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1 A Horse With No Name

Every time I hear this song I think of Breaking Bad. - JCHOW

Love ThisSong So Much ThisSong Is In Friends Season 4 Episode 22 The One With Joeys Big Break - mneilan

2 Sister Golden Hair

This song and many others bring back so many memories.. This song is perfect. - Beatlesboy9

3 Ventura Highway

It seems like America never gets its due. They are a terrific band who helped define that Southern California sound of the 70s, picking up where the Beach Boys and The Mamas & the Papas left it in the 60s.

4 I Need You

It may be different from most songs from the album but I love it. Just beautiful!

5 Daisy Jane
6 Tin Man
7 Lonely People
8 You Can Do Magic
9 Don't Cross the River

'Don't Cross the River' and 'Muskrat Love' are of their best songs. I wonder why are they stuck on%? It's preposterous!

10 The Border

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? Donkey Jaw
? Clarice

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11 Today's the Day
12 Amber Cascades
13 Head and Heart
14 Work to Do
15 All My Life
16 Sandman
17 Muskrat Love
18 Inspector Mills

Best song of this fantastic group!

19 The Last Unicorn
20 Right Before Your Eyes
21 Three Roses
22 Only In Your Heart
23 Never Found the Time

This is every bit as good as A Horse with no Name. People have just "Never Found the Time" To listen to it. This is America at their finest.

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1. Daisy Jane
2. Don't Cross the River
3. Amber Cascades
1. A Horse With No Name
2. You Can Do Magic
3. Sister Golden Hair
1. A Horse With No Name
2. Sister Golden Hair
3. Tin Man

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