Best American Girl Dolls

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1 Samantha

Love her story! She (unlike Molly) can be friends with Nellie despite their differences

Has the most books and costumes and most can still be found for resale

Samantha is awesome. I have her mini doll, but I lost it.

I used to have an obsession with this doll as a kid... - NotYoursTruly

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2 Rebecca

I just got Rebecca a week ago and she has really good quality and her curls are best to be used with a hair pick not a brush because her hair will get messed up Rebecca is a good doll its a great doll to buy definitely worth the money

I wish I had the mini version of her. I used to watch videos of people unboxing mini AG dolls, and Rebecca was the prettiest doll in my opinion. I had the mini dolls for Kirsten and Samantha, but they went missing.

She was my first doll but I returned her in 2012 - NotYoursTruly

Rebecca is very pretty doll

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3 Mia
4 Julie

One of the three American Girl dolls to have a video game. The other 2 are Kit Kittredge and Mia St. Claire. - welliewishersfan78

Love Julie! And when I was 10 I looked exactly like her long blond hair and all! I always loved her the most! American girl dolls is so cool!

5 Addy

I checked out a library book a few years ago and brought it to Creekside Intermediate School but Roosevelt pulled a page from my library book. Mary Margaret Campbell was upset. She took my library book and threw it in her Black Hole Box. I was so pissed off at my teacher. From now on, I chose to get rid of those filthy, disgusting Phonics Practice Readers (which Mary Margaret Campbell owned) and allow her students to read Beginner Books as a good alternative. - welliewishersfan78

Addy is SO cute. Her story is great as well.

I love her! 1

6 Kirsten
7 Kit

Cute and easy to tame hair

8 Caroline

So underrated!

Should be in the top ten

9 Lea Clark
10 Grace Thomas

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11 Molly
12 Isabelle

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 to MY doll :] :}

13 Maryellen Larkin

One thing about Mary Ellen is that she is still in stores. Her beautiful hair is a great thing about her and her clothes are beautiful.

14 Tenney Grant

I got her for free

15 Kaya

One of my favorites - blackflower

16 Marie Grace

Should’ve been out longer - blackflower

17 Saige Copeland
18 Melody Ellison
19 Nanea Mitchell
20 Chrissa Maxwell

Great story - blackflower

21 Helen

Helen doesn't even exist! But I'm happy Samanthas number one she was my first doll!

22 Solani

*Sonali - NotYoursTruly

23 Felicity

My other favorute - blackflower

Guys. Her blue Christmas dress iis Killing IT!

24 Josefina Montoya
25 Camille
26 Gabriela Mcbride
27 Truly Me 39
28 Elizabeth Cole

Wanted her for so long - blackflower

I love the taste of lemonade! and I don't think I'm in a nursing home. I don't want to be a little optimistic cat? I got a new phone and it is a good time for me to make a joke about the raspberries.

29 Lindsey Bergman
30 Samantha Parkington
31 Luciana Vega
32 Cecile Rey
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