I second that 1st statement. YouTube sucks anymore. I mean this is weird because back in the days when Google was worth a crap, their Google Videos was an excellent site, you could upload a 4-hour video and talk freely to like minded people BUT when they took over YouTube not only they dismantled their own good video site they also messed up YouTube and lower its original quality. Although I never like YouTube's 10 minute limit. that was a very stupid thing and still is. I often can NOT find a particular part to a segmented video!
And twice YouTube has deleted my account for no reason and I am sick and tired of them! I know the reason but they are not willing to admit that I spoke of truth and never used bad language but I guess I stepped on the weasels toes and so lost all my friends and videos and accounts. Idiots! (they said I used copy-righted material! Well I had those videos and my account for over 14 years and there were videos which they said was copyrighted and refused to ...more

Dailymotion is the best! I think it's better than YouTube, but I still have to use YouTube for the Minecraft channels. I don't recognize most of the websites here! I don't understand how hulu is in the top ten, let alone how it's so far above netflix. I would vote for netflix or hulu, but they don't count as an alternative to me. They're for shows and movies. YouTube and dailymotion are for all kinds of videos!

YouTube disabled my account for copyright infringement, I've been using YT since march in 2008, and they just banned me, without any warning.. I had a lot of history there, videos, 3.5 million views, 2.5k subscribers, everything now is lost, I lost all my favorites, subscriptions, playlists, etc.. now I'm using dailymotion.

I'm not sure if you will read this reply ever and reply back to me, but anyway let me ask. Are you happy with Dailymotion now? I want to move there too because I had deleted videos on YouTube, but I'm afraid Dailymotion will delete my videos too. Thanks.

Haven't been able to get one video to upload or encode. Uploads sometimes won't and when they do won't encode. Not one problem with Youtube like that. Shot and clipped with Hero3 cam/software. Help hard to find. Full page in your face adds. Giving up and looking elsewhere.

The users aren't as overly zealous on censoring, could be faster though as someone else mentioned. However, I don't see YouTube going away soon (too heavily backed by Google).

Fast, efficient, and they don't remove videos on grounds of stupid guidelines.
Trouble is, they don't have as many videos as youtube, but there's nothing we can do about that.

It has most music videos that you can't youtube, if you live in a certain country. Germans and some other probably know what I mean. It doesn't take forever to load and there are plenty of videos.

Last time I tried this one it said I could sign up free but then it asked for my credit number and serial number and personal information that giving up could cost all the money I have or worse - middleman132

Not quite as popular but at least it hasn't become a corporate mess. Not to mention the less strict rules on nudity, which make little sense this day in age. Nudity wont hurt a fly.

The best part? You can watch episodes of cartoons such as The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy without having to worry about copyright issues! Unlike YouTube... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Has shows that are usually blocked on YouTube. Win for those shows I watch that are from another country.

It's not as good as YouTube but has is still pretty good. It has too many adverts and a poor search navigation for my liking though. - Toms_system

Wonderful site. No one bothers you there. No offense to YouTubers, I was talking about the trollers.

Yes, agree He is trying so hard against all odds specially Republicans!

French portal, just the best, no censorship like Youtube, more compatibility with your videos, just need more users to leave boring adds... Enjoy!

What do you mean YouTube has a 10 minute limit!?

Much faster streaming and less troublesome compared to youtube

Good job, needs more exposure. In the US.

This is so much better than that YouTube crap! I would choose this over YouTube any day!

Good website. I use it to watch some television shows because they barely ever remove videos. Pretty sweet. - wubbalubbadubdub

This website is great. They have better quality videos (most of the time) and more options to choose from. - NerdyPweeps

YouTube videos + Dailymotion interface = awesomeness

Epic alternative to Youtube. You can watch all the videos that get taken down on youtube. Videos almost never get taken down.

Although I really like youtube, when I want to watch a show that I don't have, I can watch it on here.

All of the problems that Youtube has, they almost never suffer from. Though it is a little inconsistent in its uploads.