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21 My Father's Son
22 Forest Fire
23 Life Underground

One of the best song ever by an Australian band!

24 Wishbone
25 F.M.L.

Veeery underrated song, in my opinion... Not the best, that will probably have to be Chasing Ghosts, Anchors or This Could Be Heartbreak... - Mixer

26 All F**ked Up

Song speaks to me more than any other, give it a listen guys - samcam

27 Some Friends
28 Love is a Battlefield
29 I Heart H.C.
30 Never Alone

This song has there best breakdown and generally is just a great song. This song got me into the band and continues to be my favourite of their.

31 Skeletons
32 15 Pieces of Flare
33 Shine On

This song is one of my favorite songs by them along with Give It All, Greens Avenue, Flowerbomb, Geof sucks 666, Life Underground and Chasing Ghosts. Definitely 2015's best and most meaningful song.

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34 Bondi St. Blues

I seriously don't understand how this isn't top 3. The instrumental side of things is just so brilliant. And the lyrical side of things are tight too. Like this song is easy top five, most likely top 3. It doesn't deserve to be 39.

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35 No Sleep 'Til Brisbane
36 Give It All

Why the hell is this song not on the list

Last Time I Checked This Song Was At #6

37 Tearing Me Apart
38 Greens Avenue
39 Fire or Knife
40 Olde English 800

An abomination to be this far down...the song is lyrically perfect and balanced

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