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41 Doughnut Sheriff

Doughnut sheriffs friend name: Pizza Deputy

Just get in - Theawsomeyoutuber275

42 Brown

He is a bad character to me, in one episode he gave gumball 3 months detention! In my school, if someone doesn't do their homework they go to detention

He is not a heartless monster, but in the genius he doesn't show any sympathy for the water sons never seeing Carson again - Theawsomeyoutuber275

I hate this guy. He is so mean to Gumball for no reason - TheUmbreon

Nobody should vote this - legendary

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43 Mrs. Robinson

Mr. Robinson's wife Margaret


Whel no

44 Daisy

That was my dream - Theawsomeyoutuber275

Hey voice is sexy

She is SO EPIC she is going to probably be a powerfall antagonist or demon that the show will ever have

45 Steven Finkelhiemer

He should be #1! He is in the best episode "The Boom"

Steven? Don't you mean Marvin? - RyanMtheGamer

I got steel plays in my legs - Theawsomeyoutuber275

46 Sal Left Thumb

This robber has made the list with only one episode. He would be higher in the list if he didn't get decked by Mom.

Used two kids to steal money

He is a hand print
BOSS - 1tangjam

Suckers - Theawsomeyoutuber275

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47 Jamie

Holy COW she's awesome, she needs a major role.

Jamie is so adorable the most adorable girl I've ever seen in the amazing world of gumball.

Jamie is rough I mean she's the second bully in school

Ill touch your heart with my first - Theawsomeyoutuber275

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48 Jared

Sorry do I kmow you - Theawsomeyoutuber275


49 Granny Jojo

Its herrimg surprise - Theawsomeyoutuber275

50 Marvin
51 Yuki

She is masamis mom and she is awesome and always wants to FIGHT!

Herro nicore I've waited a rong time for dees - Theawsomeyoutuber275

52 Steve Small

Already on the list - DWisawesomethe3rd

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