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Amon Amarth is a Melodic Death Metal/Viking Metal band from Sweden formed in 1992. Their lyrics are about Vikings and the Norse Pantheon.
The band comprises vocalist Johan Hegg, guitarists Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Söderberg, bassist Ted Lundström and drummer Fredrik Andersson.
Amon Amarth has released 8 studio albums and 2 EPs, to date.

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1 Twilight of the Thunder God

Awesome album from A to Z

The first Amon Amarth album I heard. The first three songs are amazing. I love the growly bit right before he says free will sacrifice, and the narrative on guardians of Asgaard.

First amon amarth album I heard and twilight of the thunder god is awesome I know every word to it and I've only been listening to amon amarth for probably 5 days :) anyway I love this album and all the others to AA is awesome

Thor! Oden's son protector of mankind!

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2 With Oden On Our Side

Great album - every song is perfect

I love this album and it is one of the best death metal albums I've heard. The first song is average but every song after that is a beautifully arranged, classic death metal tune with overlapping melodies getting shoved right in your face. The title track is the best song.

The production is unique and the riffs are amazing. Not a single disappointing song on the entire album. Has a powerful Nordic feel to it that some of the other albums don't capture as well.

After the songs 'Pursuit of Vikings' and 'Death in Fire' the first full album I heard and still their best up to date. The following four all lack in something this album certainly has. I may describe it as the "vibe". All nine songs are just amazing, I wouldn't get tired of them.

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3 Jomsviking

Best death metal album ever. Great story, amazing songs and best everything!

Melodical quality at its best by amon amarth since the begining.

I absolutely love this album. Every song, every word.

Best melodic death metal band in the world continues to dominate the charts! This album tells the best story in all of metal in my humble opinion.

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4 Surtur Rising

It's the absolute perfect balance of showcasing talent, playing heavy, and being epic.

Can't stop listening to these songs! The music is magnificent and the lyrics go perfect with it! Best album

Honestly this and Twilight are the top two in my opinion but all of them are awesome so take your pick.

5 Deceiver of the Gods

Their best album in my humble opinion. This one just has more for me. Meaning that the songs just feel right and the heaviness is just right. That epic feel is all there. Head bang to this album.

An instant classic. By far the best album I've heard in years. These other albums aren't even close.

Their comeback in 2013... That was not a deceiver, that was a promise to the fans!

Amon Amarth is one of those bands that does the same thing for every album but never gets old. Unlike most bands, however, their 9th album actually manages to successfully fulfill that formula and maybe add a little something enw...

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6 Versus the World

Great melodies, tight song structure, awesome lyrics to growl along! Best album of AA as a whole. in my humble opinion.

Every song is a masterpiece. The guitar ton of this album is my all time favorite, it's just some damn metal. With Odin on our Side is a close second for me.

Not just one of the best AA albums, one of the best extreme metal albums ever. Defined Amons current sound with thickly layered guitars, switching between epic and somber songwriting and highly dynamic vocal lines. This album could get you prepared for heated battle.

Where Silent Gods Stand Guard is my favourite song from the band. This has to be their best album.

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7 Once Sent from the Golden Hall

There is not a single bad song on this album. There is not even a single 'okay' song on this album. It is an hour of godliness. When I listen to this album (much like Jomsviking), I cannot just pick a few songs... No, I have to listen to the whole thing. Victorious March and the title track alone could put it in the top 5. Then add the rest? It is nothing short of #1. - Whoxcares1

Victorious March and Once Sent From The Golden Hall alone are enough to put this really high up. Throw in the rest of this masterpiece and you easily have one of the best albums ever.


It has some of GREAT GREAT songs...some of their best songs to be
Victorious march
The dragons' flight across the waves
Without fear

8 Fate of Norns

I think this should be higher, it's better than Vs the World, Deciever and Golden Hall and it contains The Pursuit of Vikings which is easily one of their best songs. - christangrant

A Great Melodic Metal Album, it has great songs: The Fates Of Norms, The Pursuit, Once Sealed In Blood. Definitely one of my favorites

"Where death seems to dwell" and "Fate of Norns" can make a Viking cry

9 Berserker

I bought and listened to the entire thing and It easily became one of my favorite albums! It's so heavy and melodic.

I have nothing but good things to say about this album. It sounds really good, heavy and melodic. The guitar work is fantastic just like the drums and the bass. The first song, Fafner's Gold, is an incredible song and it sets the tone for the rest of the album perfectly. A lot of the songs are absolute jems like "Mjolner, Hammer of Thor", "The Berserker at Stamford Bridge" and "Wings of Eagles" along with "Valkyria", "Ironside" and "Into the Dark" which has very nice piano parts in it. Overall, this is really one of Amon Amarth's best albums and they never disappoint as always! - RogerMcBaloney

I love it! It's one of Amon Amarth's best albums.

Amazing album.

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10 The Avenger

The album is very raw, heavy and fast paced. The track list is excellent and included early Amon Amarth epics like "Bleed for Ancient Gods" and "Last of Pagan Blood". Great album.

I love the speed and energy of this one, and I've overplayed 'North Sea Storm' just for that solo more times than I can count.

The Contenders

11 The Crusher
12 Sorrow Throughout Nine Worlds (EP)
13 Thor Arise
14 Under the Influence (EP)
15 The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter (EP)
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