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61 Risen from the Sea (2000)

Best Amon Amarth song!

62 Aerials (System of a Down Cover)
63 Arson

How tf is this so low!

64 Hel

The chorus in this song is amazing! How is this not even on the list?

65 God, His Son and Holy Whore

This should definitely be in the top 20

Amazing song. Should be more famous

66 Thor Arise
67 The Arrival of Fimbul Winter
68 Bleed for Ancient Gods

How can't this song not be included?! IS so full of energy! Great vocals, great lyrics. Classic Amon Amarth Stuff. In my own personal Top 10 definitely!

Wow another totally underrated amon amarth song! Should be at least in the top 20. super aggressive and brutal of there early style.

69 Releasing Surtur's Fire

It surprises me that this song isn't more popular. Surtur's Fire is the closer to a three part story at the end of Crusher, and is also as close to a title track for the album as it gets. It reminds me a bit of what Stabwounds would be, or could have been, because Surtur at least fills up an extra minute. Mainly, it's this song, with its hyperdriven riff, that really finished off Crusher.

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70 The Sound of Eight Hooves

Telling a chilling story of an Odinic sacrifice, from the point of view of the victim, a Christian missionary enslaved by the Norsemen, Eight Hooves is melodic, atmospheric, and powerful all at once. There's emotion in the way Johan screams out "and today he's going to die! " as the preacher is run down by Vikings. Finally, the song becomes almost gentle for a few seconds, as the man thinks he is being greeted with the light of Heaven, but the guitars return even heavier than before when he realizes his mistake...

This song deserves a better place.

71 Live Without Regrets

A song of living without fear for tomorrow. A battle hymn to sing at feasts before a great battle.

72 Valkyries Ride

From the album fate of norns. Very fast paced heavy song. One of their few music videos too I believe.

73 Legend of a Banished Man
74 Once Sealed In Blood
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