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21 Molly O'Connell

I know I will recieve hate, go right ahead. but I never really liked Molly. in glad brittni won. Molly just always complained and I know where she came from. I know she was adopted. I know she did drugs and stuff, I know the bad times and what she went through. but that made her weaker, she always complains! We all know she appears and acts like a tough girl, and I love her pictures and her looks. but she let everything get the best of her.

22 Adrianne Curry

Original winner is really the most unique contestant. Adrianne is very beautiful, smart and strong woman. I love her - Magnolia

23 Jaslene Gonzalez

Her face was always memorable to me. and I never saw a cycle she was in, besides the one where she was eliminated during casting. but tried more and more

24 Nik Pace

Right where she showed her catwalk, I fell IN LOVE with her walk! She's very memorable to me, love those blue eyes and her beautiful skin.

25 Nicole Linkletter
26 Fatima Siad

Fatima is so beautiful. She really should be higher on this list.

27 Shandi Sullivan
28 A.J. Stewart V 1 Comment
29 Kayla Ferell

I'm a bi and I respect that girl for being all out and proud.

There is no way you cannot LOVE that girl. Proud lesbian, proud of what she is, good person, amazing photoshoots. Role model.

30 Nyle DiMarco
31 Angelea Preston

She is so strong and beautiful. She doesn't afraid to tell how se feels. As a model, she is fierce and extremely unique.

I love Angelea because she's real and she doesn't pretend.

32 Nastasia Scott
33 Elina Ivanova

Elina is one of the kind. She has the look and the appeal to high fashion. She had a roller-coaster ride on the show because she's a vegan, a rebel, and an opinionated person. Elina did have her fun moments especially the never-before-seen scenes. - gothictomboy66

34 Naima Mora
35 CariDee English

I love her also I've heard some "things" about her. I did NOT like melrose AT ALL. it was so cute when caridee said to one of the twins "don't worry, I will win for you" when the two was eliminated. besides the suicide attempt and her skin condition and all of the bad stuff, she is a bit like me! She always has her add moments like I do because I do have add and I get lost in the moment and I get a bit crazy, love that. though I don't know if she has add

36 Jaclyn Poole
37 Mikaela Schipani
38 Mame Adjei
39 Elyse Sewell
40 Chris Hernandez
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