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21 Masami

Who the heck is Masami

She's super rich

... I really hate this character.


22 Carmen

I discovered that she and Alan are boy friend and girl friend

I love her ! I love the storm because in the storm,carmen is the cutest of all tawog episodes.

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23 Larry Needlemeyer

I feel like Larry is just one of those characters that the fandom never recognizes but for some reason in my opinion is just amazing. The poor guy does every single job in the town and no one even considers him a person. Oh well, I recognize you as a character Larry.

Lol, I'm peppa pig that fat bunny thing is always working some where, now Larry works EVERYWHERE


24 Rob

Rob is easily the best character in the show. His episodes are always full of action, he is relatable, and he looks great! He is the star of the show to me

He's like the only person I actually relate to, though I like Carrie too.

Rob is, in my opinion, one of the best. His story actually makes sense, he's relatable, and his episodes are so full of action I can't forget about them for a week!

I easily say he is one of the best.

25 Alan

I love alan he rocks he is one of the best characters

He is best character

Alan is so cute and likes everybody and will do anything to help his friends.

This guy is so perfect that he is the worst.Gumball hates his face.To be strait I think it's so funny how he get Gumball so made wiirhout knowing

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26 Robber

I just want to throw out there that his actual name is "Sal Left Thumb".

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27 Idaho

He is a potato. That is why his name is Idaho.

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28 The Coach V 2 Comments
29 Sarah

She's crazy about gumball and darwin

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30 Grandpa Louie

This is a Granny Jojo's Boyfriend

31 Frankie Watterson

A con-man with no mercy...awesome!

Too cool

32 Leslie

I'm still not sure if Leslie is a girl or a boy but if boy he sure is gay still I like him...WEE WEE DANCE

Looks sick in "THE PIZZA"

Leslie is a boy, he's gay lol

Leslie is both male and female since most flower species have both male and female reproductive organs. I think...
Look that up I'm probably wrong.

33 Billy

Billy is the red kid with an egg shaped head

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34 William

This guy can cause explosions, and also has telekinesis. In my oppinion, he's #6.

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35 Clare Cooper

I absolutely love this girl. I find her quite the special type. I mean she's an emo lady just what I am mostly. So yess..she's the one!

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37 Mrs. Robinson V 3 Comments
38 Daisy

Hey voice is sexy

She is SO EPIC she is going to probably be a powerfall antagonist or demon that the show will ever have

39 Steven Finkelhiemer

He should be #1! He is in the best episode "The Boom"

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40 Sal Left Thumb

This robber has made the list with only one episode. He would be higher in the list if he didn't get decked by Mom.

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