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Radiohead are an English rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, formed in 1985. The band consists of Thom Yorke (lead vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards), Jonny Greenwood (lead guitar, keyboards, other instruments), Colin Greenwoood (bass guitar), Phil Selway (drums), and Ed O'Brien (guitar).


How is Linkin Park first?

Seriously, Radiohead is an amazing band, one of the very best may I say, Linkin Park are a bunch of screamo kids. Hybrid Theory was pretty good, after that all their music is complete crap. Radiohead is one of those bands that even after decades still produces great music.

Hell, Nirvana is second? MUSE IS ELEVENTH?! Ok, seriously who made this list? How is The-All American Rejects even here?

What makes Radiohead stand out from other bands who are considered 'alternative' for simplicity's sake, is Radiohead's direction with their music. Radiohead have never been satisfied with their direction, from the lyrical appeal of 'The Bends", to 'Kid A's fearless production, and the other-wordliness of 'The King of Limbs". Radiohead has never been afraid of change, which is a flaw that many bands with great potential commit. When Radiohead become unhappy with their direction, they change it, despite angering fans, receiving criticism and risking loss of sales. Every one of Radiohead's albums is an innovation, dangerous new territory for a band of their size, yet Radiohead manage to excel, despite their direction. Radiohead is one of a kind, a huge band that doesn't like to play it safe, truly one of the greats,

Easily the best alternative/indie rock band of all time, along with Nirvana following closely behind. Haven't you heard Paranoid Android, Creep, Fake Plastic Trees, My Iron Lung, There There, No Surprises, Pyramid Song, Reckoner, Idioteque, How To Disappear Completely, and Karma Police? Those are only their best songs, not the great ones that deserve to be heard also?
Probably the most imaginative band ever, behind Pink Floyd and The Beatles.

This is absurd! How is even Coldplay higher than Radiohead in this list. Most Coldplay songs are just The Bends rip off. Radiohead are what you can call real artists. No albums sounds the same with the same formula unlike Coldplay. Each of their album has its own mood and feel. They are innovative and never try to do the same over and over again. OK Computer are considered one of the greatest album of all time by a lot of publications. And they try to follow that up with an album so different and experimental that it challenged critics and alienated a lot of their fans. That's Kid A. And who wouldn't like that logo.

The fact that Coldplay is above Radiohead, hell, the fact that ANYONE is above Radiohead shows how ignorant people are. Green Day is punk rock/ pop punk, not even alternative, yet they are ahead of Radiohead. Nirvana is the most overrated band in history, Coldplay was heavily influenced by Radiohead and does not have a single album that matches up to Radiohead's average work, and Linkin Park is a joke. Horrible list.

The first time I listened to Paranoid Android, I cried. The fact that I had gone 16 years without hearing that song made me genuinely sad. And then I discovered the REST of their music, and I swear I was locked inside my house for an entire day listening to everything they had to offer because their music was so great I couldn't stop. The fact that Radiohead is at 5 is a travesty. I think they should be behind Nirvana only. - Duality

Paranoid Android, Karma Police, Creep, High and Dry, Fake Plastic Trees, Fog (very obscure song but a great one), Pyramid Song, Idioteque, The National Anthem, No Surprises, Nude, Reckoner, There, There, I Might Be Wrong, 2+2=5, The Tourist, Lucky, The Bends, My Iron Lung, Just, Let Down. And many more. All add up to the reason why they deserve AT LEAST 3! Coldplay's albums are all just the bends album ripoffs. In my opinion.

Radiohead trumps almost all alternative rock bands, except maybe Nirvana, who were the pioneers of the popularization of the genre.

And also, excuse me? Coldplay? Number 4? OH you mean the band that has been sued many times for stealing music? Listen to Computer Love by Kraftwerk (it's off their first album) and compare it to Fix You. Listen to If I Could Fly by Satch (Joe Satriani) to Viva La Vida.

I've to correct something. It's not Fix You that was stolen from Kraftwerk, but Talk (of course, that does not change the validity of your argument) - albatrosinus

Far more to offer than Nirvana. They can go so deep with some of their albums and always feel like the correct way is to not go with what the general public wants, and just look at what they have achieved by listening to Creep, and then Paranoid Android, then Idioteque, then Weird Fishes, and then Lotus Flower. Those are all the same band constantly developing. Amazed, no?

I just want to say that this band is one of the reasons I wake up in the morning. When I die, I'd listen to a Radiohead song and I'd die happily. Thom Yorke, you are amazing, Jonny Greenwood, you are a musical genius. For the rest of the band members, you are all beautiful, awesome people. Please continue making beautiful music. I'd always be a fan. No Surprises, best song ever.

Radiohead are simply the best the band of all-time with no contest. They are absolutely different from any other bands and all 8 of their albums are different from each other which shows their unparalleled creativity. Radiohead are 5 geniuses from Oxford and are unbeatable musically.

How the hell are thy no.5. According to the rolling stones magazine, they placed no 73rd for the best artist of all time. Thom Yorke is the 6th most powerful music icon of all time according to vh1. Ed O'Brien and Colin Greenwood, the 2 guitarists are part of 'rolling stones top 100 guitarists' list as well so I don't really see how they are placed no.5. They also won a grammy for the best alternative band

Best band EVER. I have listened to my fair share of music, and this band is amazing, and amazing is an understatement. OK Computer is genius, the bends is some good alternative, Kid A is a masterpiece, and King of limbs is the first of its kind

All8 of their albums, including their most recent The King of Limbs, are excellently constructed with a specific and different theme through each album but somehow having each song on the albums sounding different. Thom's vocals are second to none with techniques that can only be heard on a radiohead track. I'm a little obsessed :D

Seriously? #3? That's no bueno guys! Their willingness to branch out into other genres to enrich their own sound is amazing and unrivaled. This band has consistently pushed the envelope as far as new and interesting ideas for what music can and should be!

Radiohead not being no. 1 is a joke. This whole list swiftly discredited itself. Plus these stupid lists suffer from small sample size bias. And they also have a confirmation bias, because if those people who think Linkin Park are the best are the majority, shouldn't I also think that too? Just pure crap.

I love their way to "build" music and sound too. They use instruments in the right way, they don't let instruments to use them. They're so good in their way, they care about music and lyrics which have deep meanings. Their music has air, sounds of instruments are well-placed, not to have noise but to creat an atmosphere, this is the ultimate goal of music, to get you into. I love them. RADIOHEAD ARE THE BEST

Hail to the Radiohead. There the greatest band of all time. I love there music. It's hard to get into them but after listening to the bends or ok computer on a long car trip you will. Become a Radiohead f Radiohead

Now I'm just laughing. OK, at least Radiohead are recognised in the top 5 despite my belief they should be 1. But now I see that 2 truly iconic alternative bands are so far hidden in this list you wouldn't bother scrolling through the pages that far. Sigur Ros and Modest Mouse have been redefining alternative music over the past couple of decades and yet the majority of people voting on this site are so imbecilic they don't even know who they are. Oh dear...

They're always trying out new sounds! None of their albums sound alike! They are so unique! They are constantly evolving their sound and their sound is just pure goodness that feeds the mind of people with vivid imagination!

Their music never gets old.

As with all truly great bands, Radiohead was influenced by bands before them, but more importantly, they influenced countless bands that came after them. There would be no Coldplay, or so many of the awesome bands we enjoy today without the groundwork laid by Radiohead.

Radiohead is really one of those bands that may not get direct credit, but they will endure as one of the most musically moving and inspirational rock acts of all time. They never fail to break the norm, and bring beauty to the most experimental pieces.

Nirvanas incredible but is grunge. Linkin Park and Coldplay shouldn't be in this list either. Where the beef is R.E.M. ? Michael Stipe is basically the Father of Alternative Music. I believe Radiohead is the most unique band of all time, they definitely have the best live show

I believe that Radiohead has to be to most creative Alternative band of all time and they are my choice for number one! I'd suggest that you start with the album, "The Bends", then "OK Computer".

Always innovating, each album sounds unique and different. They are always pushing music. They are the only band that if you asked "whats your top 3 radiohead songs", it will always be a different list.