I was trying to find a place to upload my gaming videos but nothing will process, it always says error in video after upload, waste of time

Twitch are branching out, so not just video games anymore. I like the Creative channel.

Twitch is awesome because you can do awesome things with it, like they did with twitch plays Pokemon - Keb

This is a live streaming site. I love twitch but it's something completely different than YouTube.

Twitch is great for watching live videos, but I hate that you can't rewind...

Great for live events. YouTube tries to bring live events to the site... And has been sucking at those attempts.

Twitch is way friendlier than YouTube and they're great people to work with.

A total lack of caring for the viewers add-wise.

Why is this so low? There's always something to watch on Twitch! It's just like YouTube, but live! - JordanZahHutt

A great live stream website. I can even download it on my kindle!

Great alternative if you like gaming

How is this an alternative to YOUTUBE?! - Mattwo

Its lit it has streams of everything not just video games

Twitch is an awesome and amazing video game website

Twitch is great if you're into gaming and tons of famous YouTube gamers use it to live stream. Only connisnlots of people doing live streams are getting "swatted" (kicked off the air) for small reasons

I believe this is the best alternate to YouTube. Because you could interact with gamers and stuff, not to mention Markiplier and CaptainSparklez use it, so this should surpass everything else even dailymotion

Twitch, Vevo, etc. Are rated low because they only cater to one area of interest (gaming, music). Vimeo and others are broader and have something for everyone to enjoy.

Like YouTube live, but much easier!

YouTube but live so I hope this is 1st on list

Yeah but uploading is really, REALLY hard though. - Cobra-Kraken

With the recently-added video upload function, this could very well be one of the better alternatives to YT. - letcreate123

This should have the #1 spot!... Racist!

Hmmm. Twitch is good, but it is just for gaming, therefore not really comparable to YouTube. Oh well. - Dude5000

I really like this one, and there's really nice live streams and its really funny when there looking at comentns on what to do, like like streems on minecraft

It is a very nice website that lets you watch live stream videos, including professionals AAND Amatures! Great place to start and pays you for displaying ads in your live streams!