In short, the technical video viewing quality of Vimeo is better especially if you don't have a good connection. Vimeo also allows downloading of videos while YouTube doesn't even give it as an option (for those uploading their videos). In 2015 this is essentially the same as taking people's content hostage and is nothing short of the evil that Google is supposedly not supposed to be. If people where smart and thinking about the future of the Internet they would simply boycott YouTube and opt for services like Vimeo.

The site's upload limitations are garbage, they force you to pay money monthly to remove them and their copyright system is almost as bad as YouTube. You know the purge of content with the word "pixels" or Sega's Shining Force purge? That happened to Vimeo as well. - Mattwo

Vimeo is great for videographers, enthusiasts and anyone who wants a great place to share their work. The basic account is free but a Pro account is a lot better because it offers more space and features. Also there is no time limit for your uploads.

Vimeo, definitely. One of my friends uses Vimeo, and he found it more convenient than YouTube and deleted his account. It's really high quality. It's amazing what it can do compared to YouTube by itself. YouTube would be terrible with Google, and in some ways Google has made it worse. You can't get anywhere posting videos without Copyrights and co. and then when your Videos blocked in different countries. There is a lot less of this on Vimeo.

Very happy with Vimeo. Echoing other comments, I too am unhappy with Google and what has happened to YouTube. Having videos interrupted three or more times for ads of no interest whatsoever is beyond annoying, it's unendurable. So glad Vimeo is here to fill the need.

Vimeo have the best animations and interesting artistic content. Full of quality and integrity. Sadly, doesn't have the same berth of content as YouTube but I respect Vimeo, whereas I don't respect YouTube or Google.

Vimeo changed the way they report stats, I can no longer use it unfortunately. I need immediate feedback for individual videos, not two day old info. Looking for alternatives if anyone has a suggestion.

Unlike YouTube, this site actually can buffer videos decently... It's a shame that it will never be able to overtake YouTube due to YouTube's massive popularity

This site is 1000 times better than youtube ever was. The shows are more clear and it is a users dream. I love it. I recently left a very successful youtube channel only to start up on Vimeo and while I don't have as many subscribers as I did on Youtube I am happy that I made the change.

Is this up here because of the add right next to it? 0.0

Vimeo is great, but it's not an alternative to YouTube. YouTube allows people to upload videos for free, and lets them earn money from ads. Vimeo is a service you PAY to host your videos on because it looks much nicer.

I joined to upload one video... Only 500mb. Well it turns out there is a monthly limit of 500mb for free users! How archaic! I was a member about a minute, and they already were trying to get money out of me. So in about 5 minutes I signed up, then canceled.

No wonder Vimeo never made it. I actually wondered, because someone here was saying that they were around as long as YouTube... There's your answer: Nickel and dime you, and we run.

I love it because it's fast and easy. There isn't as many comments as on you tube but still! - alexi

No censorship and copyright issues!

Has everything AS THE YouTube... With less advertisement and better buffering even at slow internet speeds.

Greatest alternative for YouTube: clean layout, higher quality videos than YouTube, and definitely a better place if you are more focused in content quality than quantity.

High quality vide is the best think for vote vimeo. Com, I love this website better than YouTube - alemo-kidrebelrock-people

A good video site that isn't blocked at school. - koRn177

It's really easy and fun to use and has no ad's while YouTube only has more ad's by the day.

Videos posted here are usually higher quality. I miss the average joes of YouTube and the awesome YouTube community but it's not worth all the tech problems so this is my choice!

Signing up to join, the site blocked me - no reason given, what a load of crap.

My school uses Vimeo instead of YouTube and it is a much better browsing experience.

The Underground WAY how to present yourself -

No mainstream, just fast stream & high stream

Vimeo is better than YouTube in almost ever single way. Except that you have to use Google+ to comment on Vimeo.

This is probably the best aside from actual YouTube.

Vimeo is 1000 times better than youtube. Let's hope Vimeo stays friendly and not turn into an evil Gorilla.