Best Ameba Pigg and Pico Families

The Top Ten
1 Étoile

Etoile are the best

I Hope Etoile Will be The 1st

2 Éllize

Go Ellize! Beat Etoile and be royal!

Goodd family of all the pigg now!

They sound really nice so I hope they'll win as well, isn't it good if the people of Ellize win as well? Etoile shouldn't be the only one grabbing the spotlight 24/7. Ellize, fight ^ ^

I love Éllize famly

3 Monroe

Monroe Family are the best family ever they spread love not hate and I belong in the family the best family ever!

Miss Med is so nice and Monroe is also my family in pico, c;

That's my Family :D

4 Éclaric
5 Śhieru
6 Parker

Parker family is like a real family, they treat us with respect. Vote for this family

Parker is the best parker family threat other people like family

Parker is a Filipino Family in Pigg. They are Friendly

Parker Family is the best family I've join. No hacker in this family. We respect each other. All members are so friendly as in :). Don't forget to vote to make Parker Family be the 1st best family. ;D

7 Equátor
8 Álaric
9 Alite
10 Féroux

Time to Share all the Love I have,
Let me tell you, to vote for this family! I really love this family (sorry more than etoile)
I'm fangirling! And I love all of you members
All of the family! I love it so much I'm going ot die

Feroux is Royal and Kind. Please Vote for us. It will mean a lot for us. Thank you all for the Fans for Supporting us. It really Means Something to us. Thank you :)

Féroux Family is so inspirational. They helped me, nice to other peoples, friendly & more! Feroux king is so nice to me same to other members! How great aw, I hope I can join this family one day! :D Vote Royale Féroux guys! ;D

The Contenders
11 Délicat
12 Úlite
13 Police Pigg (PP)

Come'on guys vote our Clan & Family, Police Pigg (PP)
I'll promise to be Police Pigg family!

14 Bear
15 Ścatzie

Ścatzie is the greatest fam ever is fancy on the name they will let anyone join too there very kind just liek brittany says most of all they gift you too I wish I knew them in real

Ścatzie Is My Family There My First Family On Ameba Pigg My Mom Came Up With It I Think It's Really Royal This Family Is Loving And Caring Also Kind Like My Sissys Mikyla, Swaggie, And Bibi Also Like My mom Bee But I Don't Really Know if this is still my dad Mupiters So please Vote For It at least Make It #2-6 please I'll Be Really Happy If you Did That I Also Thank You For Voting For The Etoile Family My Sissys And Mom And Dad Are ALso Etoile Scatzie And Shieru I Have Many Families But This Is My First And Kind Family I Thank You Scatzie You Are Loving So please Vote ☺☻♥♥♥♥
Sincerely And Love
Brittany Mae BSE Shieru

16 Beryl

Beryl is very nice and kind they also allow to join the family there very nice and kind

Because the family was so kind

Because they kind and new

17 Aofie

I Love this family, I love their attitude, even thought I'm part of Aofie I still think there the best And they don't care for the h I am even inactive but the anything to me, The members are respectful, and when they have a new member they always do not forget to greet them and give them welcome party with games and I know it's a filipino family, But they are still kind and do there best attitude for all the fans, And o they make tons of giveaways, and they accept any member, they accept anybody, nor rich or poor, average

There nice and Helpful to there likers ♥

Aofie family is the best and most funnest family ever and if you ask we don't have hackers and we care at each other and we love our own members and we don't pick friends wether they're rich or poor most of us is filipinos :)
Our queen is Miyuki Aofie and King is Nagato Aofie

Queen of Aofie is
Miyuki Aofie
King of Aofie is
Nagato Aofie

18 Grande Royal Family

Grande Royal is the best family ever!
Even the largest (? ) They accept newbie members and do not accept hackers :D You can trust them with your secrets and be your best bffs ever! Grande Royal Members Vote here! Come on

19 Őshima
20 Kosong
21 Official

Official family is so stricted family in ameba pigg.
Its an Filipino Family and English Family OnlY.
OFFICIAL family started December 13 2012
And Hackers Not Allowed In Official family!
You Can Free To Join In OFFICIAL Family Just Search In Familys the
OFFICIAL family Thanks

22 Crystal

Crystal Family Is A Little Stricted Family, It's An Filipino Family
We Made It Just For Fun So That We Can Make The Whole Family Love Each Other And Respect Each Other, We Are Loyal To Another Person
We Show Care We Also Have Band The Name Of Our Band Is The Crystal Rocking Band, The Members Are A Little Few But We Really Decided To Make This Family, We Really Wanna Be Famous Like Ellize, Etoile, Shieru And More Families That Are Famous, We're Not Copying Them To Be Famous... So I Hope You Vote Us That Though.. Vote Is Not Worth Of It's About Care That We Show! GoodLuck Everyone And To Us...
We Will Make It Possible As We Can!

23 Ŀichi Ŕσyal Family

The best sweetest family

Sweetest like lichi

24 тєяяσяιѕт

The members are very strict and they are not allowing HACKERS, but all of you are allowed...

25 Lacson

We are a nice family, and we are very friendly. Even we are not that rich as others, we still support each other no matter what. We have a simple house will lots of stuff that we all love. We will explain the family members ; The mother is Cherry Lacson, she loves her family very much. The father is Manuel Lacson, he loves reading news and chess. The first daughter is Pia Ann Lacson, she is generous and kind and Nerdy :). The second daughter is Jaz Ann Lacson, loves the earth and wants to be a scientist when she grows up, and she lives in the Philippines and wants to go to South Korea and is very fast in writing. The baby of the family is Kim Ann Lacson, loves playing and loves toys.
We don't like Hackers. and we don't allow them.
Thanks for reading :D

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