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1 Rebecca

I just got Rebecca a week ago and she has really good quality and her curls are best to be used with a hair pick not a brush because her hair will get messed up Rebecca is a good doll its a great doll to buy definitely worth the money

I wish I had the mini version of her. I used to watch videos of people unboxing mini AG dolls, and Rebecca was the prettiest doll in my opinion. I had the mini dolls for Kirsten and Samantha, but they went missing. - Cartoonfan202

Rebecca is very pretty doll

She has my name!

2 Samantha

Love her story! She (unlike Molly) can be friends with Nellie despite their differences

Samantha is awesome. I have her mini doll, but I lost it. - Cartoonfan202

Samantha is back! I read her books and loved them!

Has the most books and costumes and most can still be found for resale

V 2 Comments
3 Saige Copeland
4 Maryellen Larkin
5 Lea Clark
6 Melody Ellison
7 Grace Thomas
8 Mia
9 Kit
10 Kirsten

The Contenders

11 Julie

Love Julie! And when I was 10 I looked exactly like her long blond hair and all! I always loved her the most! American girl dolls is so cool!

12 Caroline V 1 Comment
13 Addy
14 Isabelle V 1 Comment
15 Josefina Montoya
16 Kaya
17 Marie Grace
18 Molly
19 Helen
20 Solani
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