Best Amazing World of Gumball Characters

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41 Doughnut Sheriff
42 Mr. Robinson

Not a big fan but he was not on the list.

43 Tina Rex
44 Rocky

Rocky is very lazy and I wish he gets a better job instead of being the school janitor to make his father (Mr. Robinson) proud

45 Brown

He is a bad character to me, in one episode he gave gumball 3 months detention! In my school, if someone doesn't do their homework they go to detention

I hate this guy. He is so mean to Gumball for no reason - TheUmbreon

46 Jared V 1 Comment
47 Granny Jojo
48 Marvin
49 Yuki

She is masamis mom and she is awesome and always wants to FIGHT!

50 Jamie

Holy COW she's awesome, she needs a major role.

Jamie is so adorable the most adorable girl I've ever seen in the amazing world of gumball.

Jamie is rough I mean she's the second bully in school


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