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41 Lauren Utter
42 Kendal Brown
43 Anchal Joseph
44 Felicia Provost
45 Elyse Sewell
46 Chris Hernandez
47 Jourdan Miller
48 Lenox Tillman

Come on. Just spam that vote button. She deserved to win more than any of the top 3. Then Tyra goes like "Let's do a surprise elimination so that the social media of Lenox won't save her so that we can get rid of her and get a first male winner! " Of course they would just count the vote of the judges because that's just totally fair, right?! RIGHT?!?

Such a fake person! She was nothing more than a mean girl stirring trouble.

She deserved to win, she had stunning photos and a very high fashion look. I think
Tyra wanted so badly to have the first male winner in the show that she eliminated Lenox.

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49 Chelsey Hersley

One of the most highfashion models ever. She is classy and chic. She is surprisingly good, because at first she didn't have her chance to shine, but in the finale she was fearless! And her COVER GIRL photoshoot was awesome.

50 Amanda Swafford

Amanda is so beautiful and very highfashion, her personality was awesome. I was so sad when she was eliminated! She was one of my faves ever.

51 Kim Stolz V 1 Comment
52 Alexandria Everett

She's one of the best. Because she redeemed herself in the next cycle and proved that she can make it farther, she had the face, body and attitude of a real model. She can be bitchy but that's because that's her attitude. And that's one of the good thing on her, because she don't fake herself. In her cycle 16 she won on her go sees challenge meaning she's far more bookable than any other model in history of antm :)

Stunning girl, great personality.

53 McKey Sullivan
54 Melrose Bickerstaff
55 Ann Markely
56 Renee Alway
57 Marjorie Conrad V 1 Comment
58 Lisa Jackson
59 Lexie Tomchek

Even though she didn't make it very far, she is a fan favorite, a lovable and sweet girl with a big personality <3. She is also very smart and I loved how she told Kacey what she really thought about her and she was just honest and open about it.
I also love reading her Twitter. I'm a huge fan!

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60 Erin Wagner
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