Top 10 Best Alternatives To YouTube

YouTube is going downhill with its 10 minute time limit, suspending users for no reason, and you can't get your account back. It wouldn't surprise me if it died. So, on that day, here are the sites you can visit.

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1 Vimeo is an ad-free open video platform that is headquartered in New York City. The company provides creators with tools and technology to host, distribute and monetize videos.

I'm Anti-Google due to their "privacy policy" and all the info they collect from every individual that uses any of their services.
So I choose Vimeo because, although they also collect "certain" information about you (as do most sites) it's not a fraction of what YouTUBE does merely because they form part of Google.

Vimeo has been around just as long as YouTube, except it's much better, and much less popularity. They deserve the amount of users YouTube has.

There's a reason this isn't as popular as YouTube - tequila

Vimeo shows high quality shows that aren't cluttered

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2 Dailymotion Dailymotion Dailymotion is a video-sharing technology platform. It is primarily owned by Vivendi. North American launch partners include BBC News, VICE, Bloomberg, Hearst Digital Media, and more.

I show preview videos for a non-nude/nude website and though they were censored to be only non-nude on youtube, I had three complaints and was removed without any recourse. I've been with dailymotion for awhile now and have not had any issues. My content is tame by comparison. (

Great site. They almost never remove videos

it's ok but it doesn't have all videos I want 2 c

Youtube is the best, but this is the one of the best alternatives. - Gameplayer

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3 ZippCast

The best You Tube alternative on the Internet... A friendly and helpful community... It still has the classic layout designs, which you can customize... They are developing new features like the ipod phone/touch app... You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter... And the Zippcast team are helpful and listen to its users

If you're one of those YouTube oldies who want to ditch the current layout and want to experience a similar look how it was back in '07, ZippCast is that site.

ZippCast almost feels like using the Web Archive to see what YouTube looked like back then, ZippCast literally uses the YouTube layout from 2007.

Except that you can actually do stuff, unlike looking at a Web Archive; which you cannot register, ZippCast you can register and upload and experience the old layout!

I find it personally the best YouTube alternative if I were to use it as a backup for things such as: False copyright strikes from YouTube, escape predictable "negative" communities affiliating to your videos.

You also get those features back then which YouTube took away from you! I personally hated the fact (top 4.) that YouTube removed (4.) rating with stars, (3.) commenting old-fashioned which allowed filtering the spam to prevent ASCII art, (2.) actually using real USERNAMES ...more

There are growing pains, but the layout is totally customizable, the staff are friendly and approachable and respond, trolls are summarily removed and a great community and hot videos.

Perfect alternative! Looks and functions like the old YT. But, they are it running by slow servers which is a big problem, in my opinion.

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4 Google Video

Google Video is just a search engine where you can search for videos, not an alternative to Youtube. - Gameplayer

I'm not a huge fan of Google Video, it's just an unpopular low popularity version of YouTube. Shouldn't be on the list. - ROBLOXMan

Um you do know this is youtube right all videos on google videos are just YouTube videos archived on the google page it directs you to YouTube - Alapisboy


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5 Vevo

Videos on this site are pretty average, not have the range of Youtube

This is a channel, not a alternative to youtube - Gameplayer

I honestly don't understand why everyone hates Vevo. If you don't like it, don't watch videos from there. Nicki Minaj is terrible though. - YourGothicNightmare

I love music my next door neighbours always complain that I have I have my music to loud. like they should live a little and let me enjoy the rest of my fun.

If you want to play loud music, I advise moving into a rural area where you have enough space for the sound to dissipate before it reaches the edge of your property, as to not bother anyone. - 404_name_missing

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6 Metacafe

Oops ment to click on daily motion

It does not have intresting videos I like youtube better. - ZacharyBabkow

This site should not be so high up. Like one user said I ended up making a second account for getting kicked out of my first account. - AliciaMae

I have looked for a good YouTube alternative and this ain't it. When I first joined and then went to log back in, I was told the password was wrong. I never received a reset email, like I was supposed to, despite repeated attempts. I finally started a new account. When I log in and try to upload a video it boots me out and I have to log back in. After establishing two accounts and having no luck posting videos, I I gave up and am looking for a new site to most videos.

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7 Twitch

I'm a twitch streamer

At its inception, Twitch was a novel concept and continued to become increasingly innovative as it evolved. In 2017 it has passed its prime as its chief imperative now is creating as many fees as possible that do not benefit the viewing experience. Add to this the unfortunate advent of "troll streamers." Most evident in English language Arma 3 streams, broadcasters here encourage the chat to donate at the completion of shocking acts. Here you will witness the complete absence of any prowess in video game play superseded by adolescent children rewarding broadcasters for indulging in acts of racism, drug use and assorted vulgarities. Sooner or later Twitch will bear the repercussions of this, perhaps with lawsuits or the unwanted scrutiny of an accusatory news media.


Without twitch I would be twitching for some videos ;D

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Easy to use, lot of features and above all you can make money through your videos, they even take care of distribution... What else do you need

Didn't it shut down.

Home of Nostalgia Critic and many others. -

Blip.T.V. is the best

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9 Xbox Video

But Microsoft got rid of Xbox Video a few days ago...

very fast

Awesome its blocked

Really... 'twas the worst - Greatness_Forever

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10 Revver

You had me by porn

No time limit, porn, and the fact that you can make money off of it makes it better than YouTube! - loganruckmanman

Did someone said porn!?!

Screw this. It's for perverts. - IceFoxPlayz

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The Newcomers

? WWE Network
? Hulu

It good but it could be better with documentarys and more shows my wife likes then I do not a lot guy shows which is kinda sad.

Asks for money before watching videos, and asking for id in paying,so has a tracklist of what you watch, so also goes against principles of Internet, another nazi site.

The Contenders

11 YouChew

Wow all I have to say is wow just wow I cannot believe they made a website named YouTube poops this is funny awesome cool and many other names that the arrive describe the awesomeness of this website

I Have Two Words For You: YouTube Poops. - imacg4

They actually made a series called YouTube Poop. It may be banned from YouTube due to various reasons, including swearing of an unimaginable quality and the name. - PizzaGuy

It doesn't has what I'm looking for. Lame!

YouTube doesn't poop political fact

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It rocks, but I prefer dailymotion - AliciaMae

Awesome to watch cartoons!



13 Netflix Netflix Netflix is an American entertainment company founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California.

It dosnt have azzyland or ninja or anything like that but its great for binge watching - GinnyWeasleyLuna


Not an alternative, but it's great for watching movies and T.V. shows on the go aside from the fact you have to pay for it of course.

I love using Netflix but it isn't technically an alternative. I also think Mattwo should give the contenders a chance

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14 Megavideo

Me too I like megavideo a lot when I'm watching on going series, and it is easy to use

The video player is kickass. Seriously kickass. - PinkflASHES

I use Megavideo all the time to catch up on my T.V. shows and films. And it is so easy and simple to use there is no struggle to find what you want and is quick and useful.

Megavideo has stopped her services since a couple of years.

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15 Funny Or Die


Nothing but hilarious videos. And it has an awesome voting system.

Most of the videos are funny, and the voting system is very effective. You can vote for videos you find FUNNY, and vote for videos you dislike to DIE.

Nothing except lame videos that are played out.

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They sponsor death battle and make good video game videos

All their videos are on YouTube so(it's not an alternative)



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17 Crackle

Is this lit?


I mean come on. an't nobody got time for YouTube

Somehow though 5 BILLION videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Apparently someone has a few minutes to spare for YouTube! - Reney

18 Newgrounds Newgrounds Newgrounds is an American entertainment and social media website and company. Founded on July 6, 1995, by Tom Fulp, the site presently hosts games, movies, audio and artwork in four respective hubs, or Portals.

Animation: Newgrounds
Let's Plays: Twitch
Music: Vevo
Anything Else: sorry bud you're out of luck

There's no app for Android. Therefore, probably not an alternative to YouTube...

In a way, Newgrounds kinda opened up the animation stage for YouTube, giving it lots of promotion.

No it ain't, cause it's THE website for animation and internet gaming.

The origin point of all the internet famous animators.

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Cool and easy to use - newenglander1

Mattwo shut up - Roguy

Now paid and they want a lot more. Use picarto!


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20 Vine

Vines are garbage anyway's - Gehenna

Vine is dead. - AliciaMae

RIP in pepperonis.

Vine is discontinued. So is the app. So yeah. Sorry guys.

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21 TeacherTube

Teachers' version of YouTube.

So much of a rip off of YouTube I will barf LAST PLACE

Man my social studies teacher is awesome check him out on teacher tube mr. M - SOUTHPARKFANHH

22 Veoh

You can download videos here by installing their software - ronluna

This is great for anime. - nycbabe

I voted this because it's bad and wanted to make the person who made it fell good about himself - Art100

A waste of time, they don't accept a link, it's called spam. If you are intro computer and coding, don't use Veoh. I don't even know how is the quality. Their message was very harsh. Forget it.

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It's terrible without Angry Grandpa. - GehennaTheSecond

An awesome site to upload and watch pranks.

Hilarious channel to view good pranks. - Jihadi_John_Isis



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it good

Watch the best cartoons for free, what's better?

It only has animated content, plus you can not upload your own videos. - Mahaer_Mahmud

A very good fun site, all the latest cartoons to be seen - Dalice

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25 TubeRepeat

Mattwo's. Brain. Is. Damaged.

Suck it replay button!

Come on, it's YouTube videos on repeat - N64Dude


26 Bing Videos

Yes, I love Google... and Microsoft. Also many other computer companies. Bing for searching, no. Bing for videos, yes. I use YouTube, too, but have better experience with the easy to use Bing Videos. It's simple, so this is a +1 for Microsoft.

Who can compete with Google and YouTube... few... but Microsoft has a chance and if I am going to abandon the leader, I'm going with Microsoft.

Who cares about Google? Microsoft is for professionals.

It seems good I was looking for alternative to youTube I guess I found the one.

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27 Cinemassacre Cinemassacre


don't work

28 KissAnime

Best anime watching videos website

KissAnime has not only anime, but with it is KissCartoon (for series like Futurama, South Park, Family Guy, King of the Hill, Regular Show, etc), an Asian drama site, MANGA, and even movies like My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and Pixar movies (on the KissCartoon part of it). It's a complete site and the best one, in my opinion, for Asian shows and entertainment as well as for your late Friday night South Park or Family Guy.

Awesome site, with a great library of sub and dubbed!

Amazing but requires better colour combinations.

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29 VidFlick

DEAD! - Mattwo


Good interface, doesn't track you, simply better.

Sometimes very slow, sometimes very fast.

Garbage for westerners. - Mattwo


31 Internet Archive


Well, the main purpose of this site is to archive content, but it is a fine platform for videos. - Mahaer_Mahmud

You can find all kinds of things here! - HCShannon

Not only does it have YouTube videos, it has removed YouTube videos, movies, music, and even books. YouTube only has videos, has the internet.

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32 YouTube YouTube YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.

Ghghgjhg was a really bad experience I had a good day at the end and the end was so good they did get anything wrong so I was going on to a good one after the end and they did get anything wrong so I was going on to get my truck fixed because I had a good job with my truck fixed it would not get the best shape in my car I would recommend it for Grand Theft Auto they are the one thing they have and I do it in a good car they are so the first time to shoot it out to me they have the car they have

If I don't watch my video's on YouTube, I'll be sure to watch them on my alternative YouTube

Definitely a alternative to YouTube - User1234

The best alternative to YouTube is Youtube, it's pretty obvious

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33 turbotubevideos

A lot of people do not like this site because they do not take any crap here or vulgar behavior but this site is most promising and the internet rats do not stand a chance here as well as scammers or spammers and they have a no tolerance policy for such behavior and they stick to it. 5 stars on this upcoming site and the speed and up loader is amazing. Live tech help when you need and support site the works.

Probably the best youtube alternative yet. They have a professional team, stable uploader, good community, and fully customizable channel. It has everything I need and want in a youtube alternative. This website will rise above the others and succeed.

This site is really bad and full with ads + nothing is actually working there!

I see great things in the future with TTV! If you haven't checked it out yet, give it a try! TurboTubeVideos ROCKS!

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34 YouNow

Great for live broadcasts


35 Wenoo

Reminds me of YouTube in it's prime when users were actually able to upload content without having to deal with copyright infringement or getting suspended. This also brings back pleasant memories of having the option to customize your own channel without it looking identical to everyone else channel. Definitely a terrific site with great potential.

Wenoo is definitely the best YouTube alternative ever made! It has all the features, at least almost, the YouTube old YouTube had. But guess what? Wenoo is nothing like how it was months ago, it has gone through tons of improvements! You could add a banner, without having to be partnered. You could also add widgets, animated icons, as well as animated backgrounds. It has the option between the 2007-2009 layout, and the 2010- 2011, making it far more optional, so nobody would be stuck with what they might want to change. Most videos buffer at a decent speed, much better than the so called best YouTube alternative; ZippCast. Wenoo has been around far longer than ZippCast, but now it has really gotten started. ZippCast is truly the worst, and will never make it. Wenoo will eventually have what ZippCast was special, whatever that was laugh out loud. Anyways, Wenoo is the one and only with a great admin who knows how to fix any issues with the site.

Great site it is the old YouTube it has recently had a new admin working on the site. There have been some new features added to the site the old YouTube 2.0 channel Design and you have a choice of the 1.0 and 2.0 Channel design, It has the old RED 5 Stars rating instead of like or dislike bar

Best video site I've ever used! It's got a friendly staff which is always willing to improve the website without long delays. Unlike ZippCast, Wenoo will listen to anything you have to say. They also don't ban people unless you truly did something wrong, such as uploading porn and bullying someone repeatedly. I would never use any other video sharing website but wenoo.

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36 Power VideoTube

Is this a troll? - Mattwo

37 is a Canadian-based privately held video content producer, publisher, and syndicator. With nearly 10 billion all-time video views and 16 million subscribers, WatchMojo has one of the largest channels on YouTube.

You mean the youtuber? - AliciaMae

I'm laughing so hard right now.

Which is available on youtube

Amazing and helpful how to's!

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Tell me, how is Vevo #6 on this list, BUT THIS IS ALL THE WAY DOWN TO #50? What is up with this? This is a nice community. Sadly, it's SO LOW on this list, but it should top this. I may use YouTube more often, but I would like to try to break my YouTube-uploading habit and create more on Vidme. It's just so much better. Props to whoever made this site for doing so. - BoomDaCorgi1337

Website is dead. But it died with everyone around the globe loving it.

I've been using this site for a couple months and am considering it an alternative to YouTube. They are pretty responsive when you have a question.

This website will be dead soon.

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39 LiveLeak

It is not for the feint of heart but has some epic videos featured there. I frequent it more then YouTube

I hate political correctness, I think the most important thing is freedom because I lived in Iran and fought for freedom throughout my life, LiveLeak is the closest you could get.

A place where you can see the true nature of the world we live in.

Real alternative to the overly politically correct YouTube.

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40 PewTube

This site looks to be gone now. - WindWakerFan

Great site and service. Censorship free and safe to express.

Free Speech for the win!

Great video site! Alternative to YouTube! Simple, clean interface, and easy to use.

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41 Facebook

If you like being tracked

Wow this isn't even a video website what is wrong with you? - jackintheboxisgross

You can share videos on Facebook sure but is it really an alternative to YouTube?

Nope, not really. - Mattwo

Face book is just like youtube a big joke. the like to be your friend. but the never answer you picture not comment not anything if you loading a video from dvd it wil remover. friends no way just I big joke al the people dear are just for tem zelf - wolf101a

42 Upload Society

I find that Uploadsociety is and should be the number. Site as it does look like the old YouTube.. But I was checked out Zippcast last night and found that they are having problems loading videos they are not making there own videos there and so the the members that are identical to Uploadsociety and voting many times once for uploadsociety are voting even now for YouTube as well for Zippcast but for one reason only they are using the embedded button in Uploadsociety and embed a video and bring it to Zippcast making it a duplicate of Uploadsociety There are a lot of hackers on Zippcast and cloners, as well as many Trolls, haters and the such but you do get that everywhere in any site. David the CEO is catching them by the dozens and they are all running to Zippcast how do I know this they have hacked me opening and I had to have someone set something up on my computer to catch them and now there computers are either shut down or all muffled up because they were hacking me I can tell ...more

I was a member on You Tube for years. I had over 2500 subscribers and was asked 3 times by You Tube to become a partner. Just as I was about to except they changed everything. Now they have made it impossible to have a social channel there unless you are big business. Basically now it is overwhelmed by ads. I found Upload Society just 6 months after they started and have been there ever since. I now have my videos watched a thousand times more then You Tube. For example. My latest film was posted 3 days before it was posted on Upload Society. With in 24 hours of being posted at Upload it was watched over 1000 times, and You Tube 21. Upload also makes it a place to interact with friends I have made all over the world where as You Tube now makes that almost impossible. Go to some You Tube channels. Most have been abandoned and there owners not been there in months some years. Upload is everything I want in a truly "Social Network"
Come join us, I promise you wont be sorry! Signed: ...more

I believe that upload society is well above the number thirteen rank to an alternative to YouTube. Anyone who use to like the old YouTube will not only find this site similar to it but several steps above. In my experience here as a member has been one of a friendly atmosphere opposed to many of the other
Sites where making a complete ass out of yourself is mandatory. People that like a true experience of
Supreme quality in every aspect of the word is encouraged to come see and judge for themselves.

Upload Society is what people want in a social media site. People love the freedom, friendships, being able to use wallpaper, add music, pictures, HD fabulous video quality.. It is true to its users what they want in a social media site. They have stayed true to the old YouTube ways when people were happy.. Drop by fast, and easy to sign up to.. I am a very happy loyal fan of the site.

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43 BitVid

It's my replacement for youtube. I hope they keep growing.

BitVid is still a work in progress, but once it becomes a thing, it will make YouTube the new MySpace of video sharing.

It's going to be the next YouTube.

This site is just getting started, but their approach looks very good. Could be destined for greatness.

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44 Bitchute

Currently the alternative with the best potential

Best alternative by now, but it has to improve

Don't have much experience with other Youtube alternatives but I've uploaded a few videos without any problems. My only criticism would be that the search system doesn't seem as good as Youtubes. Also there seems to be a lack of non-political content but hopefully that will change if it gets more popular

Is a nice alternative, quite ugly UI, but good enough

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Good so far. I like what I see

Vidlii is still up in 2019 with flash player videos wich are very light and a nice old design

Great, although the interface is VERY outdated

VidLii is great! it Is like the old youtube!

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46 SoundCloud


N-O-O-O-O-O! -! -! (COUGH) Thank you. No thank you

47 Megashare

Great to watch movies

48 Sytecee

Populate your site with material quick as, get it to function like YouTube, you're the closest at the moment, and if you've got any suggestions on how to assist you in that endeavour because we really need an equivalent replacement fast and we'll stick.

Good alternative people.
At least you can copy videos from YouTube.

Closest to YouTube by far, WOW, really like this one

No population, but give it a try

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Now upload your Videos Earn Money On clipsnow First Asian Video Monetization Portal Now Online. - gopal644

thank you

50 LiveVideo

Blank page. - Mattwo

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