but I can't deny that they are the best.

Nirvana invented Alternative rock and Grunge rock. Way better than Linkin Park. Linkin Park DOES NOT deserve even a top twenty spot. This is a HORRIBLE list. Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine, and Smashing Pumpkins are all, too low. Blink 182 = CRAP. 311 is good, but don't deserve top ten.

Paramore is for softies, sort of like Linkin Park and WHY THE HECK is some dumb Japanese band that no heard of before is ahead of the STONE TEMPLE PILOTS?!? This lists makes me wanna throw up.

Radiohead, Muse and Green Day are all great bands, (not sure the rest deserve their place here, especially Linkin Park) and I think Foo Fighters deserve a place here too. However, none of these deserve the No. 1 spot as this is reserved for NIRVANA. They may not be as musically accomplished as Muse or Radiohead, but they changed the game for rock and alternative (and its image). And they were amazing.

No one represented a generation quite like Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. Besides having one of the greatest drummers of rock and a bass player that could come out with catchy lines like a heart beat, they had real meaning to the songs. That sounds cliche, but its pretty true. It's a real shame what happened to Kurt. Imagine what they could have accomplished if Kurt was still around today...

Hail to the king of Alternative Rock, Kurt Cobain. This band through the album Nevermind, particularly the song Smells Like Teen Spirit, introduced the world to Alternative Rock and defined a culture and generation of which I belong, Generation X.

The lyrics of their songs are unparalleled, especially those in their last album, In Utero. All Apologies is one of my most, if not my most, favorite songs of all time. Its words are full of meaning and emotion that it can be classified as poetry. In fact, my professor in English II in college even made us read and interpret the song along with Elenor Rigby and Puff, the Magic Dragon as part of our discussion of contemporary literature.

Hands down, Nirvana should be the number one Alternative Rock Band of all time.

I'm just putting it out there half of these bands aren't really alternative green day is mostly punk nirvana and foo fighters and pearl jam are grunge which you could make an argument for grunge being alt rock also red hot chili peppers were not really alt rock they were different and experimental but they aren't really alternative

Anyone who says anyone other than Nirvana should be number one is clearly kidding themselves. Nevermind is arguably the best album of the last 25 years and Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come As You Are, All Apologies, In Bloom, Heart-Shaped Box, and About a Girl (among others) are songs of legend. Anyone who disagrees probably doesn't listen to much alternative music. - Duality

Nirvana is the one of the bands that made rock music popular... And linkin park is number 1 on this list... Linkin park is crap... Nirvana did the greatest works for the history of rock music... Linkin park is a band came from nowhere... Nirvana should be the number 1 band... They deserve it... LP played hiphop first... But nirvana is solely rock... Give it up LP.. Nirvana wins!

How is this below Linkin Park? I don't know much of Linkin Park but I doubt they're more influential than Nirvana. You know? Kurt Cobain was described as being his generation's John Lennon and if you've heard about the massive explosion that Nirvana caused with Smells Like Teen Spirit and Nevermind then you'd know that wouldn't happen for any band.

I don't understand why they are only placed second? Linkin Park is a great band, but better than Nirvana? Nothing compares to Nirvana! They are one of the best rock bands in history for god's sake. Oh yeah, by the way, Muse should be higher and Coldplay, they don't even deserve to be on this list.

I agree, nirvana are possibly one of the best bands ever, Kurt cobain was and still is one of the top musicians to ever appear in the music industry! They are the band that inspired many of the amazing rock and alternative rock bands we have today. They defiantly deserve the top spot.

Linkin Park is an incredible band, but Nirvana simply is the Michael Jordan of alternative rock. Their specific style of rock is an impossible sound to match. They would be receiving 30% of the vote right now if Kurt was still alive

Kurt the legendary cobain. He inspired me to play guitar now I can play lead along with my small band we are waiting to get signed pur best venue was in seattle it was around 30-40 people it was awesome speaking of seattle we are here cause' this is where it all started for Nirvana

Linkin Park, are you kidding me? Wow, Nirvana changed the face of music in the 90's. At the time Nevermind came out, pop acts were all over the top 40... Nirvana smashed through all of that and became arguably the biggest band since the Beatles. They are absolutely #1.

Radiohead should be #2...

How the hell is linkin nark above nirvana, Kurt's music had real power and meaning, an unmatched level of poeticism, linkin park is just a whiny white guy who thinks he can rap and in a list of alternative artists I'm pretty sure popularity isn't what makes them "good"

This list is pretty much messed up, if the top ten of all time, nor the top 20 doesn't include bands like The Velvet Underground, R.E.M., Joy Division, The Smiths, or The Clash. I am voting for Nirvana, because I think that along with Radiohead, this band belongs in the top ten.

I have all their albums in physical CDs and in iTunes including the with all the lights box set. They are my favorite band of all time. My favorite songs are Breed, Lithium, Aneurysm, and Polly. If I could only listen to one band the rest of my life it would be Nirvana.

Always a favorite and honestly 2nd place doesn't seem to do nirvana justice I mean there's TALENT in nirvana
Amazing vocals (kirt cobain)
Good beat (dave grohl)
Easy going bass (krist novoselic) now the talent in linkin park let me think...

Nirvana, is my life... They are amazing! I can't live without there music! Its very disappointing that they are in second place but it is what it is! There music is so inspiring and calming and always makes me feel better! But yeah I love them! MUSIC IS MY LIFE!

Are you flupping kidding me? Nirvana helped break down the barriers for every modern Alt. Band of today as well as Post-Grunge bands and the original Grunge movement, most of these bands would have never been noticed if it were not for Nirvana. Not only is Nirvana pretty much the most important band of the past 25 years, but it is also one of the greatest Alt. bands of all time, and one of the best bands in general. Linkin Park? Are you kidding me? Granted, LP is a decent band, but they are nothing compared to Nirvana.

Nirvana has probably the most unique and incredible sound. Their music is at no level mainstream. They deserve the number 1 title. These three fine young men from Seattle have proved to the world that there is hope in good music!

Nirvana is #1. Forever. Don't waste any time arguing anymore. That's the way it is. It's unique band, soon won't have such. Trust me - I'm from Bulgaria - but that's the band that change my life back then in the early 90's!