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21 Piff the Magic Dragon

HOW did he get 6th?! Mr. Piffles though

22 Michael Grasso
23 West Springfield Dance Team
24 Terry Fator

I read some reviews of him on trip advisor he reminds me of family guy. FYI you do not want to remind me of family guy

Not even close. This guy is MUCH more successful than anyone who has ever appeared on AGT and for a good reason

25 Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. V 1 Comment
26 David Weathers

The Crazy but Underrated Venomus Snake handler. When that snake popped the balloon I was like, WOW!

27 Bianca Ryan
28 Silhouettes
29 Smoothini
30 Ray Jessel

He is so funny! Rest in peace pal! She's gotta penis!

31 Jayna Brown

Jayna is amazing. She sot kd disappeared though. I though shed go pretty far

32 The Clairvoyants V 1 Comment
33 Kinetic King V 1 Comment
34 Big Barry

Old Man trying to be happy at the end of his days... Don't say he's horrible, he's tryin.

35 Christian Stoinev
36 Acroarmy

Definitely my favorite act of all time

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37 Red Panda Red Panda The red panda (Ailurus fulgens), or also known as the red bear-cat or the red cat-bear, is a mammal native to the Eastern Himalayas and Southwestern China. Despite having the word "panda" in its name, it's not a panda. It's closely related to raccoons
38 Paul Zerdin

"Why do you keep saying duck? "-Paul Zerdin

39 Samantha Johnson
40 Drew Lynch

"Some people want to program my voice into their gps" -Drew Lynch

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