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21 Rodney Morris - The Rocket

Rodney the Rocket Morris, fast player as the nickname suggests ;)! - georgefemic

Best cue ball control and patterns with fast play

Great player. Great composure and dresser.

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22 Nick Varner


23 Ronnie O'Sullivan

Not a pool player...

Fastest player alive

Beautiful touch on the snooker table. I've seen only one pool player with a touch like Ronnie's, and that was Shane Van Boening before he became a pro. He was fast and loose.

Should be on the top

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24 Derek Leonard

Derek Leonard other wise known as Chew. He is a pool shark and can out hustle most anybody. He beat someone out of big money with his children there, dad First right?


25 Jayson Shaw
26 Raj Hundal

'The best doo-rag wearing pool player of all time! '

27 Wu Jia-qing
28 Buddy Hall

In the 70s & 80s- NOBODY could touch buddy hall playing 9 ball. I saw the so-called best in the world try and all they got was embarrassed and broke. he's the best 9 ball player Ever!

29 John Schmidt
30 Allison Fisher

She is a machine, and I rate her #1 certainly of the women, and would have her higher on the list of all players

31 Ralph Greenleaf

Ralph Greenleaf was the Babe Ruth of he's not on here, I have no idea

32 Rudolph Wanderone

As they say "ignorance is bliss".

Absolutely top notch "Phenomenal" bank player.

Hall of Fame

Just a big mouth with a flashy style. He was never in the league of Mosconi, Luther Lassiter, Steve Mizerak and many others. I grew up near Johnston City, Illinois and had occasion to know this. He made more money in by making bets on eating.

33 Ronnie Allen

The guy who invented power one ronnie miss ya

34 Jean Balukas
35 William Hoppe

To be gone for so long pays tribute to a true master. He used to play on a table mounted atop an auto, but in a tournament was THE man to beat, and they couldn't!

Watched him in demonstration back in the early 1950's. Amazing what he did with the cue and table.

36 Jim Rempe V 1 Comment
37 Justin Bergman
38 Warren Kiamco
39 Niels Feijen

Most solid consistent player I've ever seen an yet still no one has realized may be the best in the world playing 9 ball with his great break an precision with the cue ball

40 Markus Juva
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