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These consist of all the ANTM contestants that made a splash in the show and outside of it :)

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1 Allison Harvard

Someone should plan to assassinate Tyra and the rest of the judges because Allison totally deserved to win and we all know that she did deserve to win over both Teyona in Cycle 12 and definitely over Lisa in the All-Star cycle. Lisa wasn't even model material. I also don't see how she's a role model. Someone who appeared on 'Celebrity Rehab' is suppose to be a ROLE MODEL!? Are you joking? Eurgh I hope Tyra and the CW receive hate mail from lots of Allison Harvard fans just so they know that they have disappointed many people in America and across the globe. I think I'll most likely stop watching ANTM now since Allison got robbed twice.

If She will not win ANTM all star, I think Many Fans Of Allison Harvard Will get Very angry to Bankable Productions, To judges, To the Winner And To Tyra Too.. , Be Aware Tyra, any Fans of Allison Will do a move If She Lost in this Game

Yeah, since I've watched Cycle 12, I fell in love with Allison. I think she is the most memorable ANTM contestant ever on top model. Agree?


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2 Joanie Dodds

I don't know even if she WAS a stripper she was really nice and great I also love her attitude

3 Leila Goldkuhl

She has embraced the gap in her teeth and in general her unique look and she's so confident even though she's not the typical beauty.

She has always been high fashion! If she didn't fall on the runway, she can win!

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4 Nicole Fox

Nicole is amazing. She is so hardworking, talented, bubbly, funny, adorable, cute, sweet and I just love her personality!

Nicole is a person that's able to inspire others in a positive way. She is an adorable, awkward, cute girl, ordinary girl and now she became this huge top model. Can't wait to see more..

Love her persona, but most important I also think that she should be in the top ten for skills and looks!

Best winner ever!

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5 Jenah Doucette

She should have been in the TOP 2 with Chantal.

She was just something special!

I think she was the most robbed contestant ever she was such a sweet girl with some of the best photos in ANTM history and she was robbed mostly to give Saleisha the win

Jenah was robbed on her cycle! But Saleisha deserves it too though

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6 Heather Kuzmich

Heather was so amazing even though she had that symptom! And her photos were always great. I really wished that Saleisha and Chantal got eliminated.

She was super underrated in her season

She should have won! She owned cycle 9! Saleisha, Chantal and Jenah were good but not as good as Heather. Heather proved she can be an amazing model plus she is a great example of how people with Aspergers can achieve their dreams.

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7 Kahlen Rondot

She is the my favourite contestant since I watch ANTM... such a waste that she is not in the modelling... and, she should have win her cycle! She should have back to the All Stars Cycle

8 Brittani Kline

I love Brittani so much! She came from a poor family but she overcame all the obstacles in her way to be on top and that's so inspirational. She is very high fahsion and she takes amazing photos. She is the type of person I would love to hang around with because even though she is famous and she has that star quality she is very cool and down - to - earth.

Very cool and professional. Ugly without makeup so I hate this whole show because all they care about is looks. - maddyparrot22

She has been through so much and her winning the competition was so cool.

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9 Nina Burns

She's like the best I've ever seen

With those big eyes and quirkiness but fun and sweet personality... She's the best.

She is contestant of antm cycle 20 top 6 and with 2 best pictures!
She has big eyes like Allison but open personality and funny

She reminds me of Allison.

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10 Danielle Evans

Dani is one of the most consistent winners of ANTM. She's charismatic, hard working, professional, and very beautiful. She was so charming her season and made you want to root for her!

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11 Anya Kop

Anya is my inspiration, she's gorgeous and stunning but she's also a humble, good person. She's bubbly, funny, energetic and positive. She took some of the most high fashion and beautiful photos in the history of ANTM and she deserved to win 100%. I don't want to be mean, but Whitney won just because Tyra wanted a plus sized model to win. Anya had everything Tyra claimed she wanted - a fierce look, a fresh personality, great walk, amazing photos and commercials.

Love love Anya. By far the most robbed contestant ever.

What a robbed contestant! She deserved to win instead of Whitney. Whitney only had 1 fco and yet it's not good! Anya is fierce!

12 Ann Ward

I have mixed feelings about Ann. I think that cycle 15 had strong contestants such as Kayla, Jane and Chris but they never got the time to shine because Ann was hogging the spotlight. She was obviously Tyra's favorite from the start and she kept praising her non stop during the whole competition. She had best picture for how many weeks? I don't even remember. Sure, she was great but I wish other girls got to shine to.

Ann was just the most inspirational and dominated the show from the get go. No other contestant had a portfolio that was half as good as this girls

How could she only be in 13th place.. I mean she is the best! Go scan her modeling portfolio and you'll understand why she must be on top of this list - rampelstiltskintribalkingston

She has a high fashion look! But her CoverGirl is pretty bad but Ann still deserved to win

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13 Katarzyna Dolinska

Just for her looks, she can rock top labels anywhere. She should've at least been in the top 3. That cycle has a lot of potential faces- exotic, foreign girls with the right body. And instead Tyra stuck to her kiss-my-fat-butt concept that her show turned to a real joke ever since. It lost all credit. Even after she started to get real with her biz picking real models to win later.

She was really amazing, its such a shame she got eliminated early :(

Actually headlined on Paris Fashion week. For that she gets my vote. - Bennyjayruss

She is the most high-fashion girl to be on ANTM.

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14 Chantal Jones

Chantal was the first person I've noticed when I waved the cycle she was on. the first time I say her, I've rooted for her throughout the rest of the show, because the reruns were halfway into the cycle so I didn't see the beginning. she looks like a real life barbie doll! I absolutely love her look!

15 Sophie Sumner

She's so sweet, great cat-walk, great photos! She was funny and true illuminata! She totally deserved to win!

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16 Yoanna House

Yoanna has always been my favourite contestant. She is so classy and beautiful, caring and loving and she was amazing in every single photoshoot.

17 Hannah Jones

The first cycle of America's Next Top Model I saw was the 16th. And at the very first moment the camera showed Hannah's beautiful face, I know I already had a favorite. I don't know if it was the pigtails, her adorable expressions or simply the fact that she just has a special light, but you know what? I regret nothing. Now I'm a hardcore ANTP fan (Let's just admit it. Who am I kidding anyway? ) and I still can't really have a all time favorite that's not Hannah. There are other lovely ladies that I'll always adore too, like Allison or Raina, but no one can't beat Hannah. No one.

Hannah is definitely my favorite contest ever! She is beyond beautiful and her pictures were always AMAZING! I don't see why she didn't win. I love you Hippie Hannah!

I'm #TeamHannah all the way! No matter in what cycle we are, Hippie Hannah will always be the best!

18 Analeigh Tipton

I love her so much! She's such a genuinely nice person with an incredible sense of style. She had an amazing personality and not the bubbly, happy, over the top persona that Tyra wants. She was actually real and girls could identify with her because she had that girl next door look that made her relatable. Now she's such a wonderful actress and I'm proud of her.

Analeigh deserved to win but it was probably lucky that she didn't. She has done much better without it. The prize of a year contract would have hindered her path to acting. She is an amazing actress and I hope to see her on the big and small screen a lot more.

Analeigh was nothing but genuine throughout her entire cycle. She avoided involving herself in drama during her cycle yet comforting those who were attacked. Analeigh was and still is a true star.

19 Raina Hein

Raina is awesome, I love her, she should have won! She is much better than Krista.

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20 Molly O'Connell

I know I will recieve hate, go right ahead. but I never really liked Molly. in glad brittni won. Molly just always complained and I know where she came from. I know she was adopted. I know she did drugs and stuff, I know the bad times and what she went through. but that made her weaker, she always complains! We all know she appears and acts like a tough girl, and I love her pictures and her looks. but she let everything get the best of her.

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