Best America's Next Top Model Contestants

These consist of all the ANTM contestants that made a splash in the show and outside of it :)

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61 Esther Petrack
62 Chantelle Young
63 Brittany Brown
64 Saleisha Stowers

She wasn't suppose to be on antm because she was in a Wendy's commercial, and I didn't like this cycle win, because Tyra favorited her a lot, because she went to a model camp where Tyra hosted in.

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65 Whitney Thompson
66 Teyona Anderson
67 Krista White

Why is this bitch on the list?

68 Shannon Stewart

Nice to see a girl with morals for once on T.V..

69 Mercedes Scelba-Shorte
70 YaYa DaCoste
71 Natasha Galkina
72 Samantha Potter Samantha Potter

Bloody hell what happened to Samantha lol

Bloody hell what happened to samantha lol

The photo is wrong, that's not Samantha lol

73 Laura Kirkpatrick

At first I was annoyed of Laura, until I've watched the all stars and the cycles she was on. she was adorable! Cute little personality! Loved seeing a country girl on antm, and she was dyslexic! So inspiring! Her grandma is cute too! And I LOVE her attitude of being a model, it makes me like her so much! She's one of the few girls where I love her personality more than her look!

I love her. She is such a country sweetheart! I really like her accent. She is very sweet and nice towards everyone. Her photoshoots were so fierce and she was always so beautiful!

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74 Robin Manning
75 April Wilkner
76 Jade Cole

She has a bad attitude. So what?!? She's funny to me and her body is PERFECTION

Yeah I wear panties and I look damn good in them!

She is a LEGEND. And probably one of the most memorable contestants to not only ANTM but all reality shows.

Her elimination was so funny. The way she vanished immediately with a snap of her finger, rather than fading out (like they normally do)

Why is she 75, I thought she would be in the top 4.

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77 Jayla Rubinelli
78 Laura LaFrate

The best of the best

I loved her so much! He can act bitchy but that's not as bad. she was so memorable!

79 Laura James
80 Sundai Love
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