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41 Gullutube

Has a lot of videos from YouTube and porn

Stop suggesting middle eastern sites to westerners already! - Mattwo

42 Vuclip

Another good alternative to YouTube! - Sudip_Kr

Where I download my videos - bobbythebrony

43 World Star Hip Hop

I thought this would be number one...

Is this a troll? - Mattwo


44 LiveLeak

It is not for the feint of heart but has some epic videos featured there. I frequent it more then YouTube

A place where you can see the true nature of the world we live in.

Real alternative to the overly politically correct YouTube.

Does mattow work for you tube?

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The fact that this is so far down the list cracks me up

Is this a troll? - Mattwo


Now upload your Videos Earn Money On clipsnow First Asian Video Monetization Portal Now Online. - gopal644

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47 TheTopTens TheTopTens

My favorite website! Lists, votes, comments, I just love it! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Only because I use TopTens more than YouTube - Emberflight_of_StormClan

48 Funny Or Die

Nothing but hilarious videos. And it has an awesome voting system.

Most of the videos are funny, and the voting system is very effective. You can vote for videos you find FUNNY, and vote for videos you dislike to DIE.

Nothing except lame videos that are played out.


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49 Tudou
50 LiveVideo

Blank page. - Mattwo

51 SoundCloud
52 Trilulilu

Is this even a video sharing site? - Mattwo

53 GodTube

It's great to have a place for Christ-centered, family oriented videos and fellowship. The rest of the world is overrun with pornography, violence and vulgar language and I'm tired of having it shoved down my throat.

Checking it out now it looks interesting - crystalbratcher1

Why won't my school let me go here? - shawnmccaul22

Not sure if troll. - Mattwo

54 MPlayerX V 1 Comment
56 VideoRulz

This doesn't look like a video sharing site. - Mattwo

57 Rutube

Gives you whichever information that usa tries to hide.

Garbage for western viewers. - Mattwo

Russian video site- for everyone who has had enough of Jewtube

58 Perform-ers

Weekly Video Contest, very cool

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59 Anyvideos
60 Youku

The chinese website with a lot of videos of anything. Some in chinese but others in another languages.

It's Japanese but still a major video site.

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