Best Amazing World of Gumball Characters

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41 Mrs. Robinson V 3 Comments
42 Daisy

Hey voice is sexy

She is SO EPIC she is going to probably be a powerfall antagonist or demon that the show will ever have

43 Steven Finkelhiemer

He should be #1! He is in the best episode "The Boom"

V 1 Comment
44 Sal Left Thumb

This robber has made the list with only one episode. He would be higher in the list if he didn't get decked by Mom.

V 4 Comments
45 Jamie

Holy COW she's awesome, she needs a major role.

Jamie is so adorable the most adorable girl I've ever seen in the amazing world of gumball.

Jamie is rough I mean she's the second bully in school


V 1 Comment
46 Doughnut Sheriff
47 Mr. Robinson

Not a big fan but he was not on the list.

I love this guy. He was funny and mean. - LapisBob

48 Jared V 1 Comment
49 Granny Jojo
50 Marvin
51 Yuki

She is masamis mom and she is awesome and always wants to FIGHT!

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