Jackie Evancho

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Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho is an American classical crossover singer who gained wide recognition at an early age and, since 2009, has issued an EP and five albums, including a platinum and gold album and three Billboard 200 top 10 debuts .


Seen her five times in concert since 2013 and she is wonderful to watch and hear her sing songs from the classics to her own songwriting. She is at her best when something (like an audience member asks her a question that causes her to talk a bit about herself or some event in her life...it seems to instantly breakdown the "shyness barrier" that keeps her concert performances (and in particular, the time between individual songs) a little nervy and distant from audiences who just love her as the dazzling performer and as just a nice kid who could be your next door neighbor. There was a moment a couple of years ago at the concert in Tyler, Texas (could have been Midland the year before), where one of the front-row audience members asked her about her new car and she just let the shy girl persona go and talked about the car, her driving skills, her friends wanting rides, etc. and the effect on her singing the rest of the concert was measurable and uplifting. The change in her persona ...more

David Foster once stated that in his 45 year career, he didn't recall seeing anything quite like this-he was describing the incredible Jackie Evancho phenomena. The magic of Jackie's voice and persona continues to touch thousands today and her up-coming world tour will add to that fan base. I have seen her live twice now and the voice was flawless. Thank you Lisa and Mike for allowing us to share in the Jackie gift.

Thirty seconds on the AGT stage was all anyone needed to see that Jackie was a "winner" in every sense of the word. That she didn't win on the show was of no importance because she had already signed a contract with SYCO/SONY records (Simon Cowell's label), and the renewed attention of David Foster, who crossed company lines to produce her "Dream With Me" album and PBS Great Performances special (her first of two), as well as including her in his David Foster & Friends specials here in the U.S. and Japan. 'Sounds like a winner to me!

Jackie is naturally talented and sings with great finesse and grace. She is well respected by many musicians.

Lovely to look at, amazing to hear, with an added aw-shucks charm that makes her a complete entertainer.

The most down to earth talent ever. Her voice has kept me alive the last few years. You see I have battled cancer twice and her talent and her voice have given me the hope and faith to move on and challenge the cancer. I hope to see her perform in a concert one day..

Beautiful voice, beautiful personality, beautiful physically... Just an astonishingly amazing talent - and a humble soul to match!

"I have never seen an act, on this show or the British show or any other talent show in the world, with more potential than Jackie Evancho. That was perfection. Perfection! "
-Piers Morgan

Jackie has perhaps the most beautiful voice in the world today. Sure, Anna Graceman has written some nice songs, & Lindsey Stirling has been innovative, but Jackie's voice is simply incredible.

Best voice in all competitive shows (singing or otherwise). Travesty that she didn't win but no loss for her, perhaps even benificial

Simply the best, a she has matured so much in the last three years, Its been fun to watch such a talent.

Ten seconds after she started singing that August 10th evening, she was rocketing off of the AGT stage. It's amazing that it took the back-door of YouTube to finally get her onto AGT in the first place. She had been rejected twice by the "knowing" producers who let an endless parade of time-wasting acts earning X-X-X votes on stage instead.

I was watching the very first time she walked on stage and I was "blown away! " I am one of her biggest fans and have three of her CD's and the DVD's of her first two concerts for PBS. I went to see her live in concert in February 2015 when she performed very close to my hometown. She was AMAZING!

I think Jackie is the most impactful contestant and has had the most success after leaving the show. Their first winner was another 10 year old girl who was a mind blowingly good singer for a girl that age and at any age could not be criticised, but I think Jackie has had more success due largely to her unusual-for-a-little-girl style, adorability, hooking up with David Foster for the magnificent Dream With Me released around a year after being on AGT, and overall performance of great songs. Even the greatest singers need good songs to really shine.

There will never be another one like her!

I have never in my entire life her a voice so beautiful, so compelling, so soulful, so rich, so motivating, than that gorgeous sopronic sound mastered by Jackie Evancho... The girl is truly the pinnacle of talent... A voice for the ages.

It's been a while since we saw her but she was fantastic! A voice like hers packed in a young lady is a God given gift! Beautiful!

Beyond Belief! Jackie is beyond Amazing!

She is by far the best contestant that AGT has ever seen. AGT will be lucky to produce a bigger star and Jackie who was not even the winner. I have seen her twice in concert and actually talked with her at the last concert. Not only does she have the voice of an angel, she is so humble and a very very petite gorgeous young lady.

Why didn't she win?... Well maybe she didn't need to.

No one compares to Jackie. Simply the Best.

My best sweet Singer! (Claude de France)

No one has not heard Jackie sing on AGT... She made the show in season 5 and set a bar that cannot be matched, until the year 2113... Once a Century, one in a lifetime...

Love, Love, Love to listen to her! She has a gift. Have bought all her CDs!

The Most Successful talent yet to take the stage. David Foster stated a one of her performances in LV that there are millions of "want to be's" but none as good as Jackie.