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1 Alvin

Honestly, Alvin may be a troublemaker but he is shown to have a very interesting personality, he is wild and fun loving while he can also be kind and caring and just classifying him as a egotist and a troublemaker is labeling, because he has been very kind too for example he is usually seen to care about about his friends and sometimes be protective, in one

Yes he is a troublemaker and sometimes a jerk but having flaws is what makes a good character, we can all relate to Alvin because we've all made mistakes and know what it's like, we're not perfect so don't expect characters to be. Besides these characters aren't even teens yet how are you mature do you expect them to be. Alvin may sometimes be annoying but without him there would be no band for, sometimes he means well but he just isn't that good at it, for example in one episode (of the 80s series) the chiplets didn't have many fans so he suggested they climb up the mountain to play there and get media attention he was ...more

For anyone's information, complex characters don't interest me and perfect characters do. Therefore, I'll always hate Alvin because I've dealt with jerks like him many times before. So don't expect me to like him. Flaws only serve to anger me. Therefore, I like folks who NEVER EVER cause trouble.

I don't believe that Alvin's the best because of how much of troublemaker he is. Hell, he reminds me of Eddy in Ed, Edd n Eddy. And so, I wish that he got arrested for being such a jerk. Besides, Simon's much more mature than him.

I never relate to Alvin and never will due to his behavior that I reminds me of these other guys:

1. Huck Finn

2. Arthur "Fonz/Fonzie" Fonzarelli of Happy Days

3. John Bender of The Breakfast Club

4. Theodore (Greek for "God-given") Jasper "TJ" Detweiler of Disney's Recess

5. Jonesy Garcia of 6teen

6. Duncan of the Total Drama franchise

7. SpongeBob SquarePants

8. Reef of Stoked

9. Shawn Hunter of Boy and Girl Meets World

10. Lance of Sym-Bionic Titan (Greek for Straining One")

However, I like the FonZ better than Alvin and those other guys because he matured mentally by outgrowing his rebelliousness, which is something that Alvin/Al has never done to his. And so, I can relate to Simon because he's like me. After all, nerds and geeks are my kinds of folks instead of jocks, gangsters, and other bullies because those jerks antagonized me like hell.

Without Simon-like people, this world would still be ...more

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2 Simon

The smartest and most witty character he is the most responsible and is a very likeable character with his glasses and love for science has me studying to get a good job when I am older so thanks Simon

Now this is my favorite of all the Seville brothers because he's like me and Edd/Double D of Ed, Edd n Eddy.

Simon is just ADORABLE

Simon is smart and responsible. He keeps the boys in check

3 Theodore

By far the cutest of them all! The glasses and of course the incredible voice! It should be called Theodore and the chipmunks not Alvin! Without Theodore, there would be no soul in the band... No spirit!

I'm not fond of Theodore (or "Ted" as I prefer to call him) because of how immature, naive, and obsessed with food he is. If I'm him, I'd grow up right away.

Theodore is the cutest chipmunk for sure. He's sweet, adorable, and his relationship with Eleanor is perfect!


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4 Jennet

Jeanette is the prettiest of the chipettes. She's adorable, smart, and sweet, the perfect package. She is definitely my favorite out of the six, and her outfits are the cutest. I hope she has a bigger role and chance to shine in the new Road chip movie, because Jeanette has been the most underrated of them in the CGI movies. I'd like to see more of her. The clumsy, awkward, smart, sweet, beautiful Jeanette that the character is in the 80's cartoons. I also want to see something happen in Jeanette and Simon's relationship in the movie, they are my favorite couple, and I want to see more romance between the two. I love Jeanette, she is beautiful, and I am her number one fan. Thank you so much Janice Karman for creating her!

I'm well aware that Jeannette's the female counterpart of Simon. But I don't like how she resembles Theodore in terms of personality. If I'm her, I'd make my personality much more like Simon's.

Seriously, where is the love for Jeanette? She's almost cuter than Eleanor, Brittany and Theodore combined! Gotta love the glasses.

I <3 Jeanette a lot she's so nice and so caring out of all the six. She was especially nice in Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. as she was the one to tell them that the first day on the island they had become animals and even though she tripped Theodore on purpose for the mango she still said sorry for doing that. I felt sad for her when she was forced into the cave that contains the treasure by Zoe so Jeanette could get it.

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5 Brittany

Britney may not be my favorite character in Alvin and the Chipmunks. But at least, I like her better than her male counterpart due to her being a little smarter and more mature than that supposed boyfriend of hers.

Brittany is my favorite chipette! She's pretty, cute, and stylish all in one package. Her love/hate relationship with Alvin is perfect, and her hair is always gorgeous. I love her style and her obsession for the color pink! She's really a great character.

What do you mean by britney at the bottom she is so awesome I mean she's the thing that got alving going I mean come on people have a little common sense britney is the best chipette I mean did'nt you hear her sing put your records on this is so bad brit is supposed to be at the top and not alvin

I love brittany!

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6 Eleanor

I admire Eleanor - or "Ellie" as I'd rather call her - due to the fact that she's the most mentally mature of the Miller sisters. In fact, her mental maturity makes her similar to Simon in that way. But I don't like the fact that her aggression's like Alvin's.

Eleanor is a great character. She's smart, and is perfect for Theodore!

Eleanor is so cute I could take her home and keep her.

Eleanor is the cutest chipette

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