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1 Darwin Watterson Darwin Watterson is the middle child of the Wattersons in The Amazing World Of Gumball which was made in 2008. He's the brother of Gumball and Anais.

Darwin is my favorite character in TAWOG and I love him because he is really sweet and cares a lot for his family and would do anything for them. I also love him because he sings my favorite song in the show "Without you".

I like him but has a huge butt and he's gay and he also gets offeneded to much. Mr. Robinson said he speaks english well he darwin said, that's offensive do you know what my native language is

Darwin is the most sweetest character in the whole franchize. Who would disagree on it. He such a unique and lovable...Fish? Just agree with me on this. We. Do. Not. Ship. GUMBALL AND DARWIN. Overall, darwin is such a kawaii and cute character in The amazing world of gumball.

I like Darwin so much. He's probably the best character and he is just such an unique character in some episodes he just really stands out a lot. that's why he Is my favorite character.

2 Gumball Watterson Gumball Watterson is a twelve-year-old blue cat who is prone to causing mischief across the town due to not staying inside of the box. He is fairly egotistical and a veteran snarker; despite this, Gumball has a big heart and is surprisingly selfless. Although Gumball can be intelligent at times, he more.

I don't mean to be like literally any other comment on this one, but Gumball is just so...relatable. He has many flaws, unlike some main characters in other animated shows, and he has some of the best one-liners and roasts I've ever heard, lol. His relationship with Penny was beautiful and was built up to the amazing episode The Shell. I just love his character so much.

Don't get mad at me because I like Carrie better than the star of the show, Gumball. But I really do like him. (Even though he has many flaws)

Gumball is one of my favourite characters because, unlike most cartoon protagonists, he's not a "Mary Sue" because he does have some flaws in his personality that in my opinion make him unique! He is friendly and loving but he can be self-centered at times. He is also pretty scared easily but he's also very strong >:3 Not as good as Darwin, and his old voice was better but he deserves to be up there!

Gumball is the best cartoon character ever he should have his own T.V. specials and movies also videogames and products and candy and I know that he loves Christmas I also know that he has a birthday and his favorite video game is the tale of zelmore his movies are galactic wars and captain punch winter fist his favorite toy is krupoch the barbarian and his favorite comic book is captain punch and I've been watching an episode that he was saying that he knows about Mario I believe that there should be other episodes like that he say somethings about donkey kong the legend of Zelda pacman mega man double dragon and star fox it would be perfect

3 Nicole Watterson

Such a melting pot of personality and great representation of the overprotective mom. Although irrationally strict she's rightious and kind in the end.

At first I liked her but she wasn't my favorite character. However after watching Nicole centered episodes like "the choices' and "the parents" I realized that she is the most relatable character in tawog.

She's virually a ninja and an unstoppable cat of force. She's basically the strongest person in the show if you make her mad. She took down a T-Rex! Don't mess with her.

Pretty much the most powerful character on the show, William is the second most powerful. But either way, don't MESS WITH HER.

4 Anais Watterson

She may bug me sometimes, but she's a great character and I felt so bad for her in the episode when she turned into a parasite. (I forgot the name)

This smart girl is most likely the smartest person on the show. She has brains and seems to be entwined with Gumball and Darwin's life and fate with the possibility of being in danger with endless ghost hunts, map hunts, and any other weird thing that pops up.

Anais is funny, smart, and when she's mad it makes her even more relatable. The way Gumball and Darwin treat her, she reminds me of Squidward sometimes. That's also why I love her.

Although fifth place is high, Anais should really be higher on this list. She is sensible and hilarious and almost as tough as her mom! Anais is my fourth favorite behind Darwin Nicole Gumball and Richard.

5 Richard Watterson Richard Watterson is the father of Gumball, Darwin, and Anais in the animated series The Amazing World of Gumball.

He's a dumb, but very lucky, rabbit. He is married to Mom. He has kids that can back him up at times. He also has a lot of retarded stuff that he shares with two of his kids. Maybe that's why Gumball and Darwin are most likely stupid.

Richard Watterson is my second favorite after Darwin, because he is the most hilarious character on the show.

I can't help but to love this silly chubby rabbit. And when he sings, my heart melts.

He is for sure really funny character and has the funniest role ever!

6 Penny Fitzgerald

I thought that she was a Mary-Sue until the episode where her and her family have an argument over her shell and I realized that that's one of her flaws; her family. Her shapeshifting is pretty cool, too.

(Read in deep scary voice) This shape shifter is the BEST GIRL ON TV to moi. She's funny, good looking, serious, she's funny for one reason. She thought she was a monster once when she was better looking than when she had that shell on. Plus I have taken 10 personality quizzes and in all of them I got Penny. Read the next part like Oonski sings lullabys. PUT HER IN 1ST OR I SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT DARWIN. #Wattersons vs Fitzgeralds.

I love penny as a character. Her unshelled fairy shapeshifter form is awesome and beautiful. She is dating gumball. She is smart and kind. What is there NOT to love about her?

Not penny in her shell penny with no shell on she can be a wolf a bunny or my favorite her dragon transformation om my god is amazing and her real self is a fairy the shell one of the best episodes ever!

7 Carrie

Carrie became my third favorite in "The Matchmaker" when she putted Darwin's feelings for Terri first, I'm so glad she's with Darwin.

Considered emo by Darwin but she expresses many emotions that say otherwise. She is caring towards others as shown in the mirror as she defended Gumball and Darwin even though they weren't close friends and when she attempted to hug her dad. In my opinion Darwin + Carrie is better since they both stick out as social outcasts with Darwin being a pet that grew legs and even admitting to Gumball that he doesn't understand things like emojis and Carrie having her mother trapped in a mirror unable to truly contact her, her grandmother just a hand, and her father being cursed with loneliness most of his life, they both sort of work better than gumball's super social behavior, which would ultimately pull them apart as characters.

Carrie is a great character! She is pretty and I prefer Carrie and Gumball too. She has a great personality. I prefer above Penny and Richard and so as Joe. Because she Is cute and ghostly. She gives them facts and has the demon powers. Ooh I would love if TAWOG is an anime

She's so cute! I'm making a sticker of her and putting it in a scrapbook.

8 Banana Joe

my favorite episode he had a major role was in the photo as the main antagonist where he seeks revenge on gumball for ruining his school photo at the end got defeated when gumball accidently squishes him with a door

This mental fruit has made himself the craziest person on the show. He has proven that he should be on my list.

I just feel really bad for him in the episode "The Banana"

He gets the funniest jokes with the funniest faces. Especially when he sees Gumball molt out of a his skin, or when he gets... stuck... in his banana suit and makes that amazing face.

9 Mr. Small

He's just a big adorable dork! And he's got a beautiful singing voice. I always end up laughing in any episode that has him. I wish he was my guidance counselor because I love him so much.

He doesn't deserve 19th... What, he deserves something like FIRST PLACE! I mean he's the best character from Elmore High (in my opinion of course) Haters gonna hate. Lovers gonna love. And I'm gonna go watch "The Sock". Mr. Small is weird, hilarious and a tiny bit psycho, but that's just exactly why his fans like him. And remember, when the monkey looks at the mountain, he's looking for bananas.

I'm never forgetting that one time he did karate <3 UNRECOGNISED. COME ON PEOPLE. Them haters wouldn't know awesome if it walked right up and roundhouse kicked them in the face. On the other hand, kudos to other Mr. Small fans. Mr. Small forever! Stay awesome and awkward!

Weird but kind of stupid he made it because he's so good at being calm and solves a lot of solutions

10 Tina

Tina was a complete bully in season 1 but only because people expected her to because she is a T-Rex and some of it wasn't bullying it was her T-Rex instinct telling her to play like that in season 2 she was a bully but less a d only bullying people non physically or when they did something to her. Season 3 and onwards she isn't a bully at all, but will still slap people if they hurt her, and will fight back against people, but that might just be because of Gumball's plot to get Molly to have a better story. She will fend off others to get to something, too, like a birthday gift to Masami.

This dinosaur has gotten on the list with her bully ways and her... Well she's on the list.

An amazing character to teach kids about bullying.

She's really scary

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11 Alan

He is eloquent and empathetic and absolutely the best looking. And look what he achieves without hands.

At first he comes off as a goody-two-shoes (even if he doesn't have feet) but his character develops much more.

He is my favorite character. He is funny and friendly. I like him to help friends.

Alan is so cute and likes everybody and will do anything to help his friends.

12 Tobias

This colorful person has made 7th place in my list of best Amazing World of Gumball characters. This guy has practically been on the show forever.

What a loser, though. I love him so much because of some of the jokes that are made about his stupidity and such.

He is so jocky and dumb I hate him in a good way. I love to think about him and he is the best for fanfics.

Love you man stay strong

13 Rob

Honestly, I feel sorry for him. He started out as a boring background character. He was erased from existence, and lost whatever relationships he might have had.
When he escaped the void, he became broken and disfigured. He doesn't have a home or a family. Honestly, I want to hug this poor guy.

"You have only yourself to blame. You being the hero of all this, means that I have to be the villain. BUT I NEVER WANTED TO BE THE VILLAIN! I wanted to be the cute sidekick who gets his own plush toy and a spinoff show! You really don't get it, do you? So happy to star in your amazing world! Can't you see that none of this is real! It doesn't matter, once you're out of the picture, I can be whoever I want! I'm sorry, Gumball Watterson! There's no other way! "-Rob

Woah, woahwoahwoah, 17?
News flash, Rob is the cutest, most well-developed, well-designed, saddest, mentally and emotionally unstable character in TAWOG. He had a tragic, crushing backstory, and yet still seems to be a fun, humorous, character at the same time as he is a heartbreaking one.
Well done TAWOG!
Well done Ben Bouqelet!
Well done everyone!

Absolutely love his design, both pre and after void, and is such an interesting character overall. I honestly think he's one of the best characters in the show, I'm amazed he has ranked so low.

14 Bobert

This guy is the perfect example of a school nerd and I like it. Also, he's the only character who hasn't suffered seasonal rot. Yep you heard me. The newer episodes are just BAD! Fight me.

This guy should be at least #5 because he is smarter than Anais (I think I spelled it wrong), and has awesome defense modes and gatling guns. If I was in the show, THIS GUY WOULD BE MY BEST BRO!

This robot is the best! He’s really cute in my opinion. I agree with everyone who says they like this character. Shout out to the one who says they want to squeeze him, I would do the same. Seriously, he’s HOT. Even though I like all characters, HE NEEDS TO BE #1, GUYS!

This little robot is adorable. I'm gonna squeeze him so hard that he will blow a fuse. :P

15 Sussie

Sussie is an awesome character. A chin of wisdom with words of inspiration. She taught Gumball and Darwin what the true meaning of life is. She doesn't care about getting heavily bullied. She is free - spirited and only acts weird and creepy because she wants to live her life to the fullest as she can give it. She is also very wise. She doesn't care what people think of her and her decisions are what makes the world her vision. So that is why I think Sussie is the best Amazing World of Gumball characters. And I think, she is amazing

Sussie is the best! She surely deserves number 1! I mean, who wouldn't love a hilarious chin!
If she was real we would be best friends. And plus, she's so weird! And I love weirdos!

The world is waiting, the world is waiting, the world is waiting, the world is waiting, the world is waiting...

Sussie is hilariouse and so weird and unique in a weird way. And her laughs are hilariously funny

16 Doughnut Sheriff

I didn't really care about this character at first, but he is a really funny and great character. (Even though it's a little weird he eats doughnuts because he is a doughnut)

Doughnut sheriffs friend name: Pizza Deputy

A kiddy and cutie version of Wiggum

If his favorite food is doughnuts isn't he Camibol?

17 Mr. Robinson

He is bad. He makes Gumball's and Darwin's life worse. He should be in the last list.

Mr. Robinson reminds me of Squidward from Spongebob.

I love this guy. He was funny and mean.

Not a big fan but he was not on the list.

18 Teri

Teri is adorable, buy seriously why is she scared of a doorknob and toilet seats? Does she really wanna pee herself because others use it and put "germs" on there?

Teri is adorable, buy seriously why is she scared of a doorknob and toilet seats? Does she really wanna pee herself because others use it?

She is funny and cute. She should be in the top list. She is the best. She is kind. She is good friend with William. I like her.

Teri is adorable, buy seriously why is she scared of a doorknob and toilet seats? Does she really wanna pee herself

19 Ocho

He can do anything you can do in any video games there ever were

Ocho has amazing power he is super cool

Ocho is amazing in episode "The Phone"

He controls his anger very well

20 Juke

Cutie ;3. If I was a Tawog character, I would be a white and blue tomboy cat of same height as Penny (In real life I am 5'6 tall). He deserves more screentimes and major roles.

Juke will have a major role in the episode The BoomBox, great!

He reminds me of a Ed Edd n eddy character

Adorable radio, he's cute and I love those beautiful blue eyes.
I really love Juke

21 Rachel Wilson

Love her character from the party want to see more of her personality!

Want more episodes with her in!

She only was in two episodes

She sort of disappeared

22 Larry Needlemeyer

yo I like how he's in the 22nd spot he's legit got so much crap to deal with and is like legit on the cusp of like losing his mind xD and no one ever respects this dude wih 38 FRICKIN JOBS LIKE BRUH! he literally is better than yall think he is and yea that's it

I feel like Larry is just one of those characters that the fandom never recognizes but for some reason in my opinion is just amazing. The poor guy does every single job in the town and no one even considers him a person. Oh well, I recognize you as a character Larry.

Deserves to be WAY higher in the list! He has a job everywhere, he's so done with everything yet he still does his job.

Why isn't he in the top list. He is the best and funniest character. He is better than the worst St. Small.

23 Anton

I like how Anton is a nice and good guy while having good opinions and reasoning.

He is the bomb, that bomb is probably why he got toasted lol

Ill clone Anton and make a bacon sandwich

Anton is super cool he is super cute

24 Sarah

She is beautiful and icy. I like her. She is the best character in TAWOG. I like her when she appears sad and cute.

She's crazy about gumball and darwin

She is not a stalker

25 Ms Simian

I really like her attitude

Best teacher of the show

She's evil bad teacher

I think she's awesome

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