Best American Idol Contestants From Season 10


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1 Haley Reinhart Haley Reinhart Haley Elizabeth Reinhart is an American singer, songwriter, and voice actress from Wheeling, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

THE BEST! I really don't know what was the basis of people's ridiculous votes?! - mood333

Hands down Haley Reinhart. She was by far the best on season 10.

She was one of the best contestant of all AI seasons

With no doubt her voice is a musical instrument and she can sing anithyng what she want.Period

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2 James Durbin

Yay! James Durbin Best American Idol Contestant EVER!

3 Paul McDonald
4 Casey Abrams

He is a pure talent, he has so much emotion.

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5 Pia Toscano

Pia was the absolute best contestant on American Idol Season 10.

Pia has such a strong and powerful voice, she can sing pretty much everything, when other contestants can sing only certain types of songs. I can see her being on Broadway or singing soul/RnB songs, but I can also see her being succesful in the mainstream pop industry. I believe in her and something tells me that she'll do great in the future.

6 Scotty McCreery Scotty McCreery
7 Naima Adedapo

She was great at singing. I just think she had an unlucky night. - XDn-ArdX

8 Lauren Alania

Lauren was so sweet and funny. And she has an awesome sense of style. Country girl kinda stuff. Awesome.

9 Thia Megia

She is the most underrated American Idol contestant ever. She is beautiful, she is talented and her voice reminds me something of Jessica Sanchez.

To me thia was so generous, adorable and innocent, you don't see that much now (: but yeah her and katherine were the highlights of season 10 to be honest ^.^

10 Jacob Lusk

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11 Karen Rodriguez
12 Stefano Langone

We kinda forgot him
I actually really liked him this season - sebvel1234

13 Lauren Alaina
14 Ashton Jones
15 Ashthon Jones
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1. Haley Reinhart
2. Pia Toscano
3. Casey Abrams
1. Scotty McCreery
2. Lauren Alaina
3. Haley Reinhart
1. Haley Reinhart
2. Pia Toscano
3. Casey Abrams

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